Thursday, April 07, 2011

happy boy . . .

I haven't posted a lot of Sawyer pictures lately, for two reasons. The first is, since I got my phone, I take a lot of pictures of him with it (because it's handy) and they are not as good a quality photo as my camera takes.

I think you can see that in this "I just woke up and I'm the happiest boy in the world" picture that I captured with my phone and texted to his mommy and daddy.

Isn't he a darling, by the way?!? :)

The second reason is, he's just way too active to manage a camera and keep him out of harm's way at the same time! LOL! So most of my photos/videos are taken while he's contained. Like these.

He is such a charmer!

And look at that hand. He's got awesome hands . . . they just look big and capable! And this little fellow can EAT! When I fed him lunch on Monday, after I took a few shots with the camera, I decided to set it down and capture the whole lunch-eating process on video. It was another fifteen minutes, but I cut it down to just under two minutes to share . . .

I love it when he sees the camera and gives his "scrunchy face" smile! What a ham! I also love the technique he uses to get those little peas into his mouth! Really, when it comes right down to it, I just absolutely adore this little fellow. Right down to his eight sharp little teeth.



5 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

As always, he is totally adorable!

Cathy said...

No problems with fussy eating habits with that boy. And definitely a ham. He sure loves the camera. I am getting so excited, and so impatient.

Alyse said...

This makes me so jealous! Griffin is such a picky and slow eater. Way to go Sawyer!

SandyQuilts said...

You can always forward your phone photo to your email address. Then when you post the photo on your blog the quality doesn't matter too much.

Paula and Mel said...

That was so adorable. What a little ham! He made me laugh. I just wanted to hug him. Thanks so much for sharing.
BTW: we made it home.