Thursday, May 18, 2006

{gasp} {huff} {snort} {gasp} Water . . . !

Yes, all of that means I did do my treadmill workout this morning! Look at me, Ma! :) And, I'm happy to record, my times are better than yesterday! And I don't even hurt! Plus, I finished my mile in 18:24, which is a four minute improvement over yesterday!

Time: 20:37
Distance: 1:08
Calories: 140
Fat Calories: 44


I did forget to bring my water bottle up there with me -- that made it a little difficult. But I persevered. I still haven't heard from James or Jocelyn or my folks. I guess I really didn't expect to, still, it makes me miss them all the more. One week from today we'll be picking them up! And the whirlwind continues. I keep looking at the summer and thinking how fast it'll go -- I need to just focus on one day at a time. One day. One focus. the One focus.

Really, I need to go through my day focusing on Jesus, and time will pass just as it should. As He intended it should pass!

I finally understand what we're supposed to be doing as SS leaders. You can't apply Scripture to your life, until you understand what God is saying through His Word. Otherwise, you risk misapplying His Word, and that is so dangerous. So our job is to explain what God is saying through the selected passages -- making sure the girls understand specifically what God means -- so that Derek or James can come along and show them how to take those passages, and apply them to their own lives _correctly_. I'm glad it finally hit me. :)

So, yesterday, Satan missed me on the treadmill, but he got me in the Kroger. And I LET him. That's the rub . . . I can choose to NOT let Satan trip me up. God, I am weak -- but YOU are strong. I said something to Sondra yesterday about starting again -- but I think I'll just be about it for a while before I speak about it to anyone else. Just one day at a time and One focus a day.

{insert poignant thought here}


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