Friday, August 31, 2007

I am reading (again) a book called Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. Awesome, incredible, Bible-based book. I'm enjoying it, because it reveals how being a godly wife is all about me and my relationship with God, and has nothing to do with how good or bad a husband I have. Wow. Something I read today really stuck. Debi writes: A man cannot cherish a strong woman who expresses her displeasure of him. You can say that he should model Christ's love regardless of how she acts. Is that what you want? Is it what Christ wants? Do you want your husband to be forced to seek supernatural power just to find a way to love you? Again I say, WOW! If that is not a humbling, convicting statement, I don't know what is.

I'm also preparing for Sunday's lesson. We've just started using a new curriculum from Lifeway -- MasterWork. Interestingly enough, it's based on books by two authors I really respect -- Adrian Rogers and Randy Alcorn. The first lesson is fascinating - it should be interesting to see how the class responds. I'm looking forward to teaching!



Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jocelyn & I had fun yesterday evening. It's nice to be able to spend some one-on-one time with her before she heads back for her final semester. We were laughing so hard in Target, it was hard to make it down the aisles! I'm sure our goofiness turned some heads. I pretty much bought her whatever it was she wanted/needed. My thinking is, when you can, you can. Last night I could.

The horror of the bridge tragedy is still very overwhelming. The video clip of the bridge collapsing is like some out of a movie scene.

My friend and co-worker is still in the hospital after having surgery for a broken hip. She is being treated very poorly by hospital staff and I don't understand it. Unfortunately, a nurse was killed as she walked the crosswalk to the hospital during the week, and I'm sure it devastated staff. However, there can't be a complete loss of care to those patients in the care of the hospital. I'm so angry.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that God is in control of all things. He is certainly big enough to handle it all. It's up to me to *faithfully* lift it up to Him, and to trust His will and wisdom. For me, it's a case of "easier said than done." Not that I can't do it, I just have to get to the point where I remember that's what I'm supposed to do.

Lord, how I thank You that You ARE in control. You hold Lola, the victims of the bridge collapse, Jay and his family, the people effected by the flooding in South Asia -- You hold all of that in Your mighty hands. Your word teaches that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Lord, I pray that You will allow me to act accordingly. To lift those to You who need strength and hope right now. To trust You in each situation. To remember for Whom I was created. Where I can, allow me to be salt & light - a reflection of Your love. And allow me to give You praise and honor in all things. In the precious name of Jesus --



Friday, August 03, 2007

Obligatory post! Just kidding. Well, sorta. It has been a very long time since I posted. I've got no excuse except for a touch of laziness, and a hectic life. My son has become engaged and is planning on marrying in March, 2008. My daughter is heading back to school for her senior year, and will graduate from college on May 10. My children and husband have been/or are going to China and Africa and Montana on mission trips. Work is crazy and instead of the 28/32 hours a week I typically work, I've been working 48/52 hours.

Life is crazy!

When our new Sunday School year started in May, I left my youth girls and went back up to adult ladies. I'm teaching our youngest adult ladies class, which is absolutely wonderful!

My dream right now is to someday own a B&B. While we were in Virginia this summer, I found a home that would have converted beautifully (and with very little effort) into a superb B&B. I'm almost heartbroken that it's not a home I can just buy and do with what I want! It was just perfect. My heart hurts just a little ... just a tiny bit ... that the beautiful old home won't be mine.

Today is Friday! It's time to get ready for work and get this day on the road!