Sunday, March 21, 2010

the wreath and the wren . . .

It's been just over four months since Todd & I moved the RV up to Camp Macoba and moved out of our house. Other than three nights over Thanksgiving weekend, one night in Atlanta, one night at Smith Lake, and three nights at my quilting retreat, I've spent every night here since.

We're not roughing it by any means. I know there are quite a few bloggers out there -- quilters, even -- who have done full-time and part-time RVing, and they'd be able to back me up; when you live in a 5th wheel, there's nothing rough about it! We have limited *space* but not convenience. I have a washer/dryer, we have a flat screen in our bedroom and in our living space (they came standard, as did most of the luxury items), we have an upstairs and a downstairs, a basement and a garage, a central vacuum system, a refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven and microwave, and two bathrooms! We have heat, a/c, DVD players, an outdoor stereo system, and we're saving for a dishwasher!

It's actually rather cushy. And thanks to my Mighty Man, our water pressure is KICKIN! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful MM; I'm so proud of him! :)

And while we do have limited space and limited storage, I didn't leave *everything* behind! All of my quilting stuff (minus my space and a few magazines) made it. With the exception of quilting books, I was exceedingly picky about which books I kept. Mainly just my favorite series in the whole world (the paperbacks of the Mitford series) a handful of favorite cookbooks, some favorite Bible study books, and my collection of tea party books. We saved our DVDs, our CDs, and we both brought our laptops. We do not lack.

My clothes had to be whittled down, but not my jewelry! LOL! And I left behind a LOT of my kitchen gadgets and dishes and machines. I saved my Lenox Kelly china (six place settings); but someday down the road I may change my mind about it!

All that being said, we *do* live out in the middle of 110 acres of woods, meadows, ponds and streams. There is ... well ... nature! It's funny, when we left Hunter Road, I was *so* sad that I would be missing all my favorite birds--my beautiful cardinals, the clownish blue jays, the precious nuthatches, and especially our dear little wren, who is so friendly and inquisitive. Luckily, we've had all those birds and *so* many more! It's been incredible--tons of woodpeckers, birds we'd never seen before and even my wren! Along with the birds, we've dealt with skunks, raccoons, deer, feral cats, stray dogs, squirrels and rabbits. Oh yeah, and just recently, we had a little uninvited house guest . . . one that leaves little droppings . . . UGH! But, oh well; I don't sweat it. We put out traps and take care of it.

But I was NOT prepared for what happened tonight. Not at all.

At night there's not a lot of light out at the site -- there's a light post on the other side of the camp, which emits a small glow, and then there's a small yellow light above the door of the RV. I always hit the "unlock" on my car key, so that my headlights stay on and give me more light. It's *really* dark . . . and since we're in the middle of all that acreage, there aren't any nearby neighbors! It spooked me a little when we first moved here, but I've slowly gotten used to it.

Tonight it was dark, and it was raining and cold. I came up by myself; Todd wasn't here. I try (don't laugh at me) to gather everything I've got so I only have to make one trip. Tonight I had my purse, my coffee cup, my Bible, and eight grocery bags. And yes, I did gather it all *and* shut the hatch, too! Hey -- I do NOT want to be out there when the car lights go out!

So, I gather up all the stuff and junk, shut the car doors, and walk to the RV, key in hand. I step up onto the first step, feeling good about it all. I put my key into the lock when ALL OF A SUDDEN SOMETHING COMES AT ME AND TOUCHES MY HAIR!!!!!

Ummmm, yeah. Our dear little wren? He's roosting in the wicker bunny wreath I have on the door. I think he was as shocked as I was. My heart was fluttering just as fast as his wings were!

Ah, the joys of nature . . .


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Gran said...

Holy Moly that would have scared me too! Yet, I would be up there doing the same thing and enjoying the time there.

Good post - I will have to stop by again.

Gran said...
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squeeli2 said...

My Mom has birds that nest in her wreath almost every year. They have flown into the house before. Someone told her to put a rubber snake in the wreath and the birds wouldn't nest there, but she's TERRIFIED of snakes. LOL

Cathy Shepherd said...

Wow! DId you manage to keep ahold of everything you came out of the car with?