Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sometimes I am so stupid. I get so lofty and high-minded. I'm just a stupid woman. That God has any patience with me at all is remarkable. We've been studying Jeremiah for the last quarter, and his prophecies to the children of Israel. They were so arrogant and self-focused. They refused to listen to Jeremiah's prophecies of destruction. And then, when the prophecy was fulfilled, they gave the credit to the Babylonian gods. How stupid can you get? Well, duh -- God allowed that Scripture to be a part of His Word for a good reason. So that stupid girls like me could read and learn from it. Key word? LEARN! I'm as hard-headed as the Israelites were.

GOD!! Don't allow my heart to be totally hardened to You! PLEASE consider me; I'm Your child--I know You love me -- You've counted the very hairs on my head! Please open my heart and eyes to Your perfect will. Please place in me a desire to be obedient. I want to be obedient to You. I want to serve You--I want to glorify You and sing Your praises. I don't want to be self-destructive like the Israelites were.

We're getting ready to start a study of Ezekiel and Daniel. Lord, I really want to hear You as I study Your Word. I want to learn from Ezekiel and Daniel. Give me a hunger to learn and to live what I learn.

Lord, I do love You.


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