Saturday, March 22, 2008

Truly, yesterday was a lovely day. I worked on my HQH nametag -- finished it, even, and then piddled around the house doing little things here and there. Todd & I went out to dinner to lawn corn stay cows; I'd really been wanted some red meat. Then we went to Family Christian, Office Max, Best Buy and Gander Mountain. Too bad there aren't any quilting shops open at 8:00 on a Friday night, or we'd have stopped there, too!

Monday is the big day (or should I say, the start of "littler" days)! Todd keeps talking about it like it's the beginning of the end. He's got to stop looking at it that way.

Today is a big day for the piano -- it's getting a new home! Evan is coming to pick it up this afternoon. I have no idea what I'll put in its space. Maybe NOTHING!

I had a pretty bad asthma attack last night. And then, of course, I had a reaction to the albuterol. It's so weird. Not to mention annoying. Ugh.

I have a SS lesson and a Wednesday night lesson to prepare for today, plus I need to grocery shop. Other than that, the day is mine.

Carpe diem!


Friday, March 21, 2008

I love Fridays when I don't have to work. Or rather, I love *all* Fridays; but particularly those on which I do not work!

Last night I attended my first Heritage Quilters of Huntsville Guild meeting as a _member_! Whoohoo! Today I took advantage of my time off and quilted my nametage for the meetings. Fun stuff. I'm pleased with everything except for the name. Ugh. I should have just left well enough alone, but I rarely can do that. C'est la vie. Anyhoo, the speaker last night was Flavin Glover, who's the in log cabin quilting. She had two in particular that truly captivated me -- one of grazing sheep and their babies, and one of winter evergreens. Both were quite beautiful and I'd like to somehow (on a smaller scale) duplicate them. I bought her book and she autographed it for me. :)

Jocelyn is home for a long Easter weekend, and James and Kim made it in late last night from Disney. All of my chillens are in town (even if they don't all live under my roof any more). The cats are draped over assorted blankets, snoozing, and Todd is mowing the lawn. I did a Jane tape this morning, and I'm rather in need of a shower!

Todd and I are going to have at it again on the dieting. The start date is Monday. Written covenant and everything.

Shower time!

Vaya con Dios!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's official. I'm a mother-in-law. Wow, and I'm so *young* too! :)

Today, things are my own. All of our out-of-town guests are gone, and most have even arrived at their own homes by now! Laura & her crew are still on the road, but they were planning on doing a little sightseeing in the process of making their way home.

James has managed to text me several times and call me once or twice. It's so funny....whenever he went on a camp or youth trip, I had to _tell_ him to give me call once or twice. Then he goes on his honeymoon and I don't *expect* to hear from him, and he calls me out of the blue. For some advice, no less! I love my boy.

Today will be a quiet day. A little laundry...some leftover Chinese and perhaps even old movie or two or three....perhaps even some quilting! Tomorrow I go to work and do payroll, and then Friday I'm off again for a long weekend. Lovely.

My son is a married man. Wow again.

Perhaps I'm not as young as I'm thinking I was.... !



Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good gravy, where has the time gone? I seem to say that a lot these day! The last time I posted in October 2007, I noted how fast the month had gone -- here we now are in March of 2008! How fast my LIFE is flying by!

I can hardly believe that James marries in less than two weeks. I'm happy for him, but I'm also...going to be praying for him/them a lot. This is a huge step for the maturist of folks. I believe James will handle the responsibility of being the head of a home well -- but it may take a while to work out the kinks!

As if that wasn't enough, Jocelyn is graduating from college in two months! Shoot, and she turns 22 in less than a week! I'm so proud of her and all that she's accomplished. I know it bothers her just a little that James is marrying first -- but I think she recognizes that her path is *her* path, and it's the right way for her. Besides, she also knows that her future husband is right there...and someday in the near future, he's going to propose!

Top it all off with [side note here: I never know whether to say, "Todd's ministry" or "our ministry". It's really Todd's baby, and I'm in it for support; clerical, sounding board, graphic design, encouragement, whatever. We are doing it together, but it's truly his calling. I still don't know which to say!] the ministry. Brochures and business cards are printed; labels are set up and ready to go -- one big mass mailing and we're out there! It's incredibly exciting! But just a little scary, too. It's wild to step out in faith like this! I so admire my husband and his desire to press forward.

I can't wait for my whole family to be here in a short week and a half! Fun, fun, fun!! Lots to do in the meantime, though. Glad things are settling down. ??? What am I saying?!?!

On that note...ciao!