Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm still very intrigued by the relationship of the Trinity, One to Another. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Unity in its most perfect form. What an example to the fellowship of Believers . . . working together in perfect harmony.

Another nice walk this morning, and an even better time of prayer and praise. I can't think of a better time to walk than when I'm fellowshipping with my Lord. He is the *best* walking companion!

I had such fun in my applique class last night, although I still believe the way I was taught is a lot easier than trying to fold that mess under with a needle every step of the way! Except for stems -- those now make sense! A lot of discussion about bias last night. Good thing I know how to figure out where the bias is on a piece of fabric! Anyway, it was a fun time.

Jennifer got a new cat for the shop -- his name is Cash. I wonder if it was supposed to be "Johnny Cash," and they shortened it to Cash? He's Kitty Cash to me. :)

Tonight I am actually going to have dinner with my husband! How great is that? I don't think we've actually eaten dinner together since last Wednesday. Only tonight, I don't have to run off to a meeting!

This is the day that the Lord has made!! I will *rejoice* and be glad in it!!

Oh my soul!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey -- before you jump on me, know that I *have* been journaling -- just not online. It doesn't matter where I journal, just that I *do* journal!

I had a nice walk this morning. Not too brisk; I wanted to be able to close my eyes in prayer when I needed to. What a sweet time of prayer. God, I'm so grateful to You. Praise You for Your perfect goodness.

Car wrecks, car vandalism, relationship break-ups, ministry opportunities, retreat planning; all that in the midst of regular life. Thank God I've got my Jesus to lean on. Thank You God.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Perfect unity. Jesus prayed that His disciples would experience that same unity and oneness. This is central to Christian fellowship. Unity. Of course, it can't be perfect this side of Heaven, but it can certainly be improved!

Rest beyond the river.

My God is so good.