Saturday, July 17, 2010

red, white, and sawyer . . .

Two things today . . .

First, I did manage to finish off my first "Overall Sawyer" (the pattern is really named Overall Sams Quilt) block of redwork yesterday evening. Yay! He's so cute! Not as cute as his namesake, of course!

This one is "Sawyer sends a letter to Grandma." The next one I'm working on (it's prepped and ready) is "Sawyer goes fishing with Grandpa."

My biggest challenge is that I do not have an iron or ironing board here, nor do I have any of my rulers beyond my 6.5" square, so I've had to be innovative (or rather, rudimentary) in preparing my blocks. I've not been able to heat transfer the patterns, so I've had to trace them. Which is fine, they're just backwards from how they're pictured on the finished quilt on the pattern!

The second is this . . . I've been tossing around ideas in my head for quilting for my grandchild and future grandchildren. I was thinking of perhaps doing time line quilts for each of them, as they come. I'd mentioned in an earlier post (I think--it may have been on facebook) that I'd like to stick to 'quilt as you go' projects, because of the space issues of the RV. Plus, a quilt as you go project would allow me to have 18 finished blocks ready to put together, bind and give without feeling pressured to finish a top, quilt it, and finish it.

I think it would be fun to make a block each year that somehow chronicled that year with my grandchild. Favorite colors, theme of fabric, embroidered dates or places, appliqued hand prints or whatever . . . a time line of grandma/grandchild memories. It would be sort of like the Grand Hands quilt I did for my mom (method), only over 18 years. Anyway, I think it's a sweet idea . . . anyone have any thoughts? Pros, cons, or advice?

Saturday! I get to spend time with Sawyer again today!



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