Thursday, September 29, 2005

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I think, perhaps, that the only reason for doing this is so that Jocelyn can read it and make a pithy comment. I need to go into syndication. Let's go back . . . pithy. What a great word, that one hardly gets to use. It's my word of the day!


This is a picture of my darling niece. She wants to be a fly-fisherman when she grows up.
Yesterday's trip to the vet was quite interesting. First, I saw Heather Butler. She is working as a vet's assistant. Then, Gwenevere pitched a fit. It's more fun to explain when I can make the cat noises she was making. Suffice it to say, she was quite outspoken. My favorite moment of the visit was when the doctor had to take a blood sample. It took two vet's assistants, the doctor, and me, holding the non-cooperative cat to get a simple blood sample. You'd never think a 15 pound cat could be so . . . boisterous. That girl knows how to throw her bulk around, I'm here to reassure you. And talk?! She mewed the whole time . . . that is, when she wasn't growling. Deep, way down in her throat, growls. And the whole time, all I could picture was the time I took Jocelyn and James in for check ups, when they were about 7 and 6 (of course), respectively. They had to get a blood sample for some routine blood work from Joc -- she pitched a FIT! It took two nurses, the doctor, and myself to hold her down. She hollered as much as the cat did! When we came out, James was hiding under a table. NEXT! It's good to be the parent.
I'm heading off to do my Bible study. Today, we really get into the life of Jacob. We never really get much detail on Isaac in Scripture. Not as a man in and of himself. His dad gets him a wife; he prays for his wife to have a baby; and he plays favorites with his twin boys. But on Jacob and Abraham, we get bunches. All three are the patriarchs of Israel. It makes me wonder what his passion for the LORD was. He had enough faith to go to God when he wanted his wife to have a baby . . . but perhaps he didn't have the day-to-day, trusting God for everything, kind of faith?
I want my faith to be apparent. I want it to grow and increase each day. Hebrews 12:2 says that Christ is the Author and the Perfecter of my faith. Perhaps that's why there wasn't so much to write about Isaac . . . he didn't let his Author get in enough writing/perfecting time? I thoroughly believe, as a followers of Christ, we can hog the pen and insist on writing our own faith. Unfortunately, our "within-based" faith doesn't do us any good.

Today is a long work day. I'll work 8:30 to whenever at Iron Works -- I'd like to do payroll tonight, so probably until 7 or so. And then I'll go over to the Stuckey's and work on his books. Tomorrow, I'll go to work at IW, and then pick up Tristan and go to the Stuckey's to sit with the kids. I'll probably do my Wal*Mart shop after that. Saturday, Todd goes to work in the morning, and then he's taking off so we can go to the Apples of Gold thingie-bobbie Saturday night. Good gravy.

Time to shove a pill down Gwenethvereth's throat. Yippee.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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This just in . . .

* * UPDATE * * * * UPDATE * * * * UPDATE * * * * UPDATE * *

I'd like to make several observations:

1) I feel very strongly that "V" should come _after_ "W" in the alphabet. Let's get working on that, hmmm?

2) I feel *very* strongly that there should never, ever, NEVER be an ad for Chinese take out on the same page as the veterinarian listings in the yellow pages.

3) Gwenevere will be seen by the vet at 8:45 this morning. God is good.



Yesterday was a busy day. It started with the last Apples of Gold session. Reda did a great job discussing hospitality! It's so easy to forget that I'm just a manager of all that God has blessed me with, and I'm to use the 'things' to His glory!

Today, I will be taking a vet-trip. Gwenevere has spent the last 24 hours in the basement, and she's definitely NOT happy about it! She sits on the top step and throws her body into the door . . . BANG . . . BANG . . . BOOM! A couple times yesterday, she was able to dislodge the trap door so she could get back up. And then she meows, her pitiful baby-cat meow.

Yep, to the vet we go.

This afternoon I will go from work to pick up Tristan at daycare, and spend the evening with the Stuckey children! Yippee!!! That should be a fun afternoon! I probably will not make it to church, but I will hopefully make it to choir practice.
My stomach is growling . . . time to break the overnight fast. And I haven't had a cuppa coffee yet, either. Hmmm . . . gotta go!


