Saturday, September 23, 2017

♫♪ i'm baaaa-aaaaack! ♪♫

I had a lovely time with the Panter crew in Irvine . . . lots of hugs and snuggles and kisses and laughter and good times. I hated getting on the plane, on the one hand, and leaving that precious family behind, but on the other hand, it felt good to be home and to sleep in my own bed and be surrounded by my Merkel girls and my sweet husband. Conundrum.
I'll share more about my visit, complete with pics, later.  For now, I really want to share whats going through my brain on the hexie train!

This past Thursday night was guild. I'm on the board again this year, in a rather innocuous position. My monthly job is to produce an article for the newsletter, relating to A Quilter's Journey.  I may share more on that later, too. Really what I want to share now was a little about our national speaker, who was Catherine Redford. She was a lot of fun and her lecture, Lessons Learned While Quilting, made me laugh. Her quilting style is quite a bit different from mine, but I enjoyed it and certainly appreciated her incredible talent!  

That being said, as she shared pics of her incredible quilts, I was very appreciative. Like I said, the lady has God-given talent!  But when *this* quilt appeared on the screen . . .
I sat up and took notice!!  (Sorry for the poor quality.  Lights were off! There's a better, albeit smaller, picture of this quilt on her site under the gallery.)

In fact, I couldn't get this quilt off my mind and had to pull up EQ to make up my own version . . .
Of course, my version is purple.

And bigger.  And has more hexies.  Two hundred thirty-two hexies, as a matter of fact.

I wanted my hexie flowers (and parts of flowers) to be BIG. So at first draw, I did 3" hexies and colored away. Then I looked at the overall size of the quilt: 158" X 179".  Holy guacamole!  Nice thing about EQ is that with a few simple keystrokes I could change the size of my hexies to 2" and change the overall quilt size to a more manageable 105" X 120".  Still a HUGE quilt, but wow, what a quilt! I'll be basting for a loooong time. But I've put the papers and the acrylic template on my birthday wish list!  ;)

I'm handstitching on a project I really can't share . . . I'm making my second (those little orangish hexies from my last post).  One was a birthday gift, the current one is for a swap.  Post-swap I'll try to remember to share a pic!  I'm also planning on getting into some wool later this after noon.  Pics to follow.

We spent the morning at Ellie's soccer game.  HOT!  But a lot of fun . . . they are so cute out there on the field, like little bumblebees!
Plus, I got to cheer with this sweet little gal . . .
Happy day!

Linking up with sarah did it! and her HeLP linky party.  Have a great rest of the weekend . . . Happy Fall, Y'all . . . and Roll Tide!!!