Friday, January 31, 2014

busy, busy, naptime . . .

I picked Sawyer up last night for a sleepover. It was supposed to be a Sawyer *and* Ellie sleepover ... and Todd was supposed to be out of town (his conference got cancelled because of the weather) ... but things happen and so Sawyer and I rolled with it!  Kim said he woke up yesterday morning asking if I was there yet, and then asked if it was time a thousand times throughout the day!!  What's so funny is that we hadn't gone 500 feet in the car and he told me how much he missed his mommy and daddy, and he need to go home because they were missing him too much.  Silly boy!  Gotta love him!  :)

Anyway, I picked him up yesterday afternoon and first things first, had him try on his scarf.  He was so excited!!  I'm pretty impressed he wore it with no issues!!
We went to have dinner, the two of us, at a relatively new restaurant called "Supper Heroes".  Sawyer went in his Buzz Lightyear costume!  Sawyer thought the place was great and loved all the cartoon super heroes on the walls and tables. But what really made an impact on him was our next stop for dessert . . .
KaleidoScoops! Sawyer picked out an ice cream that was as yellow as his scarf, and fittingly called "Playdough".  I went for the classic Rocky Road, myself. 
The boy power ate his way through that cone -- he mastered it like a boss! Very few drips and not a sprinkle to be found on the table!

Would you believe that after a quesadilla, french fries and ice cream cone, he still managed to eat an entire bowl of popcorn all by himself?
And thoroughly enjoyed his first viewing of Snow White.  He was very captivated by Dopey (and Dopey's ears).

Today our plans involved taking advantage of the warming trend and sunny day and head outside.  First we headed up to the field to see if the cows were out. Nope.  Then we scouted for deer.  Not the first one.  So then we headed to the pond, with bread in hand, hoping to feed the fish . . .
Ummmm . . . on frozen pond!  
Both ponds were solid ice ... so we settled for throwing rocks and laughing because they stayed on the top!
Sawyer wanted to check out the ice a little more closely, so we headed down to the shallow end of the pond.
It was pretty solid!  I was tentative about putting my weight on it, but we were both able to stand there! Sawyer was a bit braver than I was and wanted to go "ice skating" in the middle, and tried his very best to drag me out there . . . 
But I know better than that and we stayed right there at the shoreline!
Down at the lower pond, where it overflows into the stream, we found some running water to jump in -- an activity always good for the little boy's soul.  :)

So we'd seen no cows, no deer and no fish . . . and Sawyer could ice skate in the middle of the pond.  On a hunch, we rode the golf out of the camp to our neighbors' property.  They also keep cows and sometimes they're close to the road.  We were in luck!  Not only were the close, they were REALLY close!
Susan even had an apple so Sawyer could feed Scarlet . . .
Scarlet was very happy to have an apple!  You forget how big cows are until you're standing up there next to them. Big ol' bulky things!!
There were a couple of relatively young calves out there too, but they're shy and wouldn't come say hi to us!
I think I wore him out sufficiently.  We came home, had a bite to eat, and he *asked* to take a nap!  LOL! I can't say as I blame him -- I was tempted to crawl under the covers with him!

When he gets up, we'll head back to his mommy and daddy's house ... tonight's the night of the big gender reveal party!!!  Ties or tutus?!  I wish I had a clue -- anyone want to take a guess??!!  Sawyer's definitely hoping for a brother!

And since it *is* Feline Friday, Leia wanted to pop her fluffy self in the post today and share how much she enjoyed the finished My Orange Crush . . . 
Actually, she didn't enjoy it and we had to PUT her on it and hold her there. Which probably explains her expression. Stinker. If only I'd been working on it or something. Linking up to sarah did it!

TGIF -- enjoy the weekend!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

mid-week musings . . .

What *CRAZY* weather we've been having!!  It was six degrees here this morning.  Saturday it's supposed to hit sixty.  Who can function with swings like that?!?

We got a bit of snow here yesterday.  I had an Ellie day, and here's what we saw at that end of the county:
Really, nothing to speak of.  It was dry and powdery snow and the wind just blew it hither and yon. Todd and I live in the northern end of the county, and we got a little bit more ... enough that it's still around this morning:
And then there's Sawyer, who got to enjoy the snow day thoroughly . . .
A true snow angel!

I finished up my second crochet project just in time for the bitter cold . . .
It's a cowled scarf.  It double-wraps around my neck very nicely and I got several compliments when I wore it out and about yesterday!  It's not perfect, but I love, love the colors -- it's blue with hints of purple, turquoise and green.  My favorites!
Ellie was willing to model it for me, but she really didn't care to wear it beyond the picture. Isn't she cute? Like a little Babushka doll!
June, on the other hand, fell in love with it before it was even finished!  (If you look to the top, you'll see me, holding the ball of yarn it's still attached to!) Sweet little girl -- she thought she was the stuff and was a little put out with me when it was time to take it back!

Sawyer informed me that *he* needed a scarf made by Neesey, so I readily agreed.  I asked him what color he'd like and he said . . .
Yellow!  I'll probably have this finished just in time for our summer-like Saturday. LOL!

I also finished up my CQ Heart . . .
I'm really pleased with how this turned out!  I probably didn't do as much embroidery seam treatment as I should have, but I think with the beading and other embellishments, it's good enough.  
Since it was a standalone piece, I did include the traditional spider and web, down at the bottom, but I tried to work them so they blended and weren't "obvious".
I think my favorite addition is the sparkly cross with John 3:16 embroidered underneath it. 
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
That's the ultimate love, right there--the very best! When I'd finished I told Todd that Crazy Heart was my Valentine to him. He laughed and corrected me, "No, that's your Valentine to YOU!"  Haha!  He's right.  ;)

Today the snowflake project calls -- I need to finish piecing it so I can decide what to do with it next!!

