Sunday, April 03, 2011

sitting on a dock on a . . . pond!

Yesterday was the spring work day for the camp. We had a good dozen folks out here readying up the grounds for the spring and summer campers and picnickers, who will be up here starting next weekend! We'd had an original work day scheduled early in March, but it was canceled due to bad weather, as were the first two weekend camping groups. March was pretty much a lion coming in and going out! Hopefully all that's behind us!

One of the groups out here were working on a specific task . . . a new fishing dock for the upper pond (Serenity Pond). So far they've done a magnificent job!

The posts down in the rocks will be fitted with sleeves in which concrete will be poured, to keep them sturdy. Then all that's left is to finish planking out the deck and putting up the rails!

Todd & I went down on the golf cart early yesterday evening, after everyone had gone, to check it out.

We carefully made our way to the edge and sat down, dangling our feet over the pond. It was a lovely evening. There's something special about sitting over water at sunset with the one you love, with all the tree frogs and crickets serenading you!

My glasses fell right off my face when I went to get up! Down they went, between two planks, onto the rocks and right into the edge of the water. Yikes! Luckily my darling hubby could get under there and rescue them for me. That was a close one!

Just a bit ago I got out on the golf cart just to make rounds. I headed down to the pond again. What a perfect day this would be to take a book down to the dock and soak up the sun and enjoy the lovely breeze! If you aren't hearing much from me on weekends over the spring/summer, you'll know why!

Friday, Sawyer went to the doctors ... he has his first ear infection. :( Poor guy. But a healthy dose of antibiotics and some numbing drops for his ears, and he was ready to go again . . .

My son calls this, "The Dude in the Swagger Wagon". LOL! It actually looks kinda like "Red" from Disney's Cars!

I've got two blocks that need to be turned in on Friday or Saturday for my BOM. I should probably get busy on those this afternoon!


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Cathy said...

That looks like such a beautiful spot. Your camp is on my list of "places I want to see", and you are on my "people I want to meet in person" list. Not this year, but maybe next. I love the picture of Sawyer in his car. Soooooo cute. As the song says "This time next year..."

Pat said...

How nice for you to live in a place with such natural beauty! Sawyer looks pretty confident as the driver of that red cute!

Gmama Jane said...

Roger loved fiahing with you on Sat.!! he said the two of you reminded him of a WV story I once told about 2 parents sitting on a bridge swinging their feet in the water!! It's a funny story and in you were ONLY like these 2 characters in that you were sitting on a bridge swinging your feet. No other way were you alike but it just put one of my funny stories in his head!! I should share it on my blog some time!
Glad you are able to smile. How is Joclyn doing?
Love ya

Paula and Mel said...

How fun that would be to sit and read or applique or embroidery. Ahhh, relax!
Sawyer looks so cute in his car.
heading towards home tomorrow so I won;t have internet till then. Probably Thursday. :)