Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fancying up the place . . .

For as long as we've lived up at the Camp (which was three years on November 9 -- this year is our fourth Christmas here), I've always, always wanted to do this:
The first year, though, we didn't have an electric powered iron gate -- we had cattle gates (and you had to get out of the car and unlock the chains, drive through, then get out again and lock 'em back up).  And Todd said he wasn't sure he really wanted to advertise that people were living up here.

The next year, I wasn't walking very well -- and I didn't do a whole lot of shopping.

In 2011, I wasn't walking *anywhere*!  I'd had the second surgery and was non-weight bearing.

But this year??!  This was MY year!  LOL!
I love how it looks -- so festive and pretty!  Isn't it amazing how a simple wreath and red bow can gussy up a place?!?  I mean really;  what's the point of having a pretty iron gate, if you're not going to hang a wreath on it at Christmas time?!

Don't forget -- the pillow fun continues on!  Be sure to check out today's hop participants:

Make it a great day!


Monday, November 26, 2012

hippity-hop down holiday lane . . .

When I first saw the call out for participants in the Holiday Lane Pillow hop, I *knew* I wanted in! 
The pillow, created by Jill of Jillily Studio, was *absolutely* darling and I couldn't wait to make one for myself!  

I already had fabrics in mind *and* on hand . . . 
I love this line of Mary Engelbreit's from Moda . . . I knew it would be perfect!

There was only one problem.  It's a pretty long pillow.  And I have exactly one couch in the RV.  
And it's a love seat.   I don't really have the need for a 30" pillow!  But ... it was SO cute!

So then, to paraphrase the narrator from The Grinch, I got an idea. An awful awesome idea. I got a wonderful, *awful* *awesome* idea! 

I cut out my houses, stitched them together, and embellished them.  Then I cut a 108" X 2.5" strip of white fabric, and stitched it around the entire perimeter of my Holiday Lane houses.  Next, with a little help from some trusty tools and a nice sized sheet of poly foam . . .
I cut out my little houses from foam and form-filled my pillow!  
And while I didn't really need a 30" pillow on my love seat, how cute is this little row of houses sitting up in the window?!? (Especially in the dark, with the flash showing up like a moon in the night's sky!) And, as an added bonus, my nifty, pretty pillow will help keep the draft of the window from hitting the back of my neck!

I decorated all my little trees . . . 

They kind of look like the trees in Whoville, huh?  And my snowman?  He's wrapped up warmly in his jaunty red scarf!
I particularly enjoyed my candle-lit windows!

So that's my out-of-the-pillow experience!  
Thanks for dropping by and checking out my fun little project -- and it *was* fun!! Jill has graciously provided the pattern for free!!  Which means you can try it out, too!!  Just check out her shop . . . right HERE!  Thanks, Jill!!

And a HUGE thank you and lots of hugs to Pauline, of Quilt--n--Queen, who was a *fabulous* cheerleader and organizer, and of course, to Mdm Samm, who comes up with all these marvelous ideas and is so generous to share her time and talent with us all!

Be sure to check out the rest of today's participants, too!

Count it *all* JOY!! (you are here!)

Have a lovely Tuesday . . . I know I sure will!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

stitchin' and stashin' (report #47) . . .

Since I didn't do *any* fabric/craft shopping this past week, I really didn't expect to have *anything* to report . . . but I had a happy little surprise from Barbara, at Cat Patches.  I won her Fun Fact Freebie Friday giveaway last week and this pretty little fat quarter found its way to my PO Box this week:
Isn't it perfect??  Christmas PLUS metallic PLUS purple!!!  ♥Love!♥ 

Used/donated this week: 1.5 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 47.0 yards
Purchased/added this week: .25 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 172.75 yards
Net used/donated for 2012: -125.75 yards

Be sure to head over to Patchwork Times and check out what stash *enhancements* happened this past week!

I had a very productive, if quiet, day yesterday!  I got my sewing bunk room back in ship-shape order and I finished up my Snowman Wreath:
Isn't he darling?!  Although he rather blends into the white door, doesn't he?!  

I also worked a bit on my Holiday Lane Pillow for the blog hop.  My day is Tuesday!  Wanna a little peek?
I took the construction of my little pillow . . . outside the box, you might say.  I can't wait to share it with you!

