Saturday, July 09, 2016

return to the hiding place: a *movie* review . . .

You may not know this about me . . . but I adore movies, I truly do.  In fact, I've got quite a collection--a lot of children's (read: Disney) and older movies. The trick these days is finding movies that are good stories, with solid plots, decent acting, and without the language, sex and violence that is so prevalent these days.

That's why when FishFlix contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in receiving a DVD in exchange for an honest review, I immediately said, YES! Especially since the movie they wanted to send was Return to the Hiding Place. Having read (and watched) The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and being very familiar with her amazing (true) story, I was quite interested in watching this film and had no idea what to expect.

Just hearing the movie title, Return to the Hiding Place, led me to believe it was a followup to Ten Boom's story, but in actuality, the "untold true story" runs parallel to The Hiding Place and intertwines Ten Boom's story with that of the secret (college) student army that worked fearlessly and tirelessly under Ten Boom's supervision (and roof) to advance the cause against the Nazis.

Watching the movie I was pleased to see that there were some familiar faces, most notably John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), David Thomas Jenkins, and Slate Holmgren. I actually had to the pause the movie midway through and pick it up later, and was on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen next!  I was drawn into the plot and surprised at the twists and turns.  This was well written (Bart Gavigan and  screenplay by Peter C. Spencer), well acted, and well directed (Peter C. Spencer and Josiah Spencer). Faith-based movies haven't always measured up, but I see a trend that they're getting better and better, and this one definitely *does* measure up.  It's a keeper and a movie I'll not only re-watch, but I'll share with friends/family!

Thank you to FishFlix for allowing me the opportunity to watch and review Return to the Hiding Place.  FishFlix is a great source for Christian movies for the whole family to enjoy!