Friday, January 03, 2014

car time . . .

One of the reasons that I really like quilt-as-you-go projects is because, if I'm hand quilting them, I can pick them up and take them just about anywhere, and quilt to my heart's content.  Today we had a lot of errands to run (with Todd driving) so that afforded me the opportunity to do my '15 minutes' (and then some) in the passenger seat!

Last night I finished this block (which I watched the crushing defeat of my team, bless their hearts) . . .
And marked these two blocks . . .
And I'm aware (and apologize) that you really can't see what I've quilted or marked.  But trust me, it's there.

This morning we got in the car and headed out and about.  I took one of the blocks with me and busily got to work:
I know some folks struggle with working like this in the car (or even reading), but I've been blessed with the ability, so I take advantage of it when I can. And please ignore my cuticles.  I didn't realize how bad they looked until I took this photo!

In the middle of our errand-running, we met a some dear friends for lunch.  We ate at Rosie's, our very favorite Mexican restaurant.
Todd and I get the cheese dip and then split this plate of Nachos Al Carbon (fajita nachos).  Yum!!

From the restaurant, we finished up our errands and I finished up my block:

And then we headed over [Todd's secret plan] to the movie theater to see The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug. For the second time!  Yes -- we do like it *that* much!  We'll probably see it in the theater one more time!

We hit the grocery store on the way home (our last, last, last stop) and then got ourselves tucked in for the evening.  My friend gave me this cool tea infuser . . . 
It's a strawberry! I wanted to give it a try right away, so I pulled out my favorite herbal mint tea.
I love the little pad to cover your cup -- or rest the infuser in when you're done!
Isn't that cute?? Tea in hand, I'm now off to work on the next orange block until bedtime. When it's finished, I'll have only five more blocks to quilt before I'm ready to assemble them!  Whoohoo!!


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Mary said...

Maybe if I tried to Hand quit ever that would be the way to do it. I just want the instant gratification of seeing the whole Quilt Top hanging around waiting for the quilting, LOL Those nachos look good!

Janet O. said...

I'm loving those orange blocks. You make real progress when you travel. I think it bothers my DH when I focus too much on what's in my lap and we can't share discussion about the things he is seeing. He hasn't said so outright, but I get that feeling. : )
Wow--I rarely see a movie in the theater once, though we did enjoy "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with our boys last week. They have gone back and seen it again and now booked flights for Iceland over Spring break, they were that motivated by it.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Those blocks are gorgeous! I am only able to baste EPP while riding in the car ... I can't do anything that requires as much focus as quilting or piecing. But I am thankful that I can at least do the basting ... we're on the road for 13+ hours when we travel ... it's nice to have something to alleviate some of the monotony. ;-)

Those nachos look YUMMY!

Gone Country said...

I'm trying to learn how to hand quilt. I get the concept but am having a hard time getting my stitches even. And the back side... don't even look at how crooked and catywhompus the stitches are, lol!

Nice job on the quilting and making good use of time!

Melissa Bishop said...

As much as I like the first block, the 2nd one is even more stunning. It's so unusual. (To me anyway.)
I am one of those who cannot do anything in the car but look ahead. It earned me a very unflattering nickname growing up which I will not share, but I'm sure you can imagine what happens to a car sick kid.
What a great way to multi task though if you can do it!

Marsha Hodgkins said...

Love the new header; it's YOU! I've never seen a tea infuser like that one; very cool.

Your blocks are fabulous. I love the orange backgrounds; that's a courageous choice but it is SO beautiful.

Happy Days, dear lady.

racheld said...

Just dropping in to admire your art and your gift with the needle, and to wish you and yours a wonderful New Year with all blessings abounding.

Hope you're keeping well and warm, and will not be affected by this enormous storm that's headed our way---Chris has gone out for the "milk and bread"---those old stand-bys grabbed up from the shelves every time a flake fell in Mississippi.

Warm wishes from the Heartland,


Doniene said...

I'm not an orange person - but your blocks are just so lovely! It will be an awesome quilt!! I, too, am blessed with the ability to sew/read or just about anything while riding in a vehicle! I NEVER leave home without something on which to stitch!! The cup of tea looks inviting! Hope you enjoyed to your hearts content!

Teresa in Music City said...

Isn't it such a rewarding feeling to know that you have "stolen" time that would have been wasted to accomplish something wonderful? Looking forward to seeing all your blocks assembled!

Kate said...

Looks like you "found" some of those 15 minutes/day by hand quilting in the car. Love those Orange Crush blocks and looking forward to seeing those in a finished quilt.

Sorry about the outcome of the football game. Our Team (the other school in OK) didn't win either.