Sunday, September 25, 2005

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I don't feel well this morning, at all. Yuck. There's been a stomach virus floating around work/church . . . I do believe I'm an involuntary traveler on that particular float. Blech. May I just state for the record that I really dislike vomiting? Thank you.

Something is not quite right with Gwenevere. She's peed, on the kitchen floor, twice in the last 24 hours. Right there in front of everyone. Makes me think there's a kidney infection. At least she's moving to the kitchen floor, and not letting loose on the carpet. Poor cat. I sent her to the basement. I will call a vet tomorrow, and see if we can't get her seen.

James and I went to the mall last night. It was fun! We went into Kirklands, William & Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and some new 'rich kid' gadget store. We sat in recliners that massaged your back and legs. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to one of those?!? Then we went to Wal*Mart (I know, twice in one day), where we both had a hard time finding something on which to spend our money. Anyway, James & I don't get out together much -- we had a good time chatting and joking.

Winds are picking up here. It's muggy and hot and breezy. It's an icky combination. I feel like I have hardly anything positive to say -- must be because I don't feel well. It's time, I believe, to look at all the blessings. Yeah, I may not feel well, but I have a home and a comfortable bed that I can take rest in -- I have a family who will take care of me -- and I have the means to seek medical care, if I need it. God is so very good to me.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

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I did not have to do *any* thing today. Well, except go to the grocery store. But that was it!

It's been really nice to finally have a day that was my own, and not dictated by an agenda.

So, I slept in until 7:30 (which is really late for me), got up and had a cuppa and watched the weather and looked at a magazine. Then I got dressed and went to Wal*Mart, where I had a good grocery shop. I came home and decided to get meals as ready as I could for the whole rest of the week! I baked a chicken and picked it for Monday's White Chile; I baked rolls for tomorrow's pot roast; I made the spaghetti sauce for Tuesday's dinner; and I'm baking Italian bread for tonight! The house smells . . . like food.

I watched Alabama play it close with Arkansas. Sorta. Close, I mean. I think that was the most times I've heard Todd say, "Good gravy," in one sitting. Hehe. Ole Miss plays tonight. Go REBELS!!!

It's all been good -- no pressure. I like it like that. I watched Paula Dean on the Food network while I was in the kitchen. She's a hoot. No, really. And I'm not really reading her cookbook -- but since I was watching her on TV and there's no way I can *pictorially* share that, I chose the book---strictly for the image---instead.

While I was at Wal*Mart, I got the makings for a really cute scarecrow wreath. I mean, he's darling! He will also be hanging from my door by the week's end!

I heard from a friend I haven't seen in ages. She was actually the matron of honor at my wedding -- Nandy! I sent her some piccies and caught her up on my life; I hope she reciprocates!

I'm going back to the kitchen now. Adios!


Friday, September 23, 2005

note: (fonts didn't transfer)

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I started, yesterday, a 90-day program (which I will probably turn into a 120-day program) that is scary. It's an exercise program! .

Today I am Sore. Soar. Sure. Right.

Fonts are fun!

People might think I have nothing meaningful to communicate! I'm not sure I do.
I like to listen to Dr. David Jeremiah, host of Turning Point, on the radio. He's doing a study of the Book of the Revelation. It's quite fascinating!

I learned today (on a completely non-related subject) about the Michi's ladder. It's a food tier. If we ate from only the top two tiers, we'd have a near-perfect diet. Something to ponder. I'm willing to bet *none* of my favorite foods are on the top two tiers!

I love my daughter, and I love my son. They are really wonderful people. I am blessed.

Today is FRIDAY!!! No plans for this weekend!!! No entertaining; no guests; no place I have to be or things I have to do! Mmwaaahahaaaa!

This is the school marm font. James needs to get on and get his school work done!

Have a supercalifragilisticexpealadocious day!


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Sometimes you just need a place to let your hair down.

This is *not* one of those places.

The prior entry "en francais" (not Spanish) was written so as to hide my sentiments of the moment. I'm now over that. We will now continue "en anglais". Hold your applause.

