Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what day is it?!?!

It's already Wednesday!!!

What a busy week it's been! Sunday, after church, Jocelyn & Jason and Kim & James came over and helped Todd & I celebrate my birthday! Hooray! It was so much fun. We had carryout Chinese for dinner, and Todd got me a cake from Peggy Ann's Bakery! It was *so* pretty -- it had a teapot on it! And it was from Peggy Ann's! Which is one of my favorite cake-baking-places in the whole world! And then, after we had cake & ice cream, I opened presents! Whoohoo! James and Kim got me a six month subscription to The Quilt Show! Isn't that fun!?! I'm so excited! I've already watched a show or two! This will come in very handy, I'm sure! Then, Joc & Jason gave me an pink iPod and the NASB on CD. I can't wait to use it! What a happy, happy birthday! And the best part? It's not over! Todd is taking me away on Saturday for a surprise birthday trip!

Then on Monday, I just spend a quiet day doing things . . . tidying, watching old movies, laundry, the treadmill, etc. I got the rooster, weather vane, and letters cut and adhered to the wall-hanging. It looks so cute! I still need to outline stitch them, but the hard part is done. I'll post a picture of it later. I'm still not quite sure what to do with the corners . . .

Tuesday was back to work. It was a busy day, which is great, it makes the time fly! Mom called me late in the afternoon to let me know she'd received her package. Yay! She was pleased to have Grand Hands back, and loved the topper and towel, so that makes me smile! I headed from work to work, and took care of Derrick's books. While I was there I caught up with Karen and Kelly and got to hear about their lovely time in Disney! From the Stuckey's, I headed over to Jeff's to give him his check. I stayed and chatted with him and his family (whom I dearly love) for a bit. Then I headed HOME! It was a dark, rainy evening, and I don't like driving in those conditions. Yuck! I finally got home and guess what was in the mail?????

The other part of my prize package from Jenny of Elefantz in Australia!!!!!!! What fun! Plus a couple more happy birthday cards, too! I love making my birthday go on and on and on! I know that technically, the prize package wasn't a birthday present, per se, but when I opened yesterday's parcel, it was wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon, and had a card . . . if that doesn't scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I don't know what does! :)

Today it was back to work again, and tonight it's on to church! Tomorrow is the monthly guild meeting and I'm meeting the Stitcher's Group for dinner beforehand at McAllister's Deli. Then I'm helping as a mentor, if there are any new members or visitors, and then I'm going to model a clown costume that was a ribbon winner at the Fanfare Quilt show! I'll share more about that later.

We're getting closer to the weekend Bible study -- I sent out notice to each of the ladies this morning; I hope to hear back from folks soon! I have heard from my darling Kim. One down, six to go! This will be a great time. I'm looking forward to it!

Time to make haste . . .



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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Hope you had a great birthday!