Todd and I felt an unusual call from God sometime around 2007/2008.  We felt very led, once our children were both grown and married, to sell our home and giveaway or sell most of our possessions, buy an RV, and go wherever the Lord sent us to minister to churches.  This way we could spend as long as we needed to with an individual church, without the church needing to "put us up" or spending our ministry's resources on accommodations.  Instead, we would bring our home with us and then could serve and be a part of the community.

In 2009, less than a month after our last child home was married, we had the opportunity to purchase a new Cedar Creek 5th wheel RV.  The price and timing were right, so we drove to Ohio one Saturday and made the purchase.  The following week it was delivered.  We thought it would sit in our driveway over the next several years while we waited for Todd to retire, but as often happens, our plans were not God's plans.  

Through Todd's connection with the Madison Baptist Association, we learned about Camp MACOBA and the need for a caretaker -- Camp Hosts if you will.  Next thing you know, our RV is being towed to the camp and on November 9, 2009, we spent our first night in our new home, on its new site.

Here at the end of 2011, we still own the home on Hunter Road; it's cleared out and ready for the real estate market and actually listed on For Sale By Owner.  We know that the same God who made our RV purchase possible, the God who made our living arrangements at the camp possible, and the God who gave us this vision in the first place, will also be the God who is responsible for selling our home, in His good timing.  In the meantime, this is what we're up to . . .
We help churches.
Restoring the Church Ministries

As Sunday School/Small Groups Director for the Madison Baptist Association, Todd is striving to personally visit each church in our Association.  To that end, we visit a new church -- for worship and Sunday School -- every Sunday morning.  Check out the churches we've visited, here:
Touring the Churches of the MBA

Todd's blog, The Quiet Place, is a collection of his personal reflections and convictions.
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