Stay warm - stay safe - be content!


Monday, January 27, 2014

design wall blitz and a winner . . .

Now that the urgency of finishing My Orange Crush has been satiated, all the poor projects that had suffered from lack of attention (due to my single-minded focus) can come back out and play.  For example, this would be a truly perfect week to work on my hexie-snowflake (considering temps are to dip into the single digits again this week):
And to play again (errr, for the first time) with my Little Boy's Breeches from the Grandmother's Choice blocks:
Plus I've added the CQ Valentine heart (which I did nothing with yesterday, because we started a new church assignment which I'm very excited about and were gone pretty much all day):

*OR* . . . I *could* get out the pineapple UFO (a BOM from....2007?!?) and start working feverishly on it.  Here's the finished sample front and back . . .
I have all the blocks completed and all the applique done (I did the center block in applique and embroidered the corner pineapple blocks) ... it's a matter of setting that huge center applique on point, and then assembling all the pieces of the quilt together. Hmmm . . . maybe before the end of February?!? Bahaha!!!

I'm also on the lookout for a pattern (or encouragement to create my own) that's somewhat similar to the one pictured on the sweet little dress here, from Well Dressed Wolf:
Kim would like an Easter dress for June with a similar motif on it.  Isn't it darling? Looks like it's time to put pencil to paper! I'm thinking this would be gorgeous with a sun filled with single strand French knots!  Any thoughts?

Linking up to the Design Wall Monday post over at Patchwork Times!

OH!  And before I forget, generated the winning number for the traveling stash box. Congrats to Doniene from Now it's just quilts!!!  I hope to get this out the door TODAY!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

another chance for traveling stash . . .

Yup, I've got a second box (or rather, Box #1) of Traveling Stash . . . and I had a *great* stash report this week, too:
Getting My Orange Crush finished was a huge help ... plus I put in a little more than I took out of the first traveling stash box.  Linking up to the stash report at Patchwork Times!  :)

I'm sure you can guess where the majority of my 'fifteen minutes' were spent this week, too!
Yup,  MOC dominated both my reports!  What's the Valentine project, you ask?
It's a little CQ project I found online HERE and modified for my own use.  I didn't like the picture they used in the Vintage Vogue project, so I found one I liked better.  I'll use this afternoon to do some Slow Sunday Stitching, and once the fabric heart is in place, embroider my embellishments on!  Hop over to Kathy's Quilts to see other Sunday creations!

Okay, okay, on to the traveling stash!  This box was huge and was filled with tons of goodies . . . 
Lots of pretty fabrics, and some with decent yardage, too.  Fun patterns and bag full of assorted notions. Some nice spools of thread.  And I thought this was rather fitting for the day:
For anyone who needs a project for Slow Sunday Stitching, right?
And I loved this Thimbleberry's kit -- isn't that cute??

I pulled a modest handful of prints . . .
And again, if you want to see what I'm putting in the box, you'll have to win the right!!  I'd like to expedite getting this box on the road, so I'll leave it open through midnight, pacific time, today.  No hoops -- just tell me in your comment you'd enjoy having it come your way. Before you do, note: you must be an active blogger, you must be in the U.S. (it's got to be shipped priority), and you must be willing to abide by the rest of the rules and guidelines found HERE.

Good luck and happy Sunday!!


Friday, January 24, 2014

two winners and a tribute . . .

The first would be Nann of With Strings Attached.  She had responded to my question about taking on a new skill with:
I'd love to be in the contest! New skill? Our guild's next workshop is with a local shop owner who is a certified Square in a Square instructor. For years I thought the SIS ruler was more work than it was worth, but this instructor did a trunk show for the guild a couple of months ago. Wow! Great design ideas. So the SIS ruler will be my next new skill.
And the number generator at picked her!  Congratulations, Nann!  I'll be sending the Traveling Stash Box #5 her way, as soon as I hear back from her. And hey, if you're sad because you didn't win it? Lookie, lookie . . .
Yup.  I also won Traveling Stash Box #1!  I'll be posting the delightful contents of this big ol' box tomorrow with another chance for someone lucky!!

The second winner?  That would be . . .
ME!  Yay!!  I finally put in the last stitch and ran it through the washer!  I have to share, though, this poor needle.  I'd used it for assembling the blocks into rows, the rows into blocks, and stitching down the binding. But it just couldn't handle the pressure of the last 18 inches . . .
It *snapped* in half by my *fingers*!!!  CRAZY!  But I finished my sweet My Orange Crush, and Todd and I have even snuggled under it already . . . 
*Happy finished quilt sigh!*

I have three younger sisters and though we're spread out from Texas to Alabama to Virginia to New Jersey, we are very close and I count them as my dearest friends.  The four of us keep an ongoing text conversation going and I love that one (or all) of them is always just an iMessage away!

Of course, when one of us hurts, all of us hurt ... and so this Feline Friday is a tribute to Malachi, the sweet fur-baby of my beautiful sister Cynthia.  Malachi passed away this week leaving a definite empty spot.
He was a handsome, dapper fella in his mustache and tuxedo.
Her snuggle buddy.
I love that Malachi had a perpetually surprised look on his sweet face!  He reminds me so much of my own Gwenevere in this shot:
He was a good, loving and sweet cat who will be much missed.
Rest in peace, sweet Malachi!