Tuesday, April 04, 2017

books galore . . .

I know, I know . . . three posts in three days: what in the world is going on with me?? But I felt so compelled to share those beautiful sunset photos yesterday and then Sarah reminded me that today was Bibliophile File day (and I did just get a new book in the mail), so again, I felt compelled to share! (Don't worry ... I won't make daily posting a habit!)

I've actually picked up three new-to-me hardcover tea books over the past week . . . 
They just looked like fun.  The tea with friends book by Elizabeth Knight is especially darling with a different themed tea idea for each month, including stories, menus, and tea/favor ideas. I can see that one getting a lot of use!

Over the past two months I've done a LOT of kindle reading.  I thought I'd share a couple of new-to-me authors that I've really enjoyed.  The first would have to be Dan Walsh.  Dan is quite the prolific writer and his books span a very diverse range of genres.  I've not read one yet that didn't draw me into the story quite succinctly. His work is well written and very well researched. These two were part of a suspense series . . .
Action-packed and quite thrilling!  Remembering Dresden was historically fascinating, too.  But now I'm reading a more romantic story, which was co-written by Gary Smalley, and is every bit as good . . .
Walsh has also written several books based around war heroes (both WW2 and Vietnam) which were very good. A few of his books are free through Kindle Unlimited right now, too, if you're a member.

The India Tea Series by Janet MacLeod Trotter was also very well written and a good series of stories.
They're not available on Kindle Unlimited, but I think they're all just $1.99 as ebooks.  Worth it! I was not familiar with England's colonization of India and the history of that, so I've really enjoyed this series.  Plus there's a lot about the growing of tea and the history of the tea plantations. Good stuff.

Another series I read through was the The Hidden Springs Mysteries books by A. H. Gabhart.  Funny story.  When I first read one of Dan Walsh stories, it was a "woman's" story (Keeping Christmas) and I was surprised at how well I resonated with the primary character, an empty nesting mom, since it was a male author. The primary character in the Hidden Springs books is a young man, and I was *sure* that A. H. Gabhart was a man, but I was wrong!
These are terrific mystery/whodunnits and I believe Book 1 is available on Kindle Unlimited.

The last piece of fiction I want to share was The Pelican Brides by Beth White.  This was a fantastic piece of historical fiction, recounting some of the very early settling and history of the state of Louisiana. There really was a ship called The Pelican that brought 'brides' over from France, to help *settle* the French-occupied territory. As are all of the above works of fiction, this was a faith-based book and a very enjoyable read.  Oh! And before I forget -- it's a kindle FREEBIE right now; grab it while you can!

Finally, I decided to walk through the season of Lent with this beautifully written devotional by Alicia Britt Chole, 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.  I've really enjoyed these daily devotionals, the insight into the actual church history of the season of Lent, and the opportunities to fast from 'traditions" or "pre-conceived religious notions" that don't exactly fit into the theology of Christ; man-made junk.  Good, good stuff!

So, there you have it!  I'll settle down for the remainder of the week -- but if you're in the market for a good read, here are lots of choices!  Check out what others are reading over at sarah did it!


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Doniene said...

Loved catching up! Sorry you were not well, but you playing with quilts things made me smile!! And those Sunset photos! Absolutely stunning. He is a glorious God!! The books sound soooo fun!! The tea time ones definitely caught me interest!! I need to pick a novel to read. It is something I haven't done in a while!

Blessings and hugs my friend!

Janet O. said...

You have given many options here that are tempting. I guess I need to get myself to the Kindle Store!!
(And I don't mind hearing from you three times in three days!)

Anonymous said...


I just came about finding your blog. Your Blog name is perfect because your blog simply is a joy.

I just started a blog and I would love it if you would stop by and visit.



Kate said...

I'm going have to check out a few of those. The India Tea Series sounds really good.

Needled Mom said...

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I am always in search of a good read.

Kaja said...

I'm always looking for things to read, so thanks for all the recommendations. You can't have too many good books. :-)

sandi s said...

I love reading about the books you've read. I went and bout several the you listed. Thank you. Hugs,

Anonymous said...


Thank you for writing me back. I apologize, I am so new to blogging. What does a no-reply blogger mean?

Thank you and God Bless.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much. I followed the directions to be a reply-blogger. You are wonderful.


Pam Jackson said...

I get in the moods to read, I was in one a couple weeks ago but seem to have fallen away from it again. I love murder mystery's, used to it was Harlequin romance! I love history but I need to look for something new to read. I will check into some of these you listed. Thanks for coming over to the blog for a visit, feel free to come anytime.

Sarah said...

Sicky Sarah finally checking in... Pelican Brides sounds like another book I read but of course I can't think of the title off hand - it was girls brought to Canada for the new settlers. I've added several of your titles to my list of books to look into. Thanks for joining!!