Saturday, April 30, 2016

tsk, tsk, tsk . . .

Shame on me, right? Letting seven weeks pass since my last real post! A body shouldn't get that busy, should they?  Or should they?!

What kept me so busy? Well, I spent some one-on-two time with Evey and Ellie.
One-on-three if you count Leia.  Which I don't. I love these silly, happy girls dearly, but they will wear a 'Neesey' out! 

We celebrated Todd's birthday.  Even the California crew got in on the celebratory singing . . .
I can't believe how much they've grown in the last six months. Especially Liv.  I can't wait to get out there to see them!

Most of the crafting I've done in the past two months was in preparation for VBS training. I was privileged to be on our Association's VBS team, leading crafts!
That training was two weeks ago -- whew!  That was one busy week! I love the 'Submerged' theme this year. All the fish are such fun!

The following week we (Todd and I) headed out for a much needed escape to the lake.  Todd did a lot of fishing and I did a lot of reading (I'd had my fill of fishes with VBS)!
We both were successful! ;)

One thing I haven't done a lot of is use fabric . . .
This stash report is the same as the last one I posted which was #11.  Gah.

But I have been keeping up with my ornament goal of two per month . . .
I finished up the second yo-yo tree and whipped up another wool gingerbread man. I'll be working on a ninth ornament tomorrow . . . for some slow Sunday stitching.

I also finished up a UFO and turned it into a pretty.  But it's a gift, so all you get to see is this:
Cuz I like to tease!

And I finished up the first quadrant of Evey's quilt, too.
This is going to be a lot bigger than I imagined it would be. LOL! Which is probably good, seeing as how she'll be TWO in September. 

Things have been busy, busy, busy at the camp. We've had a LOT of visitors already this spring, And right now we've got a BIG group arriving . . . Campers on Mission.
They are going to be arriving over the next two days . . .
And will spend the next two weeks working on the pavilion and other camp projects. There are already six RVs up in the main campground -- more than we've ever seen at one time! We're really excited about them being here!

Okay, so that's about it. I'll be linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 bible study expo . . .

Y'all, I don't get excited about a lot of things . . . scratch that. You know I get excited about LOTS of things -- and I want to share one of those things right now!

I've shared before about the Women's Bible Study Expo.  These are free webinars (online) that showcase up and coming Bible-study authors and teachers. And the next one is coming up TOMORROW!  
Yes, Thursday, March 17th, at 2:00 p.m. (central time).  There is a fabulous line-up of authors, including Sherri Burgess (whose book, Bronner: A Journey to Understand I reviewed in January)!
These webinars, organized and led by one of my favorite women's ministry gurus, Marni Swedberg, are a terrific way to learn about an author, hear her heart, and get an understanding about what her study/book is about. This is a fabulous resource, whether you're picking out Bible studies for yourself or for a group study.

Check it out for yourself at and be sure to register to win (top right corner) while you're there!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

whirlwind weekends . . .

Y'all . . . whirlwind doesn't half describe the past two weeks! I was completely absent last weekend . . . but for very good reason!  Joc, Ellie and I traveled to the Northern Neck of Virginia for my niece Cecilia's wedding!
She was a beautiful bride and she had a very handsome groom, too!
The whole affair wore Miss Eleanor out.
LOL! This is post-wedding/pre-reception, while we waited for all the family pics to be taken. She perked up for the "party". . . she was very interested in the wedding cake. Her mommy was interested in the cream cheese mints we carried to Virginia for the party . . .
Poor Joc.  she had to travel 750 miles to get some more cream cheese mints!

We drove up on Friday, the wedding was on Saturday, and we drove back on Sunday. I'm telling you -- whirlwind. Monday was my baby girl's 30th birthday!
She is such a beautiful young woman -- I'm so proud of her! Speaking of which, I've been a little remiss in sharing something here. Joc has started up her own business called Pearl's Pegs.
Aren't these just darling? She does incredible work.
Ellie and Evey love them -- and already she's 4-6 weeks out on orders!  Yes, very proud of my girl!

