Friday, September 19, 2008


And here it is...Friday! Yeay!

Wow -- what an incredibly humbling experience last night was. There were some absolutely gorgeous submissions! It was a fun evening, but it definitely put me in my place. Novice! That's okay, though. It was a learning experience and next time I'll have that experience behind me and USE it! :) It did, however, make me rethink using the as yet unfinished Grand Hands quilt for the 2009 show! :)

I had a little visitor at my sewing room window this morning. Actually, he (she?) crashed into my window. I heard the *thunk* and knew whatever it was now had a headache. I couldn't see anything from the window, but when I stepped outside, sure enough, there was a little wren. All I could see was that his tail was moving slightly. I got out there and righted him -- he seemed to be okay; just a little stunned. I scooped him up with my dust pan and set him, pan and all, in a bush. I didn't want to leave him down there on the ground -- too many cats! He was breathing heavy, but at least he was breathing! I will check on him as I leave for work. I hope my pretty new windows don't end up being the cause of his demise!
Speaking of work, I do have to do that today. Best make haste! But, in those infamous words . . .
I'll be back!

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