Tuesday, October 06, 2009

God is so good!

Not for any particular reason or because of anything particular that happened to me.  He just is.  :)

Joc and I had a lovely day together yesterday.  We hit the road at about 8:30 yesterday morning and took a trip to Franklin, Tennessee (about 88 miles or so) to cruise the aisles of the Whole Foods store there.  It was very easy to find; 3 minutes off of I-65 at exit 69.  It's a pretty store and full of lots of wonderful things!  The first thing we saw was a jackpot find -- local grown mums (that were quite beautiful) at $6.99 a pot!  I think the mums made it worth the trip for Jocelyn!

We started in produce and worked our way around the perimeter of the store, then when back and cruised the aisles.  They have lots of interesting organic foods.  Plus, both hot and cold food bars (lunch for $7.99/lb).  And a bakery, cheese counter, an olive bar, a meat/seafood counter that was really beautiful; we really did enjoy browsing (and putting select items in our cart)!  One thing they had which I've not been able to find anywhere in Huntsville (except as a bulk item at Garden Cove) is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).  What else?  Oh yeah, they had sodas made with regular cane sugar instead of corn syrup.  Plus it was kind of neat to see what regular stores carry that actually is organic.  They even had vegan cookies! 

After our trip to Whole Foods, we went to Dave's BBQ and had lunch.  Please don't comment on what an oxymoron that is!  It gets worse.  We stopped at Wal Mart (cotton balls and some other details) and I got a Hershey bar with almonds.    But on a positive note, I did drink all my water!

Whole Foods aside, it was nice to spend time with Jocelyn, just chatting and enjoying each other's company.  I like what God has done with my children so far.  :)

I finished the table topper Sunday evening; I'll post a picture before it goes in the mail.  I was very pleased with it -- I hope my mom is as well!  I'd sent her a pdf file from a 2005 (?) issue of Martha Stewart's Living, that had instructions to make some really cute squirrel favor holders.  I think they'd be darling with the table topper!  The squirrel favor holders can be found here.

Tonight Todd and I are heading to Jason & Jocelyn's for dinner.  And I'll get to see the cutest kitten in the whole, wide world!  Only she'll have just gotten back from surgery, so she'll probably be a little delicate.  S'okay, can't wait to see her and cuddle her!  I only ever get to see her on FB!

Oooh!  In yesterday's mail I got a birthday card and check from my mom & dad!  What perfect timing!  I'd wanted to watch Babe in my laptop, but I don't have it on DVD.  Then I wanted to watch Hocus Pocus, but I don't have it at all!  So, me and my little birthday money hopped on to Amazon.com, and both those movies (dvds) and Arsenic & Lace *and* To Kill A Mockingbird are on there way to my collection!  Whoohoo!  So what did I watch instead, you ask?  Twilight.  Don't laugh.  It goes with my Hershey bar.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

Fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow is another day!


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