Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a *glorious* day!! I _am_ rejoicing in it!

What a sweet time we had in Sunday School this morning. I can tell that I am going to so enjoy those girls! What darlings! Jennifer did a great job in teaching this morning. I need to be prayed up and prepare to study this week! God -- work through me; speak through me; give me Your holy understanding of the Scriptures we are covering in this week's lesson. Teach me; I want to stay in awe of Your word and Your creation. Use me, Lord, I pray!

Strawberry Delight in pie form is pretty good, too. !!

This is the kid's last night in Switzerland. Tomorrow: Paris!! They fly out of Paris on Wednesday at 1 pm, and arrive in the states at 3 pm. What an amazing thing time is! I do pray for my dad's well-being as they drive to Wytheville. It seems crazy to me to try to do, but who am I?

On to service . . . what a great job the Lord did through Brother Steve in this morning's sermon! I'm really enjoying his "Desperate Households" series. Tonight promises to be great, also -- the Da Vinci Code! Whoohooo!

I didn't have time to cry this morning when they presented the graduates. But James looked so nice in his picture! I have such beautiful children. Wow, God. Wow.

I really need to get Todd out of bed!



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