Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And the numbers, please:

Mile completed 18:09 (I *purposely* walked slower today!)
Total distance: 1.87 miles
Time: 35:08
Calories burned: 243
Fat calories burned: 76

All in all, not a bad showing. I was completely depending on God -- oh, from say about the 3rd minute on. My legs hurt so this morning! It's either all in my head (because they feel fine now that I'm sitting), or it's because I walked so late yesterday. I hope I didn't wake the whole house walking. But I gotta walk! :)

It is so easy to read through the Bible--particularly the Old Testament--and sit in condemnation of the people I'm reading about. I have to be so careful not to give in to that temptation. I am the people I'm reading about! When I read about David giving in to the temptation of Bathsheba, it's *me* giving in to whatever fleshly desire reigns strong within me. When David then heaps lie and sinful action on top of lie and more sinful action, that's *me* covering my own guilty tracks. And when God uses Nathan to bring David into repentance, that's God telling *me* that He wants to draw me back into right relationship with Him, if only I'll bow in humility, admit my sin, and ask forgiveness.

Lord, I'm so ashamed of my actions; please forgive me of my arrogance, particularly when it comes to the reading and understanding of Your precious Word. I pray that You will allow me to be strengthened by You through this day. That my countenance will reflect Your love and glory. And that my words and actions will mirror You. Please enable me to focus on You; Your purpose, desire, and leadership. Thank You, Lord. :)



Monday, May 29, 2006

Okay, I give in . . . I felt icky, so I walked. Some. See for yourself:

Mile completed: 16:25 (getting better!)
Distance completed: 1.16 miles (you'll see why next)
Time completed: 20:07 (I just took a quickie walk)
Calories burned: 151
Fat calories burned: 47

Okay, I feel *better*! Tomorrow, I'll get my early start. Especially since I've got to be at work early, and Jocelyn wants us to have our tea party in the morning! It may be time to feed the cats and go to bed!

Thanks, Lord, for not letting me falter.


From everything. I didn't work, didn't walk, and I didn't do much of anything. I had planned to walk with Todd this morning, before he went on shift, but I went to bed with a migraine, and woke up with it worse.

We had Kim and James and Dallas and Jocelyn for Sunday dinner yesterday. It was fun! Both girls helped me in the kitchen. The menfolk all hung out in the living room. It was a fun meal and a happy memory.

I can't believe Jocelyn is heading out again in two days. Good gracious, I am going to miss my girl!

SS went spendidly yesterday! We had two visitors, and I think the girls really enjoyed the lesson. This Sunday is the account of Adam & Eve in the garden, along with the first sin. Lord, I pray that as I study this week's Scripture and lesson plan, You will give me understanding; that You will open my eyes fresh and anew to Your Word. Father, I ask that You impress upon me the information You would have me share with those lovely girls.

And they are just darling.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good gravy!

I missed Thursday, due to travel, so Todd & I had determined that when he got off shift this morning and got home, we'd walk the creation walk. At 7:30 this morning I get a call -- he's stuck on shift working overtime. POOH! I was really looking forward to a creation walk this morning! Then the flesh started creeping in . . . well, it's Saturday, you don't really need to walk. You're allowed to take a break! Egads! So I asked James if he would walk with me -- I didn't think he would, and he didn't disappoint me. :( So, dagnabbit, I put on my treadmill playlist, added a couple of songs to make it 30+ minutes long, and hit the treadmill!

Mile completed at: 16:49 (!!)
Miles walked: 1.86
Time: 34:03
Fat calories burned: 75
Calories consumed: 242

Look at those numbers! Thanks, God -- I *know* I couldn't have done that without Your encouragement!

I'm dripping. Ewwww. I made a determination last night -- I really do believe that perhaps all the aspartame I've been consuming of late is adversely effecting my memory. Splenda for coffee/tea; only Diet Coke and 7 UP, with Splenda, for sodas, and more WATER. I'll try it for a couple of weeks and see if memory starts to improve. If it does, I'll continue in that same vein. If not, I'll do some more research.

