Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I sometimes wonder why I bother making "stand firm" statements here -- I have such a struggle living up to them!

The study in Daniel is going incredibly well. I love Bible history, so a lot of the historical significance is not new to me. The spiritual implications and insights, however, are bowling me over!

I could so very easily be a Babylonian. (In the context of the study, I mean.) I really struggle with materialistic wants and images. How do I reconcile wanting my home to look nice and be pleasant, and not wanting things? Or, even worse, wanting (cough, cough -- coveting) what my neighbor has? STRUGGLE! The appearance part (self-appearance) could be more of an issue, but sometimes I'm so discouraged about my weigh (and total lack of control there), that it's easier NOT to worry about my appearance! Talk about convoluted.

We're well into the week 5 study. I love that God uses these studies to reveal areas I haven't given over to Him, and to draw me nearer and nearer to Him. How lucky am I that He loves me so?

Blessed. Indeed.