Saturday, January 07, 2017

a birthday and busyness . . .

Todd and I rang in the New Year sick and have pretty much stayed that way the entire first week of 2017.  BLAH! Oh, you know ... not seriously ill, just icky.  I made it to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (my worst day was Monday), and Todd was about two days behind me.  I'll be glad when we're BOTH feeling better!

Our last day at Wears was sweet and I took selfies with all my gals and a few of the fellows . . .
And they did a presentation at the end of the service and gifted us with roses. 
Aren't they just beautiful? I will sure miss that sweet church family.

Ellie celebrated her 5th birthday a little early.  We went over there for a birthday dinner, cake and presents.  She elected to wear her "Cinderella" dress . . .
She's so precious! She wanted a pink cake with flowers . . .
Huntsville has a new bakery (Edgar's) and I'd say they did a marvelous job! Evey was also very excited about the cake . . .
I've never seen her (or Ellie, for that matter) clean her plate so quickly!
Even Leia was sociable. Fancy that!

I managed to complete my little wool project:
I love how this finished! It was a bright, happy spot of color during this cold, grey week!

Speaking of grey, I also started a new project . . .
The hexies are almost finished.  I'll continue whipping them together as part of Sunday's slow stitching. Then it will be on to part two of the project which involves wool and more hand work.

And I've been playing around with bullion knots.  Bullion bunnies.  
For a potential project that involves a line of children's clothing.  Have mercy.

And last but not least, I also stitched up a quick pair of lounge pants for Ellie's bitty baby:
The pattern calls for knit, but I used cotton, hoping it would fit okay.  It does. (Whew!) There's a story here, but I'll share it for a later post.

My stash report was going to have changes, but Todd needed to go out last Saturday afternoon, so I went with him and went into Hobby Lobby.  They had exactly the fabric I needed (for the grey hexies), so I went ahead and got it instead of waiting until Monday (when I was too sick to have gone anyway). But stash had already been reported for 2016 and since 2017 starts a fresh slate, it just goes unreported . . . until I use it!  Bwaaahahaaha!!
Needless to say, my report is unchanged. -wink, wink-

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Happy Sunday -- this is the day that the Lord has made!  Rejoice and be GLAD in it!!