I'll probably work on this little piece this afternoon for a bit . . . 
Poor thing.  It's been so long since I started this series, the trace marks are barely visible any more!  I may have to go over them again before I start my Slow Stitching Sunday afternoon!

Have a GREAT day!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

productivity is overrated . . .

So yesterday was a fairly quiet, unproductive day . . . that is unless you count polishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers, watching back-to-back Christmas movies, and working on the guild's newsletter as productivity!  The newsletter *might* count ... I suppose ... except I took what should have been a three to four hour job and spread it over the course of the entire day.  I did make turkey soup -- we'll eat it today -- but that's really just a matter of putting it on the burner and letting heat and water work its magic!

James, Sawyer and Bear came out for a bit to give Kim a break ... and Sawyer and Bear some running/jumping/hollering time!  The three of us humans took off on the golf cart, with Bear following close behind us.
It was funny watching Bear zigzag behind the cart ... almost like he was herding us, making sure we didn't ride off the designated path!   Most every picture is fuzzy because it's from my phone and we were constantly moving!
There were lots of interesting smells to catch his interest, too . . .

Sawyer, very aware that his picture is being taken:

We went up to the big field and let Sawyer and Bear run.  Sawyer ran and ran and ran.  Bear ran and ran and ran after him.  Both were panting when we finally corralled them!  Bear was happy for a drink!

Today will be another quiet one.  The weather has turned drastically cold in the last day and it looks as if winter is finally making its tentative way to the Camp.
We still have winterizing to do (so we can take showers in the morning sans frozen pipes)!  Plus, the big Iron Bowl is on this afternoon.   Plus my sewing bunk room might finally get some of the attention it deserves.  Perhaps today will be a *bit* more productive than yesterday.

Or perhaps not.


Friday, November 23, 2012

forget black friday . . .

I've always understood that the "black" in Black Friday referred to the idea of retailers getting their accounting books "back in the black", or making a profit . . . but I've never liked the sound of it.  It sounds gloomy and with a single exception (three years ago, when I packed a hand stitching project and then chauffeured Joc and Kim around from store to store, so they could be dropped off right at the door and didn't have to worry about parking), it's not a tradition I participate in.  So today will be no different!  Christmas movies nonstop through the day, turkey soup on the stove, some minimal cleanup and play in the sewing bunk room, and lots and lots of leftovers!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day for an outdoor dinner ... with the fire in the fire place, of course!
The table setting was simple ... a pine cone and ribbon turkey and a tray of nature's offerings.  And a fun paper tablecloth begging for a two-and-a-half year old and crayons!

I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to be able to put a turkey drum stick on Sawyer's plate -- I was *thrilled* when he pointed to it on the buffet table and told his mama he wanted that one!
So for me, this is the money shot!
And this one ... this is a pumpkin pie and whipped cream happy face!

Of course, June was darlingly dressed for the day (if I do say so myself) . . .
I had a little time Wednesday and patterned a little "first Thanksgiving" dress for her.
Isn't it cute?!  Such fun!  I had my picture taken with Ellie ... but Jason's got those pics.  I'll share when I get them!

This fellow also called to me on Wednesday (because I didn't have enough I needed to be doing):
He was *such* fun!  And very easy and fast.  And the top hat was a definite improvement over the sample model I saw in the store (shown here).  He's not finished ... everything needs to be glued down, but the hard parts are done.  He'll be hanging on my door very soon!

The Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop is in FULL swing!!  Have you checked out the offerings so far? They're *so* darling!!  Here's today's lineup:

And for today's Feline Friday, instead of an actual cat, how about a stitchery cat?  Have you ever visited Hudson's Holidays - Shirley Hudson?  She is very talented and shares her stitchery patterns on a very regular basis.  She has some of the most darling cat stitcheries I've seen and she offers quite a few of them freely.  This one, for example . . .
Isn't it oh-what-fun!?  You can find him (?!) on her blog, HERE!  Doing a quick search on her blog will net you a score of cat stitcheries ... and while she offers lots more than cats, cats are what Fridays are about!  Be sure to check out Sarah Did It! to see what other felines are making the blogs today!

I'm outta here ... time to pop a Christmas DVD in the player ... which one will it be?!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

finishes and fire stations . . .

