Tuesday, November 30, 2010

part puppy?!?

Sawyer and I enjoyed a most marvelous day yesterday! He was in such good spirits; he's such a happy baby!

Between his morning nap and his lunchtime bottle, we decided to go out for a stroll. We had to bundle him up because it was cool and very breezy! He decided he wanted to take his reindeer that I got for him. I was happy to oblige!

We got outside and took our typical stroll up the street and then back. It was so windy I had the visor pulled most of the way down, to keep it from blowing directly into his face.

Which didn't leave much of a view, but he could still see what was coming! I finally figured out how to adjust the stroller (which is one of those 'jogging' strollers--ha ha!) so that he's sitting up instead of laying back!

We got back and spent most of the rest of the day eating, napping, and playing.

Mostly playing.

"Grandma, you tell the funniest jokes!"

"Well, sometimes you tell the funniest jokes . . . "

Most of the photos I took (and I'll be the first to admit, I take a LOT of photos when we're together) catch Sawyer with something in his mouth. He makes me rather mindful of a puppy!

Variety is the spice of life, after all!

And lastly, for family near and far, here's a short clip of Sawyer enjoying his jumping chair!

Tonight our Stitcher's group meets, so I hope to have some crafty goodness to show tomorrow!


Monday, November 29, 2010

design WALL monday ... no really!

Yay! I finally have a true, vertical design wall! You know, when you live in an RV, finding space for a design wall is a BIG luxury. I finally had the presence of mind to purchase a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth. I folded it in half and tucked it under the mattress of the top bunk, back in our dual sewing room/office. Perfect!

This week, the Sawyer redwork squares are back up on the design wall:

Because I think I found the perfect fabric to use in the nine-patch blocks that will balance out the redwork squares . . .

It's fit what I wanted *perfectly*!! It's good the dark blue, with a little light blue thrown in, and enough red to accentuate the redwork. Score me! The stars were a perfect touch.

I'm also working on some cute tea towels to use as hostess gifts through the Christmas party season. I haven't quite finished with this one, but you get the idea . . .

One of our local WalMarts has totally re-designed, and in doing so they did away with their traditional sewing/fabric department. In doing so, they had all of their buttons on sale for 50¢ a set! I thought the different sized button looked kind of fun!

And lastly, just a little sneak-peak here . . .

That's all you're getting on this one. Suffice it to say, it is part tea towel!

Loads of great stuff being created out there this happy Monday . . . check it out for yourself by visiting Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times!

As for me? Sawyer and I have a busy day ahead. Beef stew going in the pot, and Finding Nemo is my...er, OUR movie of the day!

Make it a good day -- create!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

nothing new . . .

Which means, unfortunately for me, that the internet is still out, which means NO PHOTOS! Bummer! I so have a whole slew of them I'd like to share! Patiently I'll wait.

I've been dealing with a lot of pain and aggravated swelling of my foot this past week. I'm not sure what's happened. When I first switched from the Mobic to the Celebrex and started wearing the compression stockings, the swelling got so much better. Now it seems to be almost as bad as it was, and the pain has gotten worse. Not just when I walk, either. Sometimes I'm in bed awake for hours waiting for the pain to subside enough for me to sleep. *sigh* Tuesday I pick up my custom orthodic inserts. Perhaps that will make a difference.

Enough of THAT!

I spent today doing this and that in the sewing room. More of that later, when I can show pictures!

I also spent today doing one of my favorite things: watching The Walton's -- all the Thanksgiving movies and the original movie, The Walton's Homecoming. It gets me into the holiday spirit!! Yay!

Last, since I can't share photos, I thought I'd share one last holiday tradition that we start over the Thanksgiving weekend, and make through the New Year. Eggnog!! It's not homemade, but it's not completely store bought, either. Consider it a 'semi-homemade' recipe. It's not as thick or cloyingly sweet as the stuff you buy in the store -- my family loves it!

Semi-Homemade Eggnog
(makes one gallon)

1/2 gallon of store bought eggnog (I use Publix brand)
1 quart whole milk
1 quart half and half
1 Tbls vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1/4 cup granulated splenda
1-1/2 tsp nutmeg

Mix in a one gallon container. Shake well before serving.

Note: This is definitely *not* a low-fat, low-calorie drink! But boy-howdy it is GOOD!

I'm putting this Thanksgiving weekend to bed.

