Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And so, today, it's back to work! I really enjoyed my long weekend; especially my day of quilting. I accomplished most of what I wanted to get done. I really like how the tops of these fall table toppers turned out. I played around with the stitches on my Janome last night to see if I couldn't embellish the leaves (and acorns) a little. Good lessons learned last night! I went ahead and added a fourth acorn, and I used a tight zig-zag stitch to make the veins and stems. I know I still want to outline the leaves and the acorns -- I'll probably do a blanket stitch. I'm afraid to do that on the machine, though. I may get some floss and do that part by hand. Makes for a nice evening activity!

This afternoon, after work, I'll swing by Patches and Stitches and get some more of the acorn fabric for the backings, and the brown for the binding. And some more thread. And gosh, their Christmas fabric was really looking pretty when I was in there last . . .


Then.......I drop off the quilt and apron for the show! I posted an event on Facebook, too. Lots of coverage; we want lots of folks to come out and see how fun quilting is! Then to Stuckey Builders and then HOME! Long day, non? But it should be prosperous!



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Zlaty said...

I love your fall leaves table topper!
Great color choices, I am sure your mom would love it!


Amy said...

Okay- first of all- LOVE the table topper. So wish I had your talent. Second, thanks for stopping by my blog- your comment made me laugh. Hope the computer screen is okay. ;0) Amy