Saturday, May 01, 2010

saturday workday . . .

What's the old saying? There's no rest for the weary and the wicked don't need none!

Ummm . . . I'm not going to ponder where I fit into that statement. Perhaps I shouldn't have opened that way!

My weigh in was less than satisfactory this morning. Perhaps it's because I was already dressed and had eaten breakfast. I've been so *painfully* good, it really aggravates me. Perhaps I should have my thyroid checked. LOL! Because it would be so nice if something were "wrong" with me. Good gravy. Sometimes my line of thinking can be a bit bizarre! (I don't *really* want anything to be wrong with me. I'd just like to lose 2-3 pounds per week. So there.)

Anyway, it's 8:12 and the cars are starting to make their way into the camp for the MACOBA (which, by the way, stands for MAdison COunty Baptist Association) work day! I fed Todd (and me) a good, hearty omelet and sausage breakfast, and we had multiple cups of Keurig coffee, so we're armed and ready!!

Unfortunately, it looks like the rain is on their heels, but they are going to give it all they've got in the meantime!!

While they put up the shed and get our new site leveled (among other things), I'm going to take down Easter and put up "standard". I need to mess around in the basement and rearrange some of our totes (and label them) so I can get in and out of my *stuff* more easily. Then, provided the weather stays at bay, I'll help get lunch together for the volunteers, serve, and clean up!

The forest continues to get greener and denser. The air up here smells *so* good! God's handiwork is ever evident. How blessed I am!



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