Friday, August 12, 2011

sewing lessons . . .

I just realized I never shared my fun crafting day with Jocelyn. And I have pictures and *everything*. . .

Meet Leia. Joc's baby-cat. She's quite beautiful and I'd love to say how sweet and affectionate she is. Alas, I cannot. I can say that she's gotten better with me and I was able to pet *and* pick her up on this visit, without too much ado.

I can also say that I'm terribly glad she's declawed! I think she just gets anxious around lots of strangers. She sure does love Jocelyn and Jason. And she sure is gorgeous!

We got all our craft supplies set out. And Joc pulled up the website with the instructions for her wreath, which is HERE, on the Jones Design Company blog. As an aside, she has tutorials for all kinds of darling wreaths on her blog, if that's something you are into.

I'd given Jocelyn my old (as in nearly 20 years) Kenmore sewing machine. It's still a good machine -- just not the greatest for quilting. Anyway, we had it serviced and it came home to live with her. I pulled it out and gave her a quick tutorial on how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, and thread the bobbin.

She called the metal bobbin case the "bobbin killer". It stuck. I'll never look at that again without thinking, "bobbin killer"!

And just like I thought, she was a natural! This was a great project for her first use of the sewing machine. She sewed strips together using a 1/4" seam, and then sewed a long, running stitch down the entire length of the strips.

Doesn't she look like she's been doing this all her life?!? A natural, I'm telling you!

Leia knew her job; Quality Control Officer. She was watching Joc's foot work that pedal.

And maybe playing with cords. She definitely wanted to be up on the table!

Joc couldn't believe the disparity between her iron and my little travel iron!

You can barely see it in her hand! But it gets nice and hot, and presses seams open very nicely, thank you very much!

After we ruffled up the long strip, Jocelyn wound it around the wreath form, tacking it down occasionally with hot glue.

It's got a real vintage look to it. Fun stuff to play with.

Fun for us, anyway. Leia got bored with the whole process.

"A plastic bag is more interesting than you people crafting!"

We did have a hot glue gun incident . . .

It blistered up fast! Poor finger. And no, she did not want her mom to kiss it and make it better. *sigh*

Evidently the bag got boring, too.

Or it was just time for a catnap. I did bring Leia a cat candy -- my friend Cindy at Patches & Stitches used to give them out with big fabric orders, and I found one when I was organizing my stuff last weekend. It's a simple square of fabric, rolled up and knotted in the middle. Joc reports that it's the best intentional cat toy anyone's ever brought Leia -- she loves it!

And she finished wrapping the wreath form . . .

It really looks cool -- she did a great job! Because we did so much visiting, and because she wasn't sure she cared for the nest she'd purchased for it, she was going to do the adornments later. I can't wait to see it all finished up. She's got good crafting genes!

Monday it will be Kim, Jocelyn and me making candy corn wreaths! I love my crafty girls!


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Kigwit said...

I used to have a kenmore that looked exactly like that your old one. It was so beat up that it sounded like a jalopy driving down the road!

Pat said...

What fun to have a daughter who enjoys the same things you do! Please be sure to show us a photo of the finished wreath, okay?

Love Bears All Things said...

She's doing great and I love that cat...I keep an Aloe plant just for accidents like that. It keeps a burn from blistering.
Mama Bear

Gmama Jane said...

Enjoyed reflecting on your day with Joc.!