Monday, July 21, 2014

the basket doth overfloweth . . .

And I do mean *literally*!

We finished up with VBS on Friday night (well, except for the VBS commencement service on Sunday morning and the VBS visitation and decorating take-down on Sunday evening) and so you'd think that Saturday would be the day I'd do absolutely NOTHING, right?


Saturday was our guild's big Quilt-In!  And since I not only paid to participate, but I was a working member of the committee, you'd better believe I was there, bright and early on Saturday morning!  Unfortunately, I wasn't very prepared to do much quilting during the Quilt-In (I didn't even bring my sewing machine) but I did have some handwork to work on . . .
Yes, I do think I'll have this finished up for a November debut in my mini quilt stand. I wish there was some emoticon I could insert here for *wry grin*.

Hearts--cut from a charm pack of Moda's Chantilly that I purchased--for Miss Olivia's baby quilt . . . 
Which I hope to have finished before she's one.  *grin*

And I also had the presence of mind to bring a couple of notions for the Notions Drawing we had, as well as six fat quarters for the Fat Quarter Drawing (I thought 1.5 yards used would look good on today's stash report).  For each fat quarter brought, you got a chance to win *all* the fat quarters brought.  Same with the notions. And that's where I worked . . . taking peoples notions, fat quarters, and blocks (we also had a block drawing).
And once that slacked off, I sat in front of my laptop and created and produced VBS certificates to hand out on Sunday!  LOL!  Once I finished that up, I put in a movie (a version of Wuthering Heights I'd never seen) and cut and embroidered to my heart's content.  Then it was snack time . . .
Oh yeah, we were treated well in the Quilt-In!  And not just with tasty treats (not to mention breakfast and dinner), but we also came away with some very fun goodies . . .
A treat bag filled with chocolates and some other door prizes (a $5 LQS gift certificate and a seam ripper), a seam marker, and a thank you from the organizer - a pretty luggage tag!

After dinner we got down to the business of drawing names for the notions, blocks and fat quarters. I had our guild president pick the four winning names.  I think we had the most participation in the fat quarter drawing . . .
That basket was full!

The basket went home with ME -- my name was the one drawn!! I was so shocked . . . and so much for depleting my stash a little and making my stash report look good!! Baaahahaha!!!!
There were SEVENTY-THREE fat quarters in the basket, for a total yardage of 18.25 yards.  A return of 12 to 1 on the fat quarters I put in.  Aye yi yi!!

Our evening class was a guild nametag class.  I'd signed up for that and was prepared to go up and listen. My old nametag was looking a little dated . . .
My darling affirmation sister, Sarah, taught the class and gifted me with one of her sample nametags . . . I finished it up this morning by stitching down the binding, adding the ribbon, and stitching my name:
And then transferred all my fun pins to it!
Now it's ready to wear!

We had a blast Saturday, and a blast Sunday, finishing up with VBS.  And today I'm spent!  So one last thing here . . .
The used/donated number reflects the two little projects I had made earlier this month and the six fat quarters I'd turned in . . . which actually netted me quite the intake!  Aaaah well, we'll find some uses for the pretties! Gonna go ahead and link this up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times!


Monday, July 14, 2014

happy bastille day . . .

How does one make excuses when one has faltered at the blogging wheel, so to speak?  One doesn't (at least this one doesn't) . . . one just marches blithely on and picks up where she left off.  Haha!

Why I feel compelled to post *today* . . . with the first night of VBS just hours away . . . I have NO idea! Haha!  It's how I roll.  I'm so excited about our VBS (Vacation Bible School), though.  We've got a great week of fun and songs and food and good teaching ahead! We spent yesterday evening decorating up the church for this year's theme:
AgencyD3:  Discover! Decide! Defend!

We'll be picking up Sawyer each night to go with us -- and even Ellie will stop by on Thursday night -- which will all make for an even funner week!

I've had a little time to get my quilting on, too.  Got this festive little banner finished just in time for the 4th:

And whipped this cheery little mug rug up for a dear one:

Sawyer's been over to go creekin'.  We had a marvelous day and made some fabulous memories.  Let me share one:
We had brought the minnow net and a bucket, but Sawyer was having no luck "fishing", so he passed the net to me and asked if I'd catch some fish for him. It just so happened that I had spied some tiny minnows, so I swooped the net down, brought it back up, and lo, there were about three 1-1/2" long 'fish' in the net. I exclaimed to Sawyer that I'd caught some, and he was so excited! "I love fish!" he kept saying. So I brought the net over to him and pushed it up from the bottom so he could get a good look. He again exclaimed how much he 'loved' fish and reached down into the net. I was really pleased to see he wasn't squeamish about touching them or handling them as he picked one up. Then, before I could say a word, he popped the little minnow into his mouth! AAaaaAAhh!! No Sawyer, we only eat *cooked* fish!!!!! I think he spit it out then, but I'm not quite positive. Oh well.  Boys will be boys and Sawyer will be Sawyer!
Just so you know, in the top left pic he's eating blackberries we picked . . . NOT fish.

I spent several days with Ellie, as well, while her mommy and daddy celebrated their fifth anniversary in Mexico! We had a fun time, as always!
She's such a dear little dolly!

And we've been tooling around the camp, working on the sanctuary and playing with turtles (I call Todd the 'turtle whisperer' now -- see the turtle coming up to inspect the cricket cage?!).
The bottom left are pumpkin plants -- volunteers from last year's pumpkins! 

And of course the Panter family makes frequent trips up here to visit and play!
Bringing with them the newest Panter ... Olivia Mae!
Isn't she precious?! Already going on six weeks old! 

Better get off here and get busy making "wanted" posters. For VBS, of course!