God truly humbled me today. I went to work feeling all, "I wish I didn't have to work." And then at least four women called today asking if the position we had open was clerical or administrative. I hated having to tell them, "I'm sorry, it's for a welding position." I realized how _grateful_ I should be that I have not only a decent, well-paying, with as few or as many hours as I want -- but that my employers are also a brother & sister in Christ! It just doesn't get much better. I had tears in my eyes as I realized how much I take for granted; the greatest things God blesses me with!

My youngest sister, Laura, and her husband spent the day boarding windows, filling up gas tanks, waiting in line to withdraw money from the bank and other such things one does when one is preparing to evacuate their home due to a hurricane. They (along with Ali and Jasper and the cats) live in Corpus Christi. Laura told me that there are approximately 10,000 refugees from the Katrina storm in Corpus that also have to evacuate. I simply can't imagine. I do believe, however, that my next spot would be waaaaaaay inland. On a mountain somewhere. As far above sea level as I could get and still breathe.

I think I may go read a magazine and have a cup of Vanilla Cream. Yummm!!


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Et maintenant, je choisirai d'écrire mon entrée en français. Naturellement, ce ne sera pas un long paragraphe, parce que j'ai peu à dire. Je dirai que mon mari peut tenir une rancune presque aussi bien que n'importe qui que je sais ! Telle est la vie. De nouveau à notre jour régulièrement programmé. L'extrémité.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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Okay Jocey, you said I could do this! I'll be verry, verry qwiet.

Today, I taught in our Apples of Gold Bible study. The subject was purity. Since it was my week to do the lesson, I also got to set the tables. I used white linen tablecloths, dressed them in white tulle, used lots of tall, clear candle holders and white candles, tossed pretty, silver and glittery hearts on the tulle, and put the lavender sachet favors at each place. It was very pretty and *pure* looking!

I enjoyed the lesson. I used the prettily wrapped present analogy for purity; and I used the honey bun in the machine at work for the "temptation, contemplation, activation" analogy. The ladies laughed at me -- but I could see the honey bun desire in their faces. Then, when I got to work this afternoon, there was only one honey bun in the machine, and it looked yucky. And I said so.

I'd like to mention that I am reading Elizabeth Elliot's, Passion & Purity, however, I am not reading it in Spanish. Or any other language other than this one right heah. But it looks much more interesting in Spanish (and they didn't have it listed en anglais)!

So. There.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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I made white bean chili for dinner tonight -- it was mmmm, mmmm good!

I think I want to make a fruit cake for this holiday season. I really like fruit cakes -- I found a nifty recipe for a fruited bread, which I'm going to try. It's actually for the bread machine, which I really enjoy using. Maybe I'll do it for Saturday brunch or sumpin.

I've spent the day going back and forth between cookbooks, my Beth Moore, "The Patriarchs" Bible study, and Intimate Issues. I'm really liking my trip through Genesis. It's fascinating.

I also took a nap this afternoon. I feel better than I have since Saturday. It was nice to wake up and feel good, for a change. Tomorrow it will be back to the same-o, same-o. Hurrah! There's something to be said for same-o!


Later that same day . . .

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It was a dark and stormy night . . .

But it seems that most of that mess has passed us on by and we should be in the clear for today. Now, if only we could get temps down into the 50's during the night hours, all would be well. I'm ready for FALL! It is the 26th of September, for crying out loud's sake.

I'm still not feeling 100%. Of course, I'm not sure what it would take for me to feel 100%. Probably a new body. Harrumph.

Gwenevere is licking my toes. *Squish*

The last session of Apples of Gold is tomorrow. The session is on hospitality. It will be a lot easier to enjoy, since I've already taught mine. I need to be seriously praying for Reda, since it's her lesson and she doesn't teach a whole lot. I know how nervous I was, and I'm a teacher! I even teach adults! It was ridiculous! Especially since I knew God was the pilot -- I was just hanging on for the ride!

I looked over at my clock this morning and it read, "6:47". This is of particular significance to me, because it's the first three of my parent's phone number. I decided some time ago, that whenever I saw "647," I'd make it a point to pray for my mom & dad. I see it a lot, which is kinda weird, because it's a weird number. I see it a lot on Friday when I enter timecards and do payroll. It's God's way of letting me know He doesn't want me to get complacent about praying for / honoring my folks.

It's late; time to get this day thing rolling.