Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today was a treadmill day. It's harder, because it's not nearly as interesting scenery or company, but it is nice to be able to track what I'm doing. Plus, I can play the perfect walking music and count down the songs! Speaking of tracking . . .

Mile completed: 17:15
Miles completed: 1.30
Total time: 24:05
Calories used: 170
Fat calories used: 53

I'm still not quite sure about the significance of the fat calories, but since it's on just about every exercise machine there is, I'm sure it's relevant. And I expended 53 this morning!

God's good -- it's so tempting, when no one is here, and no one would ever know -- to just not walk. But He gently prods me (He doesn't push or force, for which I'm grateful), and I'm obedient, and it feels so good. :)

My babies are on an airplane--right this very moment--flying over the Atlantic Ocean. How I can't wait to hear from them! They left at 1:00 pm (France time) and will arrive in DC at 3:00 pm (EDST),which will be 2:00 pm CDST!! In essence, for me, they will have traveled from France in an hour. Not too shabby! I've missed my darling children sooo much! I can't wait to get them tomorrow! Lord, I pray You will continue to bless their travel; place Your mighty hedge of protection about them as they fly, travel back through customs, pick up luggage, and head back to Severna Park -- and especially as they drive tomorrow, Lord -- I ask special favor for my parents; that You would hold them close; keep them alert and aware as they drive; and deliver them back home safely. Thank You, Jesus!

In my quiet time today, I finished up 1 Samuel. There was an interesting not in the commentary which caught my eye. It noted that Samuel, when spoken to for the first (realized) time by the Lord, responded, "Speak, for Your servant is listening." While Saul, when called by the Lord through Samuel, to be anointed as king, responded, "Who am I that you would speak to my this way?" Samuel was ready to do and be whatever the Lord wanted. Saul put God in a box; he projected his own imitations on the most high God.

When we put God in a box, are we not just as surely putting ourselves in a box? There is *nothing* righteous my God can't do. That being the case, should He so choose to use me, there's nothing I can't do, if I'm fully obedient and rely on God. Therein lies the rub. That fully obedient part gets me every time. It's easy to nod your head and smile and agree, but truthfully, it should break my heart and cause me prostrate myself before my most Holy Lord and beg forgiveness. Thank You Lord, for Your mercy and love.

Mice. I need to tell about mice. Most folks have cats to deal with a mouse problem. We have cats that cause a mouse problem. Good gravy! But I'm late -- mice will have to wait for another time!!

I may not get an opportunity to journal online tomorrow -- we'll leave at 5 am, and probably not get home until after 9 pm. But I'll have my darlings home again!!



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