Tuesday, June 17, 2014

i'm still around . . .

Ummmmm . . . it's been a while.  But I have NOT fallen off a cliff, been swept away by a flood, or been the victim of turtle anarchy.

Just busy!

Ellie came over and had her first RV sleepover!  She did a great job and was the perfect little overnight guest.  She even helped me make meringue cookies . . .
By being the royal taste-tester!  Haha!

Then I spent a lovely long weekend with Sawyer and June . . .
While their mommy and daddy were in the hospital, having Olivia Mae!
Isn't she just darling?!  I'm completely enamored all over again and so is Sawyer. Can you blame us?! June, on the other hand, is still not quite sure. She's not happy with the fact that her spot in mommy's lap has been usurped!

I've done absolutely nothing quilty/stitchy in forever (unless you include purchasing patterns -- I got two -- more later). In fact, last week I told Todd I really felt the need to get some crafting on, or I'd burst!  We had a ladies' event at church and the theme was flip flops, so I made a little wreath.  
It was fun, fast, and relatively inexpensive . . . only $15 and all my materials came from Dollar General!  I was very tickled with the way it turned out and the winner (we used it as both decoration and door prize) was very pleased!

We had all the kids and grandkids up at the camp for Father's Day.  It was a wonderful afternoon/evening of celebrating and eating and listening to the grands laugh and play!  I'd wanted to get a photo of Todd and I with all of them, but forgot to mention it until *after* we'd eaten dinner, ice cream cake, and played in the hot, humid, buggy camp!  Oh well, this is REAL life!
I wouldn't trade it for all the bug spray in the world!!


Sunday, June 01, 2014

stash enhancement time . . .

Overall,  I've added far less stash to my fabrics this year than I have by this point in the year for the past THREE years!  And honestly, most of what I've added I haven't purchased, either, I've been gifted ... the best kind of stash enhancements!  Still, at some point I need to get busy and USE some fabric...
This week's report reflects that best kind of enhancing . . . a double bonus, actually.  Not only was it gifted, but it was FAIRY FROST!!!  My sweet friend, Jean (Jean Creates), thought of me when she saw this packet of fabric, helping a friend get ready for a stash sale . . .
I do adore Michael Miller's Fairy Frost fabric line! And look at the lovely, wide assortment of colors!
The original owner must have purchased the material with a specific quilt/BOM in mind.  These five finished blocks came in the bag with the rest of the FF. I'd love to know what she was working on -- the first blocks are so pretty and I can totally see wrapping up in a frosted quilt!  These look like a familiar BOM to anyone?!

Jean knows me so well . . . she also tossed in a sweet yard of this darling tea fabric . . .
Isn't it pretty? And an Art to Heart book that I didn't have!  I adore these books -- they're always filled with such sweet, do-able projects!  And this one is filled with month-themed projects that can be appliqued, stitched, or done in wool -- and will fit perfectly on my mini-stand!
I like having *options*! Thank you again, Jean ... mmmmwaaaaah!

Todd and I spent yesterday moving stuff from the old RV, putting it away in the new RV and making improvements (hanging paper towel rack, drilling cable holes in cabinets, installing the DVD player in the bedroom, getting the ice maker working, etc.), feeding the turtles and critters (and catching a huge black and yellow centipede which I *didn't* touch), and watching the antics of the Cub Scout pack we have visiting the camp this weekend. It was a good day!

Linking up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times.  Happy Sunday!