Be a blessing; be blessed!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

obligatory post . . .

And it's not that I don't have anything to say; it was a really busy, productive day! I've even got pictures to go with it. Unfortunately, our internet has been down most of the day -- and is still down. Pooh. Luckily, we're able to use our Verizon card to check e-mail and surf, but no downloading or uploading.

Anyway, I wanted to get this in -- NABLOPOMO and Charming Girls goal -- and so it's an obligatory post. Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos manana!


Friday, November 26, 2010

tables on parade . . .

Since we can't all be together on Thanksgiving day, photos fly fast and furious before, during and after the feasting! One tradition I mentioned earlier, in my holiday traditions part 1 post was setting a festive table! I got my flair from my mom; she's always been able to set a gorgeous table for every occasion! This Thanksgiving was no different . . .

Very elegant and pretty, non?

I love this handsome fellow on her sideboard, too!

My youngest sister, Laura, also hosted their Thanksgiving meal in Texas. She's evidently picked up the creative table setting flair, too!

I thought her center was very sophisticated and elegant! I love the little touch of the birds in the silvery branches!

What fun it would have been to sit at her table!

Ah, but there's one more table in our family's table parade . . .

My Jocey set a beautiful Thanksgiving table yesterday -- and it was the first time she's ever hosted a family Thanksgiving! She had fun pulling out her pretty china, as well as some of the pretty serving dishes she inherited when we moved to the RV. One of my favorites is the turkey cranberry dish, top right in the photo above.

Joc made the most darling, personalized name cards, too!

I got the acorn!

And here is the main course, Mr. Tom Turkey himself!

He cooked just as fine in Joc's oven as he ever has in mine. In fact, Todd commented that it was one of the best turkeys he'd tasted!

Of course the thing that our little branch of the family had, that no other family got to enjoy was this little dumpling . . .

My darling Sawyer enjoyed his first Thanksgiving -- especially the green beans and the mashed potatoes!

Especially the mashed potatoes.

And more mashed potatoes.

"Grandma, I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

That's okay, he cleans up quickly. And all ready for pumpkin pie!

We are blessed!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Delights

On Thanksgiving Day we’re thankful for
Our blessings all year through,
For family we dearly love,
For good friends, old and new.

For sun to light and warm our days,
For stars that glow at night,
For trees of green and skies of blue,
And puffy clouds of white.

We’re grateful for our eyes that see
The beauty all around,
For arms to hug, and legs to walk,
And ears to hear each sound.

The list of all we’re grateful for
Would fill a great big book;
Our thankful hearts find new delights
Everywhere we look!

By Joanna Fuchs

I have so very much to be thankful for this year.
I will eagerly spend this day counting my blessings
and giving thanks with a grateful heart!

And in everything, big and small, good and bad,
I count it all joy.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear family & friends!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tidbits . . .

Really, there's nothing quilt-y going on this week, at least until after tomorrow. Thanksgiving is occupying my thoughts and actions -- and rightly so!

I can report that the fabric my daughter and I ordered for the nursery, arrived yesterday! It's *so* cute!! It's way cuter in my hands, than it was from the pictures (and it was cute, there)! I'm excited to get to working on it -- over the Christmas holiday, I'm thinking!

I also got another fun little surprise in yesterday's mail. I enter lots and lots of BH&G's online contests and never think another thing about it. Evidently I actually was a winner in one of them! We got a DVD of Robin Hood in yesterday's mail, compliments of Better Homes & Gardens. Whoohoo!! Would that it were that $20,000 prize I was gunning for, but hey, I'm pretty happy with the DVD! :)

Work today, pie-baking tonight, stuffing in the morning and then a trip to my daughter's house to help her stuff & prep the big bird. Back home to finish up pies and yeast rolls, shower, and back to Joc's house for our Thanksgiving celebration. Whew!

In the hustle and bustle over the next twenty-four hours or so, be sure to take time out to consider all the things there are to be thankful for.

Gobble, gobble!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i could eat him up!

Sawyer and I had a marvelous day together, yesterday!

He was in such good spirits!
We danced to The Nutcracker soundtrack.

We told each other jokes
(I'd just told a real knee-slapper in this photo)
and laughed and sang silly songs and played with all his toys.

And he did his disappearing pacifier trick for me.
Look Grandma, nothing up my sleeves and no hands!

Going . . .

. . . going . . .

. . . gone.