I was incredibly irritable yesterday. Most especially with the people (my family) who deserve it the least. Lord, why do I get that way? How can I prevent my irritability from hurting my sweet husband and children?

Today Dallas arrives. Tomorrow is Sunday (YAY!). I need to get cleaning!

Oh what a beautiful (and incredibly hot) morning!



Friday, May 26, 2006

Creation walk, today -- it was a nice morning for a serious walk!

My children are finally home, safe and sound! Hurrah! I missed them so very much. I've got to take advantage of the time I have left with them! :)

There's been a lot of talk about the Da Vinci Code book/movie lately. I finally hit upon the main reason I don't want to read the book or see the movie. If someone were to write a novel about my daughter, son, husband, or any of my family, that painted them in an ugly light, or slandered them, or was derogatory in nature, even if it was the best fiction around, I wouldn't read it. Why would I want to? How can I treat my Lord and Savior any other way? Why would I want to read such averse speculation about my Jesus? I don't, and so I won't. It feels very good to know and understand exactly why I don't want to have anything to do with it. Thanks, Lord.

I've got to go to work today -- I hope I have a pile of stuff to keep me busy, 'cause I know I'm going to want to get home and be with my Jocey!!

C'est la guerre!

Lord, be my strength today, please? I'm so irritable right now; and I'm not sure why. I need to lay it at Your feet and let You take over! Not me, but You. Not me, but You. Not me, but ONLY YOU!



Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today was a treadmill day. It's harder, because it's not nearly as interesting scenery or company, but it is nice to be able to track what I'm doing. Plus, I can play the perfect walking music and count down the songs! Speaking of tracking . . .

Mile completed: 17:15
Miles completed: 1.30
Total time: 24:05
Calories used: 170
Fat calories used: 53

I'm still not quite sure about the significance of the fat calories, but since it's on just about every exercise machine there is, I'm sure it's relevant. And I expended 53 this morning!

God's good -- it's so tempting, when no one is here, and no one would ever know -- to just not walk. But He gently prods me (He doesn't push or force, for which I'm grateful), and I'm obedient, and it feels so good. :)

My babies are on an airplane--right this very moment--flying over the Atlantic Ocean. How I can't wait to hear from them! They left at 1:00 pm (France time) and will arrive in DC at 3:00 pm (EDST),which will be 2:00 pm CDST!! In essence, for me, they will have traveled from France in an hour. Not too shabby! I've missed my darling children sooo much! I can't wait to get them tomorrow! Lord, I pray You will continue to bless their travel; place Your mighty hedge of protection about them as they fly, travel back through customs, pick up luggage, and head back to Severna Park -- and especially as they drive tomorrow, Lord -- I ask special favor for my parents; that You would hold them close; keep them alert and aware as they drive; and deliver them back home safely. Thank You, Jesus!

In my quiet time today, I finished up 1 Samuel. There was an interesting not in the commentary which caught my eye. It noted that Samuel, when spoken to for the first (realized) time by the Lord, responded, "Speak, for Your servant is listening." While Saul, when called by the Lord through Samuel, to be anointed as king, responded, "Who am I that you would speak to my this way?" Samuel was ready to do and be whatever the Lord wanted. Saul put God in a box; he projected his own imitations on the most high God.

When we put God in a box, are we not just as surely putting ourselves in a box? There is *nothing* righteous my God can't do. That being the case, should He so choose to use me, there's nothing I can't do, if I'm fully obedient and rely on God. Therein lies the rub. That fully obedient part gets me every time. It's easy to nod your head and smile and agree, but truthfully, it should break my heart and cause me prostrate myself before my most Holy Lord and beg forgiveness. Thank You Lord, for Your mercy and love.

Mice. I need to tell about mice. Most folks have cats to deal with a mouse problem. We have cats that cause a mouse problem. Good gravy! But I'm late -- mice will have to wait for another time!!