Yesterday, Todd and I headed down to Shocco Springs -- the Baptist Retreat Center outside of Talladega, Alabama, for our annual Mission Service Corps Missionary Retreat and Training.  
We enjoy the beautiful grounds of the center *and* the great fellowship! Yesterday was also Kim's birthday . . .
She celebrated waaaaay far away in California -- the first of their birthdays to be celebrated out there! But Sawyer was not far behind . . .
He turned SIX years old today. Gosh, look how grown up he looks! Sweet fellow! Todd and I sang happy birthday to him and enjoyed some FaceTime. It was a bittersweet day . . . as much as I'm happy he's six and happy it's his birthday, it was sad to me that for the first time since he was born, I didn't get to at least give him a hug or kiss on his birthday.  *sniffle, sniffle* :)

I chased my blues away by doing a little shopping with Todd at Bass Pro Shops on our way home from Talladega. I got my first pair of Crocs!
LOL! These are so comfortable--why did I not know that?? Plus, they don't hit the scars on either side of my right foot, which are still (even after six years) very sensitive. Aaaand, these Crocs are really CUTE!  I may have to invest in a couple of more pairs. Haha!

I haven't done anything quilty in I don't know how long . . . and my stash report shows it, too.
Aaaah well . . . sometime in the next month or so I may get a free weekend to do something of significance!

I did manage to sneak enough time to cut out some Christmas fabric for another yo-yo ornament. I loved the tree so much, I'm going to do another one of those. I have the charms all ready to go, too.
This will make for the perfect slow Sunday stitching project!

Spring is finally making its way into the camp. As we drove up the drive today, I was happy to see that the daffodils were out in full force.
They have such sunny, sweet faces! We have one rogue yellow flower in the midst of the paler variety . . .
The little purple flowers are blooming all over the turtle sanctuary . . .
And the Lamb's Ear is starting to make sporadic appearances, as well:
And I do believe that about does it for me. A lot of pics and a lot of words...that's what happens when I don't blog for two weeks. I'll link up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts tomorrow! Don't forget to change your clocks tonight . . . Spring Forward!


Friday, March 11, 2016

a review -- bedtime snuggles

Still looking for the perfect little book to tuck into the Easter basket of a preschooler or toddler? I think I may have found it! Bedtime Snuggles by Patricia Reeder Eubank is a gem of a board book and sure to be appealing to children and their parents, alike!

The pages are filled with sweetly illustrated scenes of animal babies scampering home, and animal mommies tucking them in with bedtime snuggles.  The words are lyrical and soothing -- the perfect bedtime story book. The story closes with a mama tucking in her own sweet child.  A great note on which to deliver a kiss, a goodnight, and a 'sweet dreams!'

This sweet little book will definitely be going in the Easter baskets of two very darling granddaughters of my own!!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Worthy
Publishers, as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in 
accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: 
"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

a review -- the berestain bears' easter blessings

The Berenstain Bears family have been a favorite of *our* family for a very long time. Both of my children enjoyed them immensely, and I loved the way the Bears' stories reinforced the values that we worked so hard to instill in our children. 

So when I saw The Berenstain Bears' Easter Blessings by Mike Berenstain, available for review by Worthy Publishing, I knew I wanted to read it and share it with grandchildren, too!

I was not disappointed. This sweet little board book is filled with color and perfect to be held and 'loved' by little hands.  The easy-to-turn pages are a plus, too!  The happy characters come to life on the page, as Easter morning unfolds in their home.  
The children are really excited when grandparents come by with Easter baskets filled with goodies . . . but the adults are quick to point out that Easter is more than candy . . . 
It's about being aware of all of your blessings, the greatest blessing being that of a risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I've enjoyed reading this to Ellie and Evey . . . and especially hearing Ellie read it back to me! If you're wanting to put something in the ol' Easter basket that has substance and meaning, this will be a definite hit!

