Friday, July 09, 2004

What a DAY!

Jocey's CD player is installed. When they installed it, they had to replace two fuses that were burned out. Those two fuses fixed a myriad of minor problems that we thought the car had. All better now! It's quite amazing to me what difference two tiny fuses can make.

The Michaels family is really undergoing some difficult times. Courtney had another surgery yesterday. Reda called me today. She'd gone to B'ham yesterday to visit. Courtney appears to be doing better, but there's a long couple of years worth of road ahead of them. I need Holy prompting to be diligent in my prayer for them.

I'm working on getting an e-mail group set up for all of the FRBC ladies. Quite a job, that! I hope to get out a card to everyone about next week's lunch at Victoria's cafe.

This has been such a strange summer. I feel so ... dislocated. Or something. I dunno!

I had a school dream last night. It's begun. It was a bad one, too. I was already stressed and crying in the dream. It was really strange. At least I can rest assured that it can't be as bad in reality as it was in my dream last night! Perhaps that was God's point. I need to remember to leave it in His wonderfully capable hands, and to count it all joy. Rejoice in it, even!

I'm going to go take a picture of the new firefighter tag on Jocey's car. Yeay!!!


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