Thursday, August 14, 2014

tea for two . . .

I had been looking at the books that Tea Time Magazine reviews and recommends, and this little gem on their site grabbed my attention . . .
Click on the image to see the book on Tea Time.
What a joy to find it, shipping Prime (which means for *free*), on Amazon for a ridiculously low amount! When I first got it, I was a little disappointed to open it and realize it had been marked in.
Then I realized it was the signature of the author (and not personalized), and it was a happy little bonus!! Ha!

There are a number of recipes in this particular cookbook that I find appealing, but two caught my eye right off the bat . . . I knew they'd be perfect tea party fodder for Ellie and me (and since we had a 'date' coming up, it was timely)!
These pretty little Meltaway cookies were divine . . . and so easy!  And then the pound cake in baked in the tea cake molds was fun, too.  Both recipes halved nicely, which was kind of important to me.
What I realized that day was that baking was fun again -- the new RV has lots more counter space, which is so critical when it comes to baking!  LOL!
I may have gotten a little carried away that day.  But the chocolate cupcakes were for Todd.  (wink, wink) They came out of my Cupcakes for Two e-cookbook.

Needless to say, we had a marvelous tea party and Ellie was, of course, a delightful guest . . .
Happy days, indeed!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

late-breaking stash reporting . . .

I've been wanting to share this stash report for ages, because there was such a decent (for a change) use of fabric!  But I couldn't say why until now, so I've patiently waited . . .
Whoohoo!  There was a big purchase in there for the backing and binding. But I turned right around and used it up.  So my numbers are again moving in the direction I'd like them to! (Going ahead and linking this up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times.)

The quilt finish is one I've worked on (procrastinated on) for a LONG time.  It was a memory quilt for a sweet friend whose father passed away.  I'd asked her if she had cotton shirts of his to make a quilt from. What I got was a box of interesting shirts . . . but a LOT of rayon and poly blends.  It took me a while to come up with a design and once I did, it took me a while to realize I needed to use stabilizer in order to piece the top. But I think the overall quilt finished up nicely:
The center was a bit of a bugger . . . almost all rayon! And notice the quilt is hanging on a clothesline?! Yay! My sweet hubby hung it for me.  I've even already used it for hanging clothes to dry!

Our mutual friend Ronda had offered at the get-go to quilt it for me/her and she did a *spectacular* job of it!
Isn't it beautiful?

I had enough cut squares to make a matching pillow, too:
And it's reversible (the pillow, I mean) . . . 
Because I am totally in love with the flannel backing -- it's a nice feminine counter to the front!

There was a bit of a delay before I could deliver it to my friend, but she was finally home yesterday and I was able to drop it off.  I hope she enjoys it!!


Friday, August 01, 2014

cruising into august . . .

We are so enjoying these lovely fall days.  Ummm...only it's summer.  Trust me, I am NOT complaining!! We had some of the most beautiful weather ever this past month . . . hard to believe it was July in Alabama. In fact, we set a record low temp this week . . . the record -- 61° -- was set in 1914.  One hundred years ago.  And the low that broke the record?  A whopping 57°!  C-R-A-Z-Y!

More of the same here.  Enjoying family and grands.  
I think . . . in this picture . . . Sawyer's telling the two girls about giants in the camp. June paid absolutely NO attention to him. Ellie rode around the camp for the rest of the evening with her hands over her eyes because she didn't want to see scary giants.
Look how big Miss Olivia has gotten!  And she's just started smiling on purpose -- it's such fun!!  She is definitely a Sawyer/June sibling, too . . . they all look very similar at this age!

Also studying lessons and preparing for discipleship classes. Keeping up with turtles and other camp-related things.  
July is usually the slowest month of the camp, because generally it's so hot, humid and mosquito-ridden, that no one wants to be up here.  Not the case this year!  

I have been working on a couple of little things. And one big *surprise* kind of thing that I need to wait a while to share. I think I've decided that the space in the new RV is actually better workspace than what I had in the old RV:
I love the counter top space in the kitchen ... perfect for rotary cutting!  Haha!   took up a challenge to make some bookmarks.  Good way to use up scraps!
They were easy and whipped up really quick.  The tutorial for the book mark is HERE and the tutorial for the fabric flower at the top is HERE.

Joc called me on Tuesday of this week from Hancock's (fabric store).  She was looking for material to make curtains for Ellie's "big girl" room.  Yes, that's happening . . . Everley is due in a MONTH.  Anyway, Joc is talking to me on the phone and realizes she's lost track of Ellie.  Where does she find her??
Girlfriend had found the fat quarter wall!  She is my granddaughter, there's no denying it!  Joc said her little hands were so full of fat quarters that Ellie was dropping them.  Too cute!  And Ellie didn't want to put any of them back, either!
I told Joc to tell Ellie that if she would just pick her favorite TWO fat quarters, Neesey would make her a little purse with them.  It was tough, but we finally managed to come up with these two.
And don't you know, Ellie has reminded me every time she's seen me and every time we've talked on the phone, that I'm making her a purse.  Joc even mentioned that it was the first thing out of her mouth the other morning.  I gotta make good on this purse!

So, here it is -- not too bad, eh?  Just a simple origami-folded drawstring purse . . .
With secret pockets for treasures (and things you might want to hide from a baby sister) . . .
And coordinating accent pieces . . .
With a pearl for the center.  For Miss Eleanor Pearl.

It's how this Neesey rolls.  Happy Friday, y'all!