Wednesday, September 25, 2019

doing life . . .

I feel like my stitching has slowed down a little.  Okay, okay, I *know* it's slowed down!  The Nook is a total mess right now, and I have no desire to do anything about it.  I do have handwork on hand ... the big hexie project is still in the works and I'm still working on the Hospital Sketches BOM in wool and some fall monogram work for the girls!

I had a couple of my stitching buddies over one day and we watching movies, drank tea and did handwork.  That was so fun--so fun I forgot to snap any pics! Todd went fishing that day! ;)

I also went through my quilting books and patterns and weeded out a significant number of both.  I gifted 'weeds' to pals who wanted them and put the rest on the "free to a good home" table at guild. I feel lighter now!  I also made a spreadsheet of the books I had, to make it easier to find them (and so I didn't purchase duplicates...again)!

Spent an afternoon at Scott's Orchard picking apples with Joc and the girls: 
We had such a fun time! I got sweet potatoes (right?!), apples, apple cider (which is YUMMY and contains nothing but apples and if you freeze for 90 minutes, makes a great slushy) and apple cider vinegar.  
Jackpot, right?

And look at this . . .
My Liv lost her first tooth!  Such a sweet girl...I miss her--all of them--so much!

Also big in my world right now is diet.  Not a "diet" so much as elimination.  My autoimmune meds quit working and the next step was a (self-injecting) drug that I'm afraid to try.  So I decided to do at least thirty days of AIP (autoimmune protocol), which I started Monday.  I did some prep work over the weekend . . . I made applesauce from scratch, "nomato" sauce, bone broth (can I tell you how much I love my Instant Pot?!) and riced a lot of cauliflower. Most of those things I got pics of . . . 

And we're off to a good start with meals (which I also grabbed photos of) . . .
Orange Beef with Broccoli over Riced Cauliflower--it was yummy!
Lasagna Casserole--to which the nomato sauce was put to good use, along with zucchini noodles--it was also (surprisingly) yummy!

So AIP is where my focus is ... especially since Todd volunteered to do it with me. Wow! It takes a little more planning . . .

And to wrap it all up . . . it's finally autumn (both on the calendar and meteorological), so Happy Fall, Y'all!
We like to celebrate Fall in theory here in the South.
Sweaters, autumn colors, pumpkins, spiced lattes and teas, colored leaves and all the works.  Even though temps are still in the 90's.  Ah well.  


Thursday, September 12, 2019

pluggin' along . . .

I've tried, I've tried, I've tried.  And for the most part, I've been successful.  I've continued to work towards at least 15 minutes of something stitching/quilting/crafting related.  Between work and church and the camp and family, there have been a couple of days where I've slacked. Ah well.  I'll keep plugging away! :)

You'll notice the Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop button on my sidebar!  I'm participating in the hop--I'm SO excited!  
My day will be October 10th ... if you know me well, you might understand why that day is significant for me.  There will probably (definitely) be a giveaway involved! Stay tuned!

We celebrated Labor Day weekend in high style. Todd and I took the boat out on Friday and fished our way up and down the river. On Saturday and Sunday, we put the 'labor' into Labor Day weekend and worked on finishing up the remodeling on our church's new building (Saturday) and then moved into said building (Sunday) after our morning services.  Whew!  On Monday, we celebrated by taking the family out on the lake for sun and swimming and a picnic lunch.
What a fun afternoon!  Heading back, Gilligan shanghaied the Skipper's seat (or his lap, rather) and demonstrated she's the cutest first mate ever!

I've continued to work on the Hospital Sketches BOM in wool . . .
I've traced onto freezer paper all the pieces of the eight blocks that have been introduced to date, and prepped block for half of those. I'm really enjoying working on these!

We celebrated Evey Jade's FIFTH birthday earlier this month . . . 
I can't believe this beautiful, charming and precocious little sprite of a girl is already five years old!  She celebrated her actual birth date in style with her favorite Disney character . . .
PIGLET!  Please note that her piglet was also in tow (because he goes EVERYWHERE Evey goes).  Yep, they're in Disney World, living the dream! She had her birthday breakfast with Piglet and later told me it was the best time, EVER!!!!  Live it up, sweet girl!

I also got a fun happy in the mail this past week . . . 
Yay!  I participated in Mary (Quiltin' Grandma's Designs) blog-o-versary early in August, and my name got selected for this treasure!  Mary is a very talented and prolific quilter.  You should give her blog a visit!

Finally, I took some time yesterday and pulled all the summer (and--shhhhhh!--a Valentine's thing and a snowman that still hadn't gotten put away) decor and put out some autumn things.  
I'm really pleased that this was all just things I'd made ... I didn't pull out any of my purchased squirrels or pumpkins.  Just quilted mug rugs, table toppers and wool. 

Since I handled, between putting away and putting out, all these crafted projects, does that count towards my fifteen daily minutes?!?