Saturday, December 22, 2012

what do snowman eat for breakfast?

Ice Krispies, of course!
Bet y'all hoped thought I'd forgotten about the jokes, huh?!  No way!  And let me just say it's finally cold enough here that we could have a snowman -- if we had snow.  It dipped down into the 20's overnight!  I think there were Ice Krispies all over my car's windshield this morning!
Today will be a busy day of final Christmas preparations, baking and wrapping, but I wanted to share a bit more about Thursday night's guild meeting before I got *wrapped* up in my day!  

The Christmas meeting was the very first guild meeting I'd ever attended, four years ago.  I just went by myself, interested in checking it out.  Had I known it was a social meeting, I'd have *never* gone!  And I almost didn't stay -- in fact, I was headed back out the door to the parking lot when one of the guild's hostesses came and got me, took me under her wing, and introduced me around.  What a long time ago that was!

Anyway, Thursday night was a good crowd -- not as good as usual, being so close to the 25th, and with so many folks traveling -- but a good turnout nonetheless.  The dessert table certainly was full!
And lots of chit-chatting before things got started:
Wish I'd thought to take another room shot after it had filled up more!

Only five of the participants brought their gingerbread houses, but they were *so* darling!
Unfortunately, the woman who led the workshop was not there, so I didn't get to ask her about the pattern.  But don't you worry -- this is not over!  I will find out!

After we finished up a very brief business meeting, we got down to the fun!  The board started by singing A Quilter's Twelve Days of Christmas.  I was "two spools of thread" and knowing me, it was hopefully a metallic thread!  After that, the buffet line opened up and folks filled their plates with goodies.  Then we did Christmas show and tell!  There were tons of great works of art shown, but here are a few of my faves . . .
This wreath is my favorite of the night.  I want to make one of these!  The women who made it (there were actually two) said it took about three days.  I hope we can talk her into doing a workshop with it!

Through it all there was also another round of silent auctions going on.  I bid on several things and won a couple:
The two darker prints came with a Nine West bag -- that's six yards of fabric (3 yards each).  The Thimbleberries print is lovely with that 'fall foliage' feel and the other reminds me of Camp MACOBA.
The other two prints came with a quilted jacket pattern (which doesn't really interest me) but I adored the Monet's springtime splash and the blues with purples was another that just called me.  Two yards for two bucks!

I also picked up a yard of this fun print off the 'free to a good home' table . . .
I'll find a way to use it!
I especially was endeared to the little suggestions they provided for usage:
Stash report, smash report, right??!

It was a wonderful evening and I so enjoyed sharing fun and laughter with a darling group of quilting women!


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Lee Prairie Designs said...

What fun...loved the gingerbread houses!!!

Christmas blessings to you and your family.


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh what fun!!! Those gingerbread house are just too adorable! Love that wreath - if you find out how to make it you'll have to share ;-)

Janet O. said...

I, for one, am enjoying your jokes, corny though they may be. : )
Looks like a fun evening--love the gingerbread houses--and they won't go stale!
Have you been taking lessons from Teresa on stash enhancement? *LOL*

Barbara said...

I love that fabric. And the gingerbread houses are so cute. Ice crispies. Bwahahahahahaha!

Barbara F. said...

Looks like a really nice time, and those gingerbread houses are so cute, xo

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a great meeting. I loved each variation on the gingerbread houses and that wreath is fabulous!! Great quilts too.

Merry Christmas.