Monday, August 08, 2011

desperately seeking . . .

Something, anything to help me be in love with this again. Like I loved it when I designed it and before I pieced it together. It's not the design, it's the GREEN. All I see when I look at this is the GREEN. The GREEN is really bold and, well, G R E E N! It's overpowering. And have I mentioned it's GREEN?!

I loved this pattern. It's the perfect block for a one block table topper. I love the fabric I used in the center star, with the holly. I love the red plaid (even though I learned something about piecing and plaids and matching lines -- *after* it was pieced) and I love the sparkly threads that run through both of those fabrics.

(clicking on the photo will enlarge it)

I really like my quilting. I quilted a little holly grouping in the center, and then I'm quilting a bigger grouping of holly in each of the four corners. I also used a holographic green thread to stitch-in-the-ditch around the green blocks.

Is there something I can do to tone down the GREEN? Quilting? Bleach, perhaps?!? (I'm just kidding. Sorta. Maybe.) Any [constructive] input here would be most highly appreciated! I really, really want to love this again!

This weekend's stitch-in was lots of fun. We had a pretty good sized group of women -- twenty in all!

I love how everyone sets up and sews and chats. It really is a fun group of ladies.

A lot of us were working on our blocks for the swap.

There are an awful lot of pieces to 40 Journey Steps blocks!

My friend Susan finished off a quilt. Pretty colors -- I love the green tree flannel she used for the backing.

And my friend Karen finished up a quilt top. I wish I'd gotten a photo of this one when it was laid out on the floor. Karen does gorgeous work and this top was no exception. The colors in it are stunning. And it's HUGE -- king-sized. And it's made up of 6-1/2" blocks. WOW!

I got *all* my initial cutting done for my swap blocks!

This picture represents four hours of cutting (well, along with some pinning and chatting and picture taking). I now have 160 2-1/2" squares, 80 4-1/2" squares, and 4 sets of 12 18" by 1-1/2" strips which are pinned together and ready to be stitched . . . and cut some more. Then let the block production begin!

It was a very productive weekend. I did some major, MAJOR overhauling in the quilt bunk room this weekend. More on that later.

For now, head on over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times and check out the participants in today's Design Wall Monday!

Have a happy day!


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Momof3girls said...

One question: What would you like for the green to look like? My opinion is that the green is too dark for the green in the holly design. If you could use the darker green in the holly, I think you would like it much better. Other than that, it's very pretty. Google and see what you could do to tone the green down just a bit. I'm sure that there's something you could do about it.
Hope this helps! Blessings on your quilting skills.

Quilter Kathy said...

I don't see the green! I see the red. I think the green recesses. Maybe it's because you've been working so closely with the project and will love it more once it's
sitting on a table with a lovely candle centerpiece?!?

Gail said...

I think Quilter Kathy hit it on the head--you are too close to it. Put it aside, or finish and then look at it on the table. A few steps back and I don't think you will see the green so much either. Good luck, hope you fall back in love.

Cathy said...

I'm with the other 3 ladies. Once it's done, spread out on your table so that you can see the borders, which from here look like the red and the floral, the green should recede. And then, once you have a floral arrangement or something on it, it will act as the anchor to whatever you put on it. Failing that, there is always something like white fabric paint, and maybe a very small snow flake stencil.

Fabric Mom said...

My first thought is to applique some red pointsetta leaves in red on the green. Or holly berries.

Paula said...

I think the green makes the white and red pop. I agree with the other ladies...once it is done you will love it.
Nice design also.

Sarah said...

Sew jealous of your sew-in - would love to have a groups of ladies to sew and chat with like that...

Regarding the topper, I like the green (but, I like just about any green anyway). The first thought I had was the borders. At first I was going to suggest borders in the fabrics you like to draw attention to those fabrics but then on second look, decided you already had borders. Could you post a pic to see what the borders look like? Of course, the binding choice will make a difference too.

If all else fails, finish the topper to get it off your UFO list and then it will make a great holiday gift :)

Pat said...

I think you have been looking at it too closely, I think the topper is pretty. But...if it really bothers you, maybe you can play around with cutting out a couple of small stars (from paper) and setting them in various places on the green to see if that helps tone down the green for you. IF it does, then you can maybe cut a few small stars out of the center fabric (or out of white.....or gold, even) and stitch them in place on the green areas. I"m not sure that would work, but if you are really trying to hide the green, it might. Please let us know what you decide to do, okay?

Stephanie said...

I agree with Pat, once you get it together it will take a different look!

AnnieO said...

The green is enhanced by the red being its complement on the color wheel, but they are in near equal amounts in your design so I don't see either one as more prominent. Let it ride, sistah!

Four hours of cutting sure sounds like a lot of time spent for one project, but I know how that is :)

Connie said...

I don't think it is too green at all. It is going to look great with your quilting and perfect for Christmas!