Monday, April 08, 2019

i've fallen . . .

. . . and I can't get back up on the proverbial blogging horse!

I hesitated using that title since I have had shoulder surgery recently and didn't want to alarm anyone, but every time I went to start a post, that commercial went through my mind.  But I also couldn't bear to put a pic of a woman sprawled out on the floor at her most vulnerable hour of need (I know, I know, it's a paid actress).  Besides, the turtles are starting to show themselves in the sanctuary ... hibernation time is ending!

We've even found a few new hatchlings!  I adore teeny-tiny baby turtles! ♥

I did get my sling off this weekend, though I'm still sleeping in it.  Which is odd, because that was so tough on me with the right shoulder.  But this time (probably because of the bonus bicep tear repair), I don't sleep well *without* the sling!  C'est la guerre, huh?

I also got to sneak in some Nook time. Our April mug rug swap for guild is themed "Spring".  I haven't quilted the bottom two, yet, because I was worn out.
Aren't they cute?!  I love that little carrot ... it goes with my table topper!  I had just enough fabric to make a matchy-matchy.  I probably will not swap that one!  :)

I did a lot of shopping during my convalescing.  I don't need to have an additional surgery any time soon, y'all.  I'll share my loot next go 'round!

We did get our boat launched and into a slip for the season ... HOORAY!  That takes a LOT of stress off both Todd and me ... I didn't realize just how much it stressed me until we weren't having to do it.
Click to see the big pic!
We enjoyed a lovely day on the lake this past Friday.  
That's our slip ... the empty one between the two motor boats!  :)
It's so nice to park the truck and just walk onto the boat and vice versa when the day is done! I like  easy, happy finishes.

I appreciate all the sweet, well-wishing comments on the last two posts.  Typing was such an issue, I didn't do a very good job of responding to them all.  I hope that's all behind me now!

Have a happy week!