Sunday, June 14, 2015

happy anniversary to us . . .

Yup, today Todd and I celebrate nineteen years of wedded bliss . . .
We were such sweet, young things! We're celebrating by giving a promotional talk about the camp to one church, and setting up for VBS at another church.  LOL! Just kidding . . . well, we are doing those things, but we also celebrated a little yesterday, and I imagine we'll celebrate a little more today!

It's also Flag Day!
I finished my mini tumbler flag just in time to celebrate!  I'd never worked with tumblers before so I learned a lot with this little piece.  I really do love it, though -- and it's a perfect tribute to the day!

And for some reason, even though we're just hitting summer full-blast, my crafty self keeps turning to fall projects, like this cute little patchwork pumpkin:
So you can imagine what kind of slow stitching I'll be doing (in the truck as we travel hither and yon) today. My sister gifted me with the pattern (and some pretty wools to play with, too)!  

Perhaps it's the fact that I've got volunteer pumpkins that are doing splendidly out front that has my mind on things fall??!
I've had volunteer plants shoot up before, but never like this, and they've *never* flowered!  I'm starting to get a little excited!

Speaking of excited, I was very excited to have this photo opportunity last week after Todd's ordination service:
Oh my gosh, what a precious family I am blessed with! Ellie had pretty much just woken up, and June had just gotten yet another 'boo-boo'.  Poor things!  I love the way Everley is patting her Paw-paw's back! It was a beautiful and moving service.  

My stash report hasn't really changed -- I included the mini tumbler in last week's report.
So that's all I've got this weekend!  Linking up with Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts.

Have a lovely, happy day!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

happy birthday baby . . .

We had a blast celebrating Olivia Mae's first birthday, yesterday!  All the grands were in good spirits (all had taken afternoon naps, which makes a HUGE difference) and Kim had decided to keep it just family, so it was cozy and casual. The birthday girl was all smiles . . .
Isn't she precious??  She also enjoyed her first taste of CAKE!
LOL!  She pretty much demolished her piece of cake.  Such fun!  She wasn't quite so sure about her birthday present from us~
But her mommy was!  Sweet little bonnet pattern that Joc purchased. This is my first go at it. Here is is with out the beautiful baby . . .
It's cuter with the baby in it! Once I worked through the first one, it'll be a cinch to make more.  And though I used the 12-month pattern for Olivia's, I'll probably go back and make another bill (it's in two pieces, buttoned together) more the 18-month size.  Fun days!  Joc is now imagining bonnets for Everley for every occasion!  LOL!

Our tiger lilies are just spectacular this summer!  Look at all the pretty colors . . .
They make me smile every time I step outside!

I'd seen a cute little quilting motif online somewhere (I've looked and cannot figure out where it was), but I immediately saw wool potential.
It translated nicely!
Now I'm trying to decide if I like the tips of the leaves floating free, or if I want to back it with a second, larger piece.  Any thoughts?

Due to several little finishes here and there over the past (mumble, mumble) weeks, I've got a little something to report stash wise:

And I will have some time for a little slow, Sunday stitching today, too!  Todd is being ordained this afternoon and before the ordination service, he'll meet with a counsel of six pastors for a time of prayer and questions. I'm so proud of him!! And while he's meeting with the panel, I'll continue working on my tea piece . . .
I have to finish outline stitching the 'n' and then I'll move along to the cup and saucer.

Linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts this morning.  Y'all have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

time flies . . .

When you're having fun.  And when you get to be *my* age, even when you're NOT having fun, it flies.  Seriously!!

But mostly, even at work, I'm having fun.  I can hardly believe the month of May has come and gone and it's June! I spent time stitching and visiting grandbabies and my parents through the month, did some traveling for work . . . anyway, let me pull out the pics!

First, I finished up stitching on Ellie's and Everley's little dresses:
These are so sweet!  I can't wait to see them in them!

I finished the flimsy on the little faux ruched flower piece.  You know how when you envision something in your head and you get it finished and it just doesn't quite match up with your vision?
That was this project.  I'm not sure whether or not to pull it apart and redo, let it go and leave it, or let it go and quilt it and be done!

After a long week at work, I snuck into the Nook and knocked out a little mug run for my desk at work . . .
Of course it's purple and sports a tea cup and saucer!  My co-worker wants one just like it, only with a green cup instead of the blue.

My folks did travel down for the long Memorial Day weekend.  We spent some time at the Botanical Gardens--
Who needs flowers when there are such darling little 'bud'dies as these three?!  We also went to the Alabama Balloon Jubilee. None of us had every been, so it was quite exciting and the children were completely enchanted. And even though they didn't lift off, because of high winds aloft, they did fire up the balloons and do their 'glow' finale, which was spectacular!
It really was quite beautiful!  But not nearly as beautiful as this one . . .
Or this one . . .
Who will be celebrating the big O-N-E on Saturday.  Wow!

I did some playing around with tumblers to come up with a piece for my mini-stand:
I've always wanted to make one of these!  And now thanks to two darling bloggy friends (Sarah from sarahdidit! and Janet from Rogue QuilterI), mine is all cut and ready to be pieced!  I'll hang mine from the side, instead of the top -- hope to have it ready for June 14 -- Flag Day!

I have also been thinking I needed a little 'tea' something for that same mini-stand.  I got on the computer and started playing around with graphics until I put together something I liked.  Like this:
Then I printed it in full color on a piece of heavy white cotton and put it in the hoop!
I was very pleased with the quality with which this printed. Whew! Now I'm going to embellish it with stitches . . .
Not the whole thing, but bits and pieces.  I'm thinking I'll add a frame in some tea-ish, floral print and then quilt it.  Fun!

