Friday, January 08, 2010

. . . too cold to be witty!

Yesterday all of this cold weather finally paid off with a little snow event! Yay! There wasn't a lot, but enough to make everything pretty. And it was cold enough that it's stuck around and made driving messy. Here's a picture of the road coming up from the camp. Todd called me to assure me that it was okay to drive into work this morning. Drats! It was fine, but I sure didn't take it with my usual carefree abandon (or my usual speed)!

As I drove into the camp last night, I had to catch this pretty photo of our frozen, lower pond. On the news last night, they shared a story about a mule that had wandered out into the middle of a frozen pond and then got stuck out there. It finally started thrashing and kicked a hole in the ice and went into the freezing waters. Rescuers were able to get it out and it was recovering nicely when the story was reported. The same man who owned the mule also owned a bull (a baby one) which he'd named "Coach Saban". Evidently the owner was such a Crimson Tide fan that he named all of his livestock after the team. Interesting. Or amusing. Hmmmm.

I don't think I'll chance skating on the pond this weekend (especially not after the mule story), but I think I'd like to walk down for a closer inspection. Unfortunately we're to experience very bitter, cold temperatures (highs in the upper teens) for the next two or three days; I'm not sure I have enough under-gear to make such a trip!

We had our own splash of crimson as the snowflakes fell yesterday afternoon. I got one decent shot of this handsome cardinal. Maybe I should name him Nick. Heh. So far, he's the only male cardinal to venture into our feeding stations. We saw two female cardinals yesterday; our count is up to three! Out of the half a dozen photos I took of Nick, this was the only one that he was still enough in to not be a fuzzy blur. I did also take some video of him, though! He hopped around and hammed it up for the camera. A couple times he'd look directly at me and cock his head as if to say, "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeVille!"

I also took video of the seven deer (does and fawns) that made their way up to A-corn Hill late in the afternoon! Oh what fun! If I can figure out how to edit and upload the video, I post it. They are so comical to watch! Todd and I sat in the window for better than an hour, drinking our hot drinks and watching nature. I always feel so blessed -- and incredibly content -- watching from our window. It's a nice way to feel. :)

Finally, I've finished the top of the rooster wall hanging! I really like the look of the letters; I whip-stitched them. It gave them a real rustic, iron look, which is what I wanted! The chicken tracks are hard to see here, but if you look closely you can spot them! I am very pleased with the overall look. Can't wait to quilt it! One of the guys at the shop is going to build me a decorative rod & brackets, using the same finial I used as a template for the weather vane. I thought that would be a neat touch.

Maybe they're a little easier to see in this photo. It was while I was searching for a template for the chicken tracks that I came across the "Chickens in the Road" blog. Have you checked it out yet??? It's worth the read. After a bit more research, I learned that she's not just a blog writer, she's a book writer! She's written quite a number of the paperback romance novels. And from what I could tell, her readers are quite happy to give her good reviews, too! Her name is Suzanne McMinn.

I still need to get busy on my Fall Quilt Swap Project! It HAS to be in the mail by Monday the 18th . . . which is a holiday . . . so by Saturday the 16th!!! YIKES!!! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!!! It shouldn't be too bad; the topper is pieced and the appliques are cut. I just need to attach them and quilt it. Deep breath. I can do it.

Last night I made beefy nachos for dinner, and then Todd & I sat in bed and watched the BCS game. What a nail biter! Since the game came on so late, we decided to watch it from bed. Our new mattress topper arrived yesterday, so we had an addition 4 inches of plushness to lay on! It fits our regular mattress perfectly. Anyway, we watched the game for better than three hours. Gosh, I could hardly stand it!! I'd get to feeling like I just couldn't watch anymore, and I'd flip over and read my book. But there's a mirror at the head of the bed, and I'd find myself taking surreptitious glances into it, watching the TV. Then I'd have to flip over and holler at the TV for a bit. It was a good game with a GREAT outcome. Congratulations to Coach Nick Saban and the team. They played hard and well. Roll Tide! :)

As an aside, we rarely ever watch TV in bed. Usually the only time that TV is on is when I'm getting ready for work in the morning. It helps me to stay informed about current local weather and traffic conditions and I'm able to know about what time it is just by where we are in the format. Last night was a special occasion. College football, national championship game. I mean, c'mon. And again I'll say, ROLL TIDE!!!

My sweet husband took off today, so I'm happy he will be there tonight with me. I'll make a special breakfast for him tomorrow. I saw a recipe in the Farmer's Journal for Sausage Apple Pie. At first I wrinkled my nose at it, but then I got to thinking about it and the more I thought, the yummier it sounded. I'll use turkey sausage, sugar-free apple pie filling, shredded cheddar cheese, and pie crust. I'll report. :) I'm glad I'm making it for him, and really glad he'll be there when I get home tonight. He's my happy. :)

Today's verse is, Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Ephesians 1:3.

That describes how I feel perfectly. Praise be to God.



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