Friday, July 20, 2012

swap received and feline flashback . . .

Yesterday's trip to the post office yielded quite the prize!  In our box was a yellow slip . . . that means *package*!  I handed my slip to the postal clerk and tried in vain to see who the packaged was addressed to/from, but she was holding in so I couldn't see!!  Finally she handed it over and it was for ME!  From my July doll swap partner, Viv!
As soon as I got home, I opened up the package.  Another package!  I love unwrapping, so I was having fun.

Isn't this beautiful?  Just downright gorgeous!  Viv wrote me that it's a pattern from Kathleen Tracey's American Doll Quilts book.  
And I don't know if the photo shows it or not, but there's a sweet hint of glimmer in the star fabric. Y'all know how much I like bling!

The back is a fun print, too -- and she did a great job with the stripey binding, too!!

And as if this beautiful quilt wasn't enough (it most certainly was!), Viv also tucked in this charm pack of Moda's Sandhill Plums . . .
Oh my.  I flipped through the squares ... what scrumptious, scrumptious fabric!  Thank you, Viv!

My feline post today is a flashback tribute.  Gwenevere joined our family way back in 1994, as a spry two-year-old. She had been a farm cat ... but as much as she enjoyed being outside, she really preferred being the pampered pet.  If there was a blanket of any type around, Gwenevere claimed it . . . 
Stretched out on the couch.
What do you mean this isn't my bed??
Settling for tree skirt. "This is as close to the great outdoors as I'll get today!"
Gwenevere was full of what I lovingly (usually) refer to as "cattitude".  On the one hand she could be incredibly spicy, but she also could be tremendously loving and she was a dear part of our family.  She passed in January of 2009 . . . it was a sad time . . . but we have lots of fun photos, fond Gwenevere-memories and hilarious stories.  I'm pretty positive this is not the last time she'll make an appearance on Feline Friday!  Speaking of which, I'm linking up to Sarah Did It! and her Feline Friday post!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow ... it's Crafters' Campfire day and I've got a marvelously quilty project/technique to share that's just perfect for the theme!!



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Jean(ie) said...

viv's quilt (which is now yours!) is fabulous! Love the patriotic stars! I know for sure that this will be gracing a side table in the RV. Love it!

Janet O. said...

What a fun little patriotic quilt!
"Cattitude"--perfect word. It really sums up cats. I don't have any in my home, but I grew up with them and well remember who ruled the roost!

Sarah said...

I think this is the first time I have officially met Gwenevere, other than you writing me about her. She was a lovely cat and it's so fun to see her tucked into various sleeping poses, taking over everything. LOL.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

What a darling little quilt and I must grab up some of that Sandhill Plum line. Hubby is from the Sandhills and recalls the plums fondly. I adore your photos of Gwenevere! Our pets bring us such joy and hopefully a smile to our heart as we think back on their adventures.