Yes. It's still in his mouth.
And there's not a bit to be seen.
I've never before seen a baby do this!

My grandson. The pacifier prodigy.


Monday, November 22, 2010

design mattress monday . . .

Yay! I laid out my hexagons to see how it's looking and what I needed to do next. I love the splash of colors! They are so bright and pretty.

I think I need to do at least one more row with my taupe solid on the outside, like the second row (from the left, below).

Some of those blocks are still unsewn triangles. I'm getting there, though! It needs two more rows of hexagons overall, and then it'll be ready-freddy!

Don't forget to head over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to see what folks have on their design *whatevers* this week!

In non-quilting life, check out this picture:

Can you figure it out? It's an upside down picture. The trees and sky are actually the reflection from the pond. That's why there are leaves and grass above blue sky. I love pond reflections; they captivate me!

Todd and I took a minnow mission trip yesterday afternoon. We didn't get a humongous catch, but we did get a humongous minnow . . .

I think that it may be the Hulk Hogan of minnows!

Yesterday morning, this dapper fellow joined us for breakfast. We were having eggs, bacon and banana muffins. He was having pecans.

He's well-camouflaged, isn't he? I think the only reason I caught him was because he kept racing down the tree to get another pecan. He was a fatty!

Have a glorious day--I know I will. I'm off to spend time with my grandbaby!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

you're a mean one . . .

Joc, Kim & I had a marvelous time yesterday!! First we were able to share a table and enjoy a quiet lunch at Emma's. I had quiche, Joc had the chicken salad sandwich, and Kim had the ham & cheese. And we each had a cup of the Tomato Basil soup -- yummy! We skipped on dessert, but since we had a pot vanilla-hazelnut tea with lunch, we didn't feel cheated!

From there we headed over to Trinity Methodist to see How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It was the first time I'd seen it as a ballet. It was wonderful!!! I wouldn't have thought that a ballerina could quite . . . capture . . . the Grinch, but the young lady who played him did a *marvelous* job!

She danced his mannerisms perfectly!

We also ran into some Who's from Whoville, who we happened to know!

All in all, we had a great afternoon!

The little girl who played the part of Max also did a phenomenal job!

I came home last night and played on the computer a bit. Have you ever seen the funny Christmas videos, by JibJab? I love those things. This year I created my own, personal Christmas rock band and thought I'd share it.

The lead singer is my son-in-law. The drummer is my son. My husband is the bass player with the red hat. My daughter-in-law is the one with the coppery hair, and my daughter is the one with the black fro. They're pretty good -- and definitely funny!!

Laughing all the way . . . hahaha!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

all sewn out . . .

What a fun evening I had, even if it wasn't *super* productive. I'm not my creative best in the evenings anyways, and generally by Friday night, I'm just downright pooped! Don't get me wrong; I can stay up -- I just have a hard time focusing. LOL! Mindless movies and internet surfing are more my evening speed. Ask my husband -- he has a hard time getting my day out of me when I got home at night. My brain just quits!

That being said, I did manage to make some progress with my hexagons!

Look at all these lovelies! I am so loving these colors.

So that set is all sewn, ready to be pressed. Hurrah!

I got my next set of strips sewn and pressed.

And then they went under the ruler . . .

I'm so 'in like' with this ruler! It's so much fun. I do admit I have to be really careful or it moves on me and I don't have equilateral triangles any more. Ooops!

So now my solids/patterned triangles are all cut and cute and ready to be assembled.

They will make either these cute little separator hexagons . . .

Or these fun, funky hexagons . . .

Which don't even look like hexagons because of their funkiness!

And I'm left with a huge pile of these. Triangle orphans, I'm calling them.

Don't worry little triangle orphans! I will find a way to use you! I'm thinking little mixed up hexie pillows. Since this quilt is for a pre-teen girl, I think that would be FUN!

So my long list of possibilities for last night ended up being just that. Possibility instead of reality. *sigh* I really should put up the hexagons and work on CHRISTMAS presents. LOL! Especially if I'm going to meet one of my Charming Girls goals for this month. Yikes!

For now, there's a big day ahead, full of fun, non-quilting things: like daughters and grandbabies (for a bit) and tea and ballet and THE GRINCH!!! I've been listening to Christmas music all morning -- I'm so in the mood!

And my man is on his way home from work and I promised him French toast and bacon for breakfast. Better get to scooting!

Glad tidings!