I may not get an opportunity to journal online tomorrow -- we'll leave at 5 am, and probably not get home until after 9 pm. But I'll have my darlings home again!!



Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. . .God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:1-2, 27

By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. Hebrews 11:3

These two sets of Scripture are the basis for our lesson on Sunday. I'm brimming with God-given ideas about how to teach this Scripture to our girls. I pray that the Lord will keep my heart and mind open to His direction!

Todd and I walked again this morning. It was very early -- 5:45 am -- when we started out! But how beautiful! The air is cool and dewy and it smells delicious. There aren't any technology noises; just birds and frogs and hidden things. And the occasional dog! But at that time of day, even the dogs are at a minimum! Only one car passed us. We had a nice walk. Another 1.75 miles in 30 minutes. Go us!

In my quiet time I've been reading about Israel's first king, Saul, and his subsequent demise. I know I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating. Reading the accounts of the early Israelites can be so disheartening -- because instead of learning from their mistakes, I just seem to _repeat_ them. Ugh. It's so easy to lose humility when put in a position of importance. Or given any responsibility. It's nothing to start creating ideas of what *I'll* do, or say, or accomplish; forgetting I'm there to do God's will, certainly not my own. I don't have to come up with anything -- I just need to be about what HE wants to accomplish. Otherwise, I'm just in His way -- a hindrance to His will -- and He will remove His favor, as He did with Saul. OBEDIENCE. HUMILITY.

Hmmmm...I wonder if I can come up with an accrostic for my name that would describe the sort of woman God desires me to be . . .

D edicated to His service
E xalting His holy name
N ever forgetting His sacrifice
I nfused by His Holy Spirit
S ubmitting in humility before Him
E nchanted by His presence

Wow. I'd like to truly be a DENISE -- except I'm having trouble with the N. I'll have to come back to that.

Lord -- I desire to be Your servant today. I pray you will guard me from evil; draw my focus to You; and allow me to be sensitive to Your guidance today. How I love You. Please give me an "N". :)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And He created me. May I be a pleasing image of Him today.



post script: I found an "N" -- a pretty good one, too, if I do say so! Thanks, Lord!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Monday Morning!!

Well, today I said, "Pooh!" to the treadmill. But not to fret -- I walked outside with Todd, instead! We walked just over a mile and a half in 30 minutes. I have no idea what my statistics are, but it felt good! I really do prefer walking in God's creation over walking in Todd's creation (the treadmill is in his study). The sights, sounds, and smells are so much more interesting! The only thing I could do without is the assortment of neighborhood dogs. Grrruff.

Interestingly enough, our SS lesson this week is on creation. Perhaps I will be more aware of God's creation this week -- all aspects of it -- as I study and prepare for the lesson.

I enjoy walking with Todd -- we have some of our best conversations when we are walking together. I wish we did it more frequently. But I can't complain -- I think I'm probably the holdup!

God, I pray that You will give me wisdom and discernment through this day. Enable me to rely on You as my sole source of strength and leadership. Protect me from my own fleshly desires. Enable me to see Your escape when I'm confronted with temptation, so I know in what direction to flee.

I ask that You would continue to allow Your presence to be felt within the traveling quartet. Bless their travel time to Paris and their stay. I know they're probably feeling a little travel tired by this point -- refresh them and lift their spirits. Protect them and keep them safe.

Thank You for being my Lord and King, and yet, You're so personal. You hear me when my requests are their most trivial, in the scheme of things. I love You, Lord.

What a happy day!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a *glorious* day!! I _am_ rejoicing in it!

What a sweet time we had in Sunday School this morning. I can tell that I am going to so enjoy those girls! What darlings! Jennifer did a great job in teaching this morning. I need to be prayed up and prepare to study this week! God -- work through me; speak through me; give me Your holy understanding of the Scriptures we are covering in this week's lesson. Teach me; I want to stay in awe of Your word and Your creation. Use me, Lord, I pray!

