Friday, April 09, 2010

the battle renewed begins . . .

Over the years, I've tried almost everything. Most every diet, hypnosis, prescription pills, over-the-counter pills . . . I've tried Weight Watchers, Nutra Systems, LA Weight Loss, calorie counting, and the cabbage diet, to name a few. Oh, I could go on and on. Unfortunately, the weight came off, temporarily, but it, too, went on and on.


Enough is enough, right? I promise, I won't turn this into a painful, day-by-day (blow-by-blow) blog of a 'new journey', or anything like that, but I do feel it's worth a mention. Because I'm tired of the battle. I'm not willing (or able) to fight the battle with surgery. And I'm tired of the excess weight. I'm tired of it being a part of who I am!

So. Enough. New approach. Shock therapy (so to speak).

My dd is trying South Beach. I hate to say the 'diet' part, because I know it's not a temporary thing (which is how 'diet' always sounds). It's a lifestyle. Weight Watchers was also a lifestyle (one on which I did *very* well for a season), but it was too easy to cheat the system, if you know what I mean. I struggle really bad with a sugar addiction. I *know* that. I also know that the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. So it really needs to go.

I think--I hope--that perhaps South Beach may be the answer. It's *very* restrictive in the first two weeks, but then, once your body has been relieved of its cravings, it introduces foods back into your plan.

I dunno. All I *do* know is that something needs to change with how I eat, before health-wise, something changes that is out of my control . . . and has to be controlled with surgery or hospitalization or insulin.

So. I'm saying it. I'm changing. I'm taking charge.

I'm scared!


ps. I hate exercise. LOL! :)

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slowquilter52 said...

OMG - you took the words right out of my head. never tried South Beach but I hope SugarBusters works.
one additional thought - why was i able to quit smoking about 30+ years and i still can't figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.

squeeli2 said...

Yay! You can do it. I'm doing it, too. 2nd week on WW. I lost 4.6 lbs. last week. I've resolved myself to a lifestyle change as well. Keep us updated on how it's going. I'm posting about mine on my blog, too!

Asiyah said...

It's my first week on WW and I've lost 5 pounds. Keep at it. Don't beat yourself up *if* your slip. And remember it took time for the pounds to come one; it'll take time for them to go away too.

Good luck!

Pam in Texas said...

Awesome! I am so proud of you for taking this positive step! I have battled weight all of my life! Last may I decided it was time to take charge and i just started limiting sugar and carbs. I've lost 30 pounds. I know I just need to keep exercising and watch what I eat. Just like squeeli said...'it's a lifestyle chage.' I know that I feel so much better when I eat right and exercise. Keep up the good fight! You can do it!