Whew ... what a whirlwind the past couple of days have been!  Monday morning I got my stitches out -- easy-breezy -- and I had a long enough wait that I was able to finish quilting my mini-hexie top, write and address several note cards, and finish my grocery list.  Aye-yi-yi.  From there it was errands and grocery shopping, and by the time I got home, it was after two-thirty!  (I left at seven-thirty!)

I had a guild board meeting ... there was lots of discussion and it gave me the opportunity to finish up stitching together my other hexie project . . . 
Yay!  Mr. Owlie in the Burning Ring of Fire is ready to put together and quilt!

I've told y'all I'm a magazine addict, right?  These were some of the issues at the meeting that were 'free to a good home':
I'll go through them and carry them back to the December meeting (or send 'em out upon request). There were some cute things that caught my eye.
Especially these two titles, which I'd never seen before.  Since the one on the right is published in France, that explains that one!

Yesterday I spent the daytime with Ellie ... I can't believe how she's practically growing up before my eyes!  She's crawling and pulling herself up, and walks very competently (frontwards *and* backwards) when she's got a finger or two to hold onto to.
Needless to say, I had my hands happily full with her -- she's such a darling delight -- and I didn't snap a single picture.  I remember lamenting about this when Sawyer was this age, too!  The above is compliments of Jocelyn.  :)

I finished up the binding on the mini-hexie project while Ellie was napping:
Yay!  The binding is so dark it just blends into the background -- but it *is* purple!

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Sawyer and we headed to the Fire Station to have dinner with Paw-paw!  He was ready to GO when I got to his house ... Kim said he'd pretty much talked about it the whole day long!  He sure did talk about it the whole drive over there!

Sitting in Ladder #6 with Paw-paw!
Ready to drive off in Rescue #6!
Strapped in and ready to go!  That helmet is so heavy,
he's having a hard time holding his little head up! 
In his Paw-paw's turnouts!  You'll notice Todd's holding him up?
When he'd let go, Sawyer would fall over (he's wearing the coat,
boots, *and* pants)! 
In the driver's seat of Ladder #6 with the lights flashing!
He really had a marvelous, marvelous time -- and talked about it all the way home!

I spent a little time at the house when I dropped Sawyer off ... I got in a little June time, too!
Yup, I'd say it was a day well spent!

Gotta get busy today ... lots of cooking to do!  I hope your day is filled with happiness and marvelous smells from the kitchen!


Monday, November 19, 2012

drab design wall . . .

I got nothing for you this morning.  Nothing I can show.  My mini-hexies quilt is still being quilted . . . I've got gifts I'm working on (no peeking!) . . . a hop pillow I'm working on (Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop begins Wednesday!) . . .
a couple of swap quilts I'm working on . . . and June's baby quilt.  I guess I could show a picture of that . . .

I *did* convert the bear paw block to a 3.5" block in EQ ... so it's ready for mini-quilt construction (some day)!  
I think this is the setting I've settled on.  This was inspired by Judy's design wall last week.  It probably still needs some tweaking, but I decided I really like the darker sashing, especially with the lighter strips offsetting the bear's paws in the blocks themselves.

I've got another wreath I want to make.  I've got all the materials, so perhaps soon.  This one, that I saw in the craft shop in Maryland . . .
Only with a hat.  He's calling me pretty loudly (I think you can probably see why).

The sewing bunk room is still a mess and that tends to crush my will to be creative.  I need to do something about that (other than take pictures that I'm too embarrassed to post).  
But being on my feet for too, too long has been something I've resisted over the last two weeks.  The stitches are coming out of my foot this morning, though, so perhaps this week will be the week!  (Yeah, because tidying the sewing bunk room rates right up there with my Ellie day, taking Sawyer to the fire station for dinner with Paw-paw, and getting ready for Thanksgiving.) 

Maybe next week?

Maybe I need *more* inspiration . . . so I'm heading over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times to look at other design walls.  If her internet has been up and working.  If not, maybe it's all a SIGN!  

Happy Monday!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

rash of stash (report #46) . . .

Surprise, surprise, right?  LOL!  Between my own fun purchases, some sweet giftings, and my silent auction win (which technically counts as a fun purchase, but why split hairs), I did a nice little bit of enhancing!