Strawberry Delight in pie form is pretty good, too. !!

This is the kid's last night in Switzerland. Tomorrow: Paris!! They fly out of Paris on Wednesday at 1 pm, and arrive in the states at 3 pm. What an amazing thing time is! I do pray for my dad's well-being as they drive to Wytheville. It seems crazy to me to try to do, but who am I?

On to service . . . what a great job the Lord did through Brother Steve in this morning's sermon! I'm really enjoying his "Desperate Households" series. Tonight promises to be great, also -- the Da Vinci Code! Whoohooo!

I didn't have time to cry this morning when they presented the graduates. But James looked so nice in his picture! I have such beautiful children. Wow, God. Wow.

I really need to get Todd out of bed!



Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oh what a beeeyoootiful evening!!!

It's been a nice day. Relatively quiet, once I got home! I headed to the church this morning for the Construct-A-Craft event. Excuse me, the opportunity! No one else showed up for it -- at least they hadn't by 10:30. That's when I left. But there were folks there working on the new children's set. It's looking awesome! I can't wait for the rest of the kids to see it! Anyway, after that, I ran some errands, came home, and worked on James's graduation announcements. Bittersweet moments. My baby, all graduated from high school. Wow. In another two years, Jocelyn will be graduating from college. Ooops, better reign in the time machine!!

I continue to pray for James, Jocelyn, Mom & Dad. Tonight's their last night in Munich, and tomorrow they head to Switzerland! Land of CHOCOLATE! :)

Did I mention that Kim sent me a Mother's Day card, because she knew I wouldn't be able to spend the day with my own children? That was SO sweet! Dallas called today. Just checking in. I like the significant others my children have chosen. God is good.

I'm excited about tomorrow. I wish we had been able to picnic with the girls today, but say law vee. It's a neat series we're getting into. I am anxious to see how the girls respond. Some questions for them:

1) When you read Scripture, should you be reading it to understand what it means to you? Or should you be asking what it means to God?

--How can we apply Scripture to our lives without first understanding what God intended when He had a particular verse written?!

2) Did Jesus have a Bible?

--Not as we know the Bible, but Jesus *did* have God's Word. The Old Testament was His Bible!

3) What was the Old Testament called during Jesus' day?

-- The Law and the Prophets! The Law was the first five books of the Old Testament -- The Pentateuch -- recorded by Moses, and the Prophets refers to the remaining books in the Old Testament.

4) Since Jesus saves us by grace, are we under the Law?

-- Jesus Himself said that He came to fulfill the Law, not to abolish it! He knew that we could never measure up to God's perfect law; and so He became the perfect sacrifice on our behalf. When we submit to Jesus, we submit to God's perfect fulfillment of the Law!

I'm going to make a Strawberry Delight Pie.



Friday, May 19, 2006

This morning's visit to the treadmill will purely completed through God's strength and not my own.

Otherwise I'd have given up after 1:30 minutes. Trust me, flesh was trying to RULE this morning. I am sore every where. Even my neck! But to God be the glory, here are this morning stats:

Mile completed: 17:46 (!!)
Time: 22:07
Miles: 1.17
Calories burned: 152
Fat calories burned: 47

Yeay God! I think, "I can't," and God says, "No, but I can! Think on ME." Thank You, Lord!

While I'm here, God? Do you think You might push me out of the way when it comes to eating habits today? I'm willing and You are definitely able!

James and Jocelyn are in Munich today. How fun! I miss my precious babies. On real player right now is dc Talk's song, Time is Ticking Away. How appropriate. It seems like just yesterday that Jocelyn was the precocious toddler quiping, "She'll be three in March!" And James was my darling little boy, running the length of the daycare center's window to wave goodbye to mommy. How fast it all goes. And if the last twenty years went by that quickly, how in the world am I going to survive the speed with which the next twenty go by?!

Good morning, world!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

{gasp} {huff} {snort} {gasp} Water . . . !

