Wednesday, July 07, 2010

this boot wasn't made for walking . . .

I make me laugh! :)

So, I went back to the doctor's office today. They cut off the cast (which is quite an ordeal, and I have to admit that the feel of the saw was a little disconcerting to me), and sent me back for x-rays. The wound is healing up nicely, except for one little area which had been rubbed raw by the cast. I think that may have been what's been giving me a little pain (just a wee little, seriously) over the past four weeks.

I took my own pictures, but they looked a little gruesome to me, so I won't post them. I still wanted to be able to chronicle this journey from beginning to end.

Anyway, the doc said the x-rays look good and the one spot on the wound is nothing to be concerned about. She said the bones are setting together nicely, but I need four more weeks of no weight bearing. She put me back into the boot (from my first visit) and told me I could take it off to flex my foot when I'm stationary (on the couch), but if I get up, it goes on first, and I must wear it to bed. That's okay with me. I'm a little anxious about taking it off while I'm on the couch! No physical therapy yet, because an outside force could jar those bones out of place easily. For now, I'll have to settle for the flex/point deal.

I *do* get to have it off while I'm (sitting) in the shower -- YAY!!! My first chore will be to hack through the black forest! Haha!

I go back in four weeks and she said if all looks good, she'll start letting me WALK!!! YES!

Happy, happy, joy, joy . . . God is good!


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Quilt Hollow said...

I'm chuckling...from the sounds of it you may want to spend great deals of time on the shower bench or couch just to get it off. Checking in on you I best get off computer and get busy.

Fabric Mom said...

So glad to hear that you are healing up nicely. How many razors did it take to hack through the forest? LOL. I bet it feels great to have the cast off. Don't try to do too much too soon.