Friday, October 07, 2005

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Is it considered bad form to leave a comment on your own entry? I need to know these things. What's the Xanga etiquette?

1) Jocelyn: I'm sending you some capital letters because it appears you've lost all yours. And I'm not *really* listening to the Gaithers -- I just liked the name of the CD. :)

2) Ashullie: The English (who made the tea I waxed so eloquently about), say "liquor" instead of liquid. There, now you've *really* learned something important while at college. Have your mom and dad send your next tuition payment directly to me. :)

I really need to get back to work. ! IT'S FRIDAY! Everyone have a great weekend!



ps: Jocelyn, I'm not really listening to Lawrence Welk's World's Greatest Polkas, either.


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I want you to know (whomever you may be) that I've written entries TWO times this week, and my browser and/or ISP have hiccupped, and I lost my entries completely. These were thought-provoking (sometimes just provoking), heart-touching, insightful (inciteful) entries. I mourn their loss. Mostly I mourn the time I spent entering them -- I've only got so much spare time to write things in Xanga, you know! I've decided that from here on out, I'm going to copy my entries before I click to spell check or submit or any other thing. So there.

Todd and James left last night. They won't be back until Saturday afternoon. I hope they have a wonderful time!

Gwenevere has now had first floor access for two days now, and no accidents. Hurray!

Never set your phone alarm while driving. You end up getting up at 6:03 am, instead of 6:30 am. C'est la guerre.

One of the "lost" entries had a very eloquent soliloquy on my tea habits. I'm having tea again this morning; my favorite blend -- English Breakfast Tea. Yummm. A Ceylon and Indian tea having a lively, full-bodied liquor (which means liquid, not alcohol). I'm so excited!

I've will have worked a 45 hour week at my part-time job at Iron Works after today; I've put in 3 hours in at the Stuckey home, 7.5 hours in at Stuckey Builders, and 4.5 hours in at church. I've spent 1.25 hours driving each day, for a total of 6.25 hours. This is a grand total of 66.25 hours away from home in a 5-day span. Good gravy! There's only 120 hours in those 5 days! When you figure I sleep for roughly 33 hours in 5 days, that averages 4.15 hours per day that I'm home and awake. Two hours in the morning, and two in the evening. I need to re-think this part-time stuff, methinks.

God is good: He's gotten me through this week. He's evidenced Himself in my life through His incredible grace and strength, time after time. I do praise Him! Really, He is sufficient for me.



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