Linking this up to the Bibliophile Files over at sarah did it!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Worthy
Publishers, as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a
positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in 
accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: 
"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

i may have over-steeped . . .

Think you caught a misspelling in my header today?  Haha!  Nope . . . you've over-steeped your bounds if you've taken on more than one body should for a tea party!  LOL!

There was *no* time for stitching this week as I prepared for a tea party for the girls and adult staff at the Alabama Baptist Children's Home in Decatur on Saturday!  I made bookmark favors . . .
And teapot favors . . .
Isn't that darling?  And when I say made favors, I mean I made a BUNCH of favors!  
Thirty-two, in all, which isn't too terrible of a crowd, unless you're cutting out all of those teapots from cardstock!

And of course, what's a tea party without creme cheese mints?!
These were a big hit!

I spent Saturday morning making scones and tea sandwiches for the group.  Evey and Ellie were my helpers . . .
LOL!  Actually, Ellie's a big help and likes to be a 'cheffer'.  
In case you're wondering, that's a chef who bakes.  *grin*

I didn't have to set a table for this tea party. Normally I love to do that, but at least I knew I couldn't do that on top of all the prep work!  I had four sweet ladies take on the task of tea table hostess and they all set up beautiful tables!
Ellie helped co-hostess her mommy's table.  Isn't it pretty?!
Everyone did such a great job! It was a fun afternoon . . .
And I think that the little girls enjoyed it because it was a party and they had crayons and necklaces and chapstick in their favors.  But I think the older girls (and even the staff ladies) learned that tea parties aren't just for littles . . . they are wonderful opportunities for sweet fellowship and times of refreshing. I think we may have even made some tea converts!

All that to share that my stash report is unchanged this week . . .
Worth it. I did finish up my lil' gingerbread man ornament, and so finished up my two ornaments for February. Yay!
This afternoon, if I don't take a nap, I'll be working on basting these pretty little pieces to their templates.  
That's good stuff for a slow stitching Sunday afternoon!

Linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts.  I hope you're able to enjoy a beautiful Sunday, regardless of your weather!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

whirlwind week . . .

Last week I told you that I'd finished up two of my UFOs and gifted them.  What I *didn't* tell you was that I flew to Corpus Christi, Texas, to gift them in person!  
We had a lovely long weekend hanging out in the beautiful canal home of one of my sister's very gracious friends.
We pretty much celebrated the birthday girl by eating out, laying out, and going out to shop. Dream vacay, right?!  :)

Needless to say, I didn't get a whole, whole lot done.  I finished up four sets of swap blocks (which makes for a total of six down, ten to go):
They still need to be trimmed before they're presentable! And that's about the size of it (no pun intended) . . . which means not a lot happened in my stash.
Or rather, NOTHING happened in my stash, in or out! But I ordered this sweet little thing . . .
Both Ellie and June have 15" dolls. They need some new clothes for the babies! I bet I can make a little dent in the ol' stash that way!

I've got my second February ornament cut out and ready to stitch . . .
I love the little heart cutout -- perfect choice for this month, don't you think? He will make for some happy Slow Stitching today!

And, just in time for Spring and in celebration of the lovely weather we've enjoyed this weekend, lookie what I purchased . . .
It was used, so I got it for a GREAT price.  That front porch space of my Nook just needed a rocker, don't you think?? I was considering painting it purple (because it needs a fresh, weather-proofing coat of paint), but I think I like the white. We get just a tad warmer and I'll be doing my slow Sunday stitching right there!

And finally, it's been a while since I've posted a picture of the formidable "Leia". When Joc sent these to me, I knew I had to share . . .
Haha! And so you know it's not a one time thing . . .
Gracious!! I think it's safe to say that Evey loves Leia. Whether or not that love is reciprocated, I won't speculate. Leia rather has that, "Help me!" face in the second one . . . love hurts? LOL!

Linking up today to Patchwork Times, Kathy's Quilts, and the feline Friday post at sarah did it!  Y'all have a blessing-filled Sunday!