Wednesday, August 26, 2015

end-of-the-month catching up . . .

My 'posts per month' average is leaving a little to be desired. Ugh.  There's really so much I want to say and share and show . . . but once again, the whole hours in a day thing is a driving force of opposition!

Thought I'd pop in a share a couple of fun things I've been working on (or worked on, as the case may actually be) . . .
Another baby bonnet, this one for Miss Everley Jade. Look at that sweet, winsome face.  She's such a baby doll!
It served her well in South Dakota -- our Mt. Rushmore day was bright and sunny, but baby girl had her bonnet on.

I was lucky to get in on a 'hexie birthday club' and have spent the last couple of weeks powering through those, so they're all finished . . . 
It was fun to put together the different requests for all the gals.  There was such a wide variety of fabrics!
It'll be fun to see what comes to me in October -- I asked for scrappy blue/purple/teal.  Another couple of months and I'll have them!  Then it will be a matter of what to DO with them!

Sawyer has started kindergarten . . .
I can hardly believe how grown-up he's become . . . it's so bittersweet!
This shot of the three Panter kids helped.  LOL!  They're such a fun crew and I love spending time with them! In fact, I did just that last night (which is when the above was taken).  They've added to their family since the last time I posted . . .
This is Sebastian!  Isn't he darling?  He's a rescue and a real snuggle-love -- but he's also very much a kitten and loves to play! I admit I got him a little riled up last night, playing with string.  Uh, hence the scratch across my chin.  *grin*  He reminds me very much of my dear Gwenevere.  :)

Ellie Pearl also had a big first day . . . 
Of pre-school!!  She's loving it!

And now thoughts are turning to fall and tea . . .
Well, *my* thoughts are turning there.  There and Christmas . . .
Thanks to one of my sisters, I am so enjoying this Holiday Grand Plan site! So much so, I put together my own Christmas planning notebook--all the printables (including some really cute cover options) are on the website!  It kicks off next week . . . a very well-thought out and organized plan to tackling the upcoming holidays (fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas). I felt like with my work schedule, I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do, and finish the things I wanted to make sure I finished, without a little strategic guidance!

So . . . that's where I am.  I can hardly believe August ends next week.  2015 is just cruising merrily along!

**Edited to add that I've linked up with the Feline Friday post over at Sarah Did It!**


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 bible study expo . . .

I have such a heart for Women's Ministry . . . I love spending time with like-minded women in God's Word!  And I especially enjoy spending time in Bible study with a group of women.  But sometimes the biggest problem I have is trying to decide which study fits the style of group I've gotten together, or fits the times or our needs.

Know what I mean??

That's why I'm so looking forward to the 2015 Bible Study Expo!!
I've been involved with this for several years . . . and each year it gets better and better!  It's a great way to 'meet' authors, hear about their books, and interact with like-minded women in the process, via facebook and twitter!  I'll be hostessing on Facebook and Twitter, too!  :)
This year Marnie Swedburg has a FABULOUS lineup of authors, including Liz Curtis Higgs, who will be speaking about her new book, It's Good to be Queen, in the kickoff spot at 1:00 p.m. (central time).  Also speaking will be Pam Farrell, Sara Hagerty, Mindy Ferguson, and Kathy Howard, to name just a few!
Tomorrow's the day -- the cost is free -- and you can click HERE to signup for fabulous prizes, to boot!  So what are you waiting for??