Yes, all of that means I did do my treadmill workout this morning! Look at me, Ma! :) And, I'm happy to record, my times are better than yesterday! And I don't even hurt! Plus, I finished my mile in 18:24, which is a four minute improvement over yesterday!

Time: 20:37
Distance: 1:08
Calories: 140
Fat Calories: 44


I did forget to bring my water bottle up there with me -- that made it a little difficult. But I persevered. I still haven't heard from James or Jocelyn or my folks. I guess I really didn't expect to, still, it makes me miss them all the more. One week from today we'll be picking them up! And the whirlwind continues. I keep looking at the summer and thinking how fast it'll go -- I need to just focus on one day at a time. One day. One focus. the One focus.

Really, I need to go through my day focusing on Jesus, and time will pass just as it should. As He intended it should pass!

I finally understand what we're supposed to be doing as SS leaders. You can't apply Scripture to your life, until you understand what God is saying through His Word. Otherwise, you risk misapplying His Word, and that is so dangerous. So our job is to explain what God is saying through the selected passages -- making sure the girls understand specifically what God means -- so that Derek or James can come along and show them how to take those passages, and apply them to their own lives _correctly_. I'm glad it finally hit me. :)

So, yesterday, Satan missed me on the treadmill, but he got me in the Kroger. And I LET him. That's the rub . . . I can choose to NOT let Satan trip me up. God, I am weak -- but YOU are strong. I said something to Sondra yesterday about starting again -- but I think I'll just be about it for a while before I speak about it to anyone else. Just one day at a time and One focus a day.

{insert poignant thought here}


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let everything that has breath PRAISE HIM!

And I just got off the treadmill, so I have _just_ enough breath to do just that!! :)

I'm tired of the online/notebook journaling debate. I've been so wishy-washy about it, that I've not done either. At the beginning of this year, the Lord was very specific with me. Very plainly He told me that if I would be faithful to journal, He would be faithful to working through my weight/dieting issues with me. I knew that, as simple as it sounded, this would not be an easy task -- all one has to do is look at my bookshelves of jounals (that don't have more than one-third of the pages written in) or look at the dates (and the huge gaps of dates) in my online journal, to know that I'm not a consistent journaler! I've tried and failed and tried and failed. What I now need to recognize it that it's not the failing that's important -- what's important is that I continue to try.

So. Here I am.

I did get on the treadmill this morning. That's another thing He's been dealing with me about. For, oh, about four years. No time like the present! I started and my left knee was really paining me, as was the arch in my right foot. I think that's Satan's way of seeing how serious I really am about being obedient. Nothing hurt when I finished. I walked for 22:35 minutes, completed 1.02 miles, and burned 41 fat calories and 133 regular calories! Shoot, I had a yogurt, mini-bagel, and coffee for breakfast this morning. The way I figure it, I burned all the yogurt calories, and all the fat calories from my bagel! :) I can spin, don'tcha know!

It was a little sad to see it take so long to complete a mile. I was just going to walk for 20 minutes, but it was so close to a mile, I just had to continue.

The only thing I really dislike about walking (or exercising at all) is sweating. I sweat bad! Yuck. On a positive note, though, I figure that the cooling down time will be a good time to sit here and journal!

Diet. What a word. It's so confusing. Which one? How long? What should my priorities be? What diet is really the best for my health and well-being? Argh!!!

God? What say You? You know my body better than anyone could -- including (especially) me! Lord, I lay it in Your capable hands.

I feel thinner already.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

That is an incredibly thought-provoking verse -- Judges 21:25. It was the last thing I read in my quiet time this morning, and I've thought about it off and on all day.

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes . . . sounds a lot like the general attitude of the day.

I'm guilty of it myself. There's nothing like reading God's word to bring about conviction. Oh Lord, I'm so grateful You draw me back out of the snare of sin; You forgive and restore, when forgiveness and restoration are desired.

In these days there's no God in America; everyone does what's right in his own eyes.

Watch out, America.