So I'm thinking that's enough for now.  Time to get on with the business (aka busy-ness) of June. Before it's July!


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

out of hiding . . .

Have mercy . . . for the first time in our nineteen years of marriage, Todd and I were both sick at the same time.  And not just "have a sniffle" sick, but miserable, can't get out of bed sick!  BLAH!  Poor Todd, just when he should have been getting over whatever that virus was (that pretty much made its way though all three of our families), he came down with strep.  My fellow was not a happy camper.

Needless to say, we've neither of us been doing a whole lot!  I missed going on our ladies' retreat to Pigeon Forge.  Boooo!!  But I got better in time to attend a guild committee meeting at the home of one of the members -- on Lake Guntersville.  The meeting day was beautiful and we had lunch out on the back deck.  What a view!!
I can't be too jealous, though, not when this is in my back yard!!
I can't wait until the weather is right for toe dipping and splashing!

I haven't been in the Nook . . . but I have been doing some stitching on a dear little dolly's dress:
Last night I finished the center petal.  Now all I need to do is a little stitching on the petals on either side of the center monogram.  
They're marked and ready to go.  That's my WOW!!  Linking on up to Esther Aliu's blog.

Turtles have been coming out of hibernation, but we had yet to see any of the baby turtles.
That is, until yesterday!  Isn't he teeny-tiny and precious??! I hope we see more!

And finally, I treated myself to an early Mother's Day gift . . .
I couldn't pass this little book up and I'm so glad I didn't . . . it's filled with wonderful recipes.  Can't wait to try some!

Hope the rest of your week is filled with happy things that make you smile!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

happy - busy - happy . . .

It was a busy work week (and just busy in general, work notwithstanding), but there were definitely some sweet highlights!  First, I had a mid-week office visit with *all* the grands and their mommies!
It was a wild, wonderful hour, to be sure!  I love it when they come visit me!

We also celebrated Todd's birthday on Friday . . .
Whoohoo!  He's older than me again!  Haha -- it only lasts for six months.  ;)

And I won a sweet stack of wool fat quarters at guild . . . 
Isn't it yummy?
I'm so glad I don't report my wool stash. That's a horse of a completely different color!

And I finished my center for the Chevron with a Twist piece . . .
I love that method for faux ruched flowers -- it was so much FUN!! The blue bird is ready to be appliqued down, but I think he'll actually go on the half square triangles.

And, tah dah!
I finished piecing Lil' Charmer and got the black borders put on! The lighting this morning does not do it any justice at all.  I so love this!  My Slow Sunday Stitching will be sandwiching it together and getting started on the quilting!  I can't wait to see the effect of the rainbow variegated thread on the black border!

Which brings me to my Stash Report . . .
I'm counting in the yard I purchased for Lil' Charmer, but counting out the 2.5 yards (front and back) I put into it!  Yay!

Linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts this morning.  Y'all have a marvelous Sunday!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

today's wow . . .

Let me just say that I'm totally and completely in love with these faux ruched flowers.  Head-over-heels in love -- I see SO much potential for future projects. And I'm one step closer to finishing up this mini Chevron with a Twist piece!

Linking up to Ester Aliu's blog for WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

catching up -- again . . .

Working forty hours in four days (not to mention the getting ready and commute times of a combined twelve hours) is pretty much kicking my tail!  Don't get me wrong . . . I do love my job.  I love the people that I'm working with and *especially* the association of churches I'm working for!  But it's a very . . . social . . . job and that means for this introvert (not extreme, but definitely more intro- than extro-, it's pretty much exhausting!!

It also makes the balance of my week . . . forty-five hours, give or take, pretty precious. Know what I mean?  With a husband I adore, children and grandchildren who I adore, and chores and church and quilting (those last three are not necessarily in order), I've got a LOT to pack in those three days I'm off!

You may or may not have noticed that blogging doesn't make it high on the list. Wink, wink.

BUT . . . I have had some good grandkid time . . .
And some good quilting time . . .
Finished putting the insides of Lil' Charmer together.  Went to put the 6" black borders on and realized I had no more black. I used it all of my yardage for the pineapple quilt!  Ugh.  I hate the thought of purchasing fabric (really?  has it come to that??!), but I hate *more* the thought of leaving it unfinished.  So . . . on my list for the coming week, purchase a half yard of black! I do know how I'm going to back it . . . 
At first I thought I was being silly, using this flannel pastel piece for the back of the brights.  But I really like that the colors are so similar.  It's a good pairing!

I got a pattern for a Valentine card . . . it was a fabric appliqued tea cup on card stock. I modified it for a mug rug . . .
Isn't that fun?  I wish I could tell you where to go to get the pattern for yourself. It's from © Quilter's Connection Magazine 2015, but I couldn't find it on their webpage or facebook page anywhere. The template is straightforward enough, though.  Or holler at me.

And finally, quilting-wise, I saw this darling little quilt from Karen's Quilts, Cardinals and Crows (with a full tutorial over on the Moda site) that I just absolutely love.  There are several 'twists' on the patterns, but this is the one of Karen's that just catches my eye every time:
And you know me . . . I had to put my own 'twist' on it.  So I made it smaller.  I had to mock it up in EQ to get my proportions correct, but then that's half the fun, for me!
Her HST's are 6.5" . . . mine are 1.875".  Teehee!  And I used solids . . . Fairy Frosts!
Now I'm working on the applique. Which will make for some Slow Sunday Stitching!

All in all, my stash report hasn't changed all that much, just enough for the little tea mug rug . . .
And know that there *will* be black yardage added next week!

Linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts.  Y'all have a grand Sunday!