Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This has been a rather pain-free day! I'm so blessed!!!! God, You are so very good and faithful to me, even when I don't deserve it!

There were some rough moments. In the Taco Bell line was tough. Smelling James's food was hard. Walking into Winn Dixie to get cat food/litter wasn't pleasant (the bakery smells, the deli smells . . . ). But I got through it. This is the hump day, and I'm almost to bed, so I'm on the down hill slide now!

BUT . . . when I start getting comfortable is when Satan attacks. I have to keep in mind that it's not been me, but God who has made these past three days possible. Nothing, absolutely _*nothing*_ is me. I'm in awe of it, because I would never have believed it possible! But I CAN do all things through Christ which strengthens me! I'm hungry right now; I think I'll go ahead and get some soup and some milkie-milk.

Today was a fun day out on the farm. Tomorrow will be a LONG day. But it's all good!

I helped Michele get things together for Sunday and the Russia meeting. I think it will be good! I'm enjoying working with her. My roommate for Moscow will be Sherri Tate! I'm so excited! We will have a good time, I think. :)

Taste and see that the Lord is good. God is so good, He's so good to me. :) I love you Lord.

No matter the storms, the trials, whatever I face; You are my all. PRAISE YOU!

And so begins day three of the liquid fast.

It's been a lot easier than I expected it to be. My desire for real food has been sporadic and quirky -- like wanting popcorn really badly! Strange, no? YES! Anyway, I just truly believe that Valerie has been all over this with prayer. She's such a tremendous prayer warrior! The only real problems I've experienced were a *terrible* headache on Tuesday morning (and really, it started Monday evening and woke me up off and on throughout the night) which was finally cured with an Excedrin migraine (which I didn't want to take until the morning), and some very troubling acid reflux. The acid reflux only hits when my stomach is empty, or when I fill it with tomato soup! Go figure! :) I think I'll call Dr. Englert's office today and see if I can get him to write a script for me that Todd can pick up tomorrow morning. That would be very nice. Of course, by the time it gets filled and starts working -- in about two days -- I'll be finished with the fast! But if I'm going to be eating smaller, it's a good idea to have anyway. The over-the-counter pills do well with heartburn, but they don't fair too well against the acid reflux, when my stomach is empty.

Taste and see that the Lord is good! That verse keeps running through my mind. Praise God, He is *so* very good! I _do_ delight in Him. I enjoyed Monday's working -- it allowed me to see His creation and appreciate it and all He's done -- doing -- for me! God is *so* good! How I love my Lord.

I pitched a fit Monday night. How sad. They finally brought in the trailer for the lot across the street. I was truly unChrist-like in my response. My flesh is still so weak. I had to confess and repent of my poor attitude and ask for a clean heart and a love for those moving in. Now I'm fine. God is so quick to give us what we ask for, when we ask for the right things!! Praise Him!

Today I'm off to the farm, and then to the church to help Michelle with Russia stuff. Whoohoo! Should be a fun day. I'm also gonna purchase my mums and pumpkins for the porch. That will be fun, too! Let God be glorified in all I say and do and think today! To Him be the glory, great things He is doing!!