Used/donated this week: 0.0 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 45.5 yards
Purchased/added this week: 5.5 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 172.5 yards
Net used/donated for 2012: -127.0 yards

So much for the "definite step in reduction" I claimed last week!  Bahahaha!!  I'm not sweatin' it.  Make sure you head over to Patchwork Times and check out the rest of the stash reports!

Sawyer and James came over yesterday to give Kim a bit of a break: 
James drove us around on the golf cart . . . and once again we couldn't rustle up any deer . . . but we did spot some minnows down in the little creek!  Sawyer is so exuberant about everything that he really needs to have an arm about him, that close to the water's edge!

This afternoon it'll be back to hand quilting on my mini-hexies . . . can't think of too much better a way to spend the afternoon ~ slow Sunday stitching!   Will you be stitching, too?  I hope so -- have a lovely Sunday!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

an odd conglomeration . . .

I'll start with hexies ... because I *thought* I was going to have a marvelous post with a finished hexie project, all ready for Sarah Did It! and her monthly HeLP for Hexie-aholics linky party.

I thought wrong.

I had high hopes of finishing up my little mini-hexi quilt . . . but I've only gotten as far as quilting the hexies.  I like the angle of this shot because the quilting makes the little hexie flowers dimensional.
I still need to quilt the border and bind it.  Hopefully I *will* finish it this weekend.  

So then I thought perhaps I'd pull a hexie project out of one of the Miniature Quilts magazines I lucked upon.  Do you know, out of all SEVEN of those magazines, there was only ONE hexie quilt project?  And that one was a cover feature (which Sarah noted and pointed out right away, from yesterday's picture -- LOL!).
It is cute.  Petit Noel.  (See it?  Down there in the bottom left corner, in the above pic.)
I love the instructions in this magazine.  And how there's no need for bulky pull out sections with tons of patterns on them.
Because the patterns are all so small, they fit on the pages!  Look at the "full-size quilting diagrams" up there in the top right of this photo!  

Anyway, that's all the hexie-moxie I've got this morning.  But I know Sarah's got a really cool hexie project up -- so definitely head over there and check it out!!

But wait ... there's more!  LOL!  I just like saying that (although there really is more I want to share).

Look what my favorite daughter-in-law in the whole world gifted me with . . . 
I *love* this stuff ... and now it's sugar-free!!!  Whoohoo!  Talk about kicking your holiday season off right!  :)

Todd and I had a blast last night.  We went to dinner at Logan's and both had steaks.  From there we headed to the Von Braun Center's Playhouse (at Huntsville's Civic Center) and to our very good seats.  
The adaptation from screen to stage was handled very well and required very little set changing (which is nice, because that can be really distracting).
The cast was marvelous and did a great job.  The actor who played George Bailey did a marvelous job, as did the fellows who played Clarence and Mr. Potter, respectively.  
It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to shake hands with the performers after the show and telling them how great it was.  One of the benefits of local theater!

While we were soaking in culture at the theater, the kids were taking their kids through the Galaxy of Lights ... the walking tour.  I'd love to do that some day -- not quite up to it yet, though.  This year I'll settle for the driving tour!
This is going to be a magical year for Sawyer.  Look at his precious, sweet little face!!  He's totally captivated by the lights -- I love it!!  (June is in there -- she's snoozing in the back of the stroller!)
And I *adore* this picture of him with Santa!!  They didn't think he'd like Santa, but I knew he would.  He was so excited to tell Santa that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear!

Ellie, on the other hand, did not care for Santa very much . . . 
But this picture is totally precious, all the same.  I love the look on their respective faces!  A priceless capture, to be sure!
She was happier with the glow and twinkle of the lights.  And being surrounded by mommy and daddy was better, too!

I captured a lovely sight outside my sewing window . . .
Yesterday morning.  There were six or seven deer -- I know it's hard to see them -- they are well camouflaged (which, since gun season started this morning, probably works to their benefit!).   Can you see the doe laying down?  They were just passing the time, eating an acorn or two, nibbling on grass.  Can't beat a view like that!

One of the Traveling Stash boxes is up for grabs at Squares Around the Quilt.  There are some fun additions to it -- definitely worth checking out!!

Busy day today -- shopping for tonight (youth bonfire), tomorrow morning (our turn for breakfast at church again), the weekly groceries *and* Thanksgiving dinner!  Whew!  What's on your plate?

Have a *lovely* Saturday!!