Wednesday, February 02, 2011

sweet & sweet . . .

Would you like to know what happens when your stocking stays up into February? The Stocking Elf has to switch from Christmas candy to this . . .

My favorite conversation hearts and . . .

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates! Yay for the Stocking Elf!

Monday I spent the day with Sawyer; we had such a fun day, full of swinging and bouncy seats . . .

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . . he's a great eater -- he'll try anything!

Sawyer: Really, Grandma? Another picture? Mercy.

We played with pretty much every toy he has. Twice. And the horse is a prominent figure in his play-time. I remember three months ago, he didn't want to have a thing to do with that horse! Now he loves on it, all the time.

I love his concentration! He's really reading that book (no matter that it's a picture book).

I wish you could hear him as he reads. It's so precious!

I will share that the more mobile and active he gets, the more worn out I am at the end of the day! I sure do understand why young women have babies and old women have menopause. LOL!

My portion of the nursery preparations are nearly finished! I'll finish up the bumper pads tonight -- whoohoo!! Jocelyn is packing her bags and getting all ready. It's all so exciting!


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Cathy said...

That's the advantage of being a grandma. They tire us out, we go home and sleep. They tire mama out, and she still had to get up with them in the night. We get to have the fun parts, since we've already been the mama getting up in the night for them. Kind of a pay back for all that hard work .