RV Living & Quilting

Ever wondered what it's like, living full time in an RV (or more specifically, a 5th wheel)? We purchased this RV (our second) in May, 2014 . . . here's a peek inside:
Walking in the "front door", you first see our dining table.  At which we rarely dine! It does expand by an 18" leaf and we have four dining chairs to go around it, but Todd and I tend to eat in the 'den'.

Full sized refrigerator with an ice-maker!  Plus it's stainless, so we can do magnets. 

Tea/coffee station! Plus our gas range/oven and microwave.  We use the range/oven regularly.  A lot of full-time RVers do not -- they particularly don't like the gas oven.

Front door and the kitchen sink.  It's a double sink -- but we generally keep one side closed.  Both sides have 'lids'.

Upstairs to the den . . . the love seats both pull out to queen size beds and underneath is additional storage.  The chest lid opens up to a table (which is where Todd and I generally dine).  

This is Todd's office side.

The Captain's recliner.  :)
Down the hall from the kitchen.  The bathroom is on the left, and the 'back door' is on the right.  Straight away is the master retreat.

The bathroom sports a nice sized shower stall with a seat (which I love) and a full sized toilet.

As well as a sink and plenty of cupboard space.

In our bedroom, wardrobe space is at a premium.  Sweaters/skirts that I wear frequently, I hang where I can easily get to them.  The cupboard doors they're hanging from are my only closet space!

We have a queen sized bed, with nice overhead cabinets.  The mattress also lifts up with additional storage space.

We hang things wherever we can to keep things tidy and convenient. This closet hides our favorite RV convenience.

Our washer/dryer combo machine was a must!  It handles much smaller loads than a regular washer, so we end up doing a load (sometimes two) everyday ... but it beats carrying laundry to a laundromat!
One thing you'll notice in this RV -- no quilting space (it did, originally, but it was crowding).  While I still enjoy handwork (embroidery, English Paper Piecing, and hand quilting) in the RV, several years ago (2014 -- the same year we bought the new RV) for Christmas, Todd gifted me with a "Nook" -- an outbuilding we insulated and finished (and hooked to power) -- that's dedicated to my quilting/stitching/crafting! I shared a post about it not long after I'd moved in. If you want to check out my Nook space, click here. Here are a couple of updated pictures:

Our first RV, purchased July, 2009 -- moved into November, 2009:
 Newly purchased in July, 2009:  proud and *excited* owners!

Our second Christmas in the RV at Camp MACOBA.

Quilting in the (old) RV: