Sunday, December 05, 2010

more sawyer-boo . . .

Last night I had the privilege and pleasure of spending a Saturday evening with my darling Sawyer. His mommy & daddy went out on a date night, and so Sawyer & I stayed home and played!
I can't quite believe how grown he is! Babies change so very much in their first year. Not only in size, but in personality! He was very happy and chatty last night.

He had just enough patience to humor me by holding still for this shot . . . but he sure wasn't going to smile about it!

You know, I hold this precious fellow all the time and spend hours with him every week, but since it's typically just him and me, it's tough to get a photo of the TWO of us! I shot this one in the bathroom mirror, as we were getting ready for bathtime. It's not too bad!

Sawyer *loves* bathtime! And per usual, has something in his mouth.

And he is a champion splasher!! He sat there for five minutes, just slapping at the water!

I got so tickled watching him try to grab the water, as I poured it from his cup into the tub!

And what bath photo session would be complete without the 'sucking on the washcloth' shot?

From bath to rocking chair (and a bottle) to bed. What a sweet baby boy!


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Pat said...

WOW...that photo you took in the mirror is SUPER! I'd not have known you took that yourself.....would have thought someone else took it of the two of you. Great job! I can tell he is a lot of fun!!!

Paula and Mel said...

I also love the picture in the mirror. Great job!
They just grow to fast. I can see changes every time you post picture. I love how you share him with us! So sweet. Here's a hug Sawyer!