Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love sharing life with you . . .

Still . . . I love waking up beside you,
for whatever the coming day brings,
you'll be there to share my life with me--
both the big and the little things.

Still . . . I love spending evenings with you,
talking over the events of the day,
enjoying each other's company,
even if there's nothing to say . . .

Still . . . I love sharing my life with you--
there's so much to look forward to . . .
And I know in my heart,
for the rest of my days,
I'll be sharing my love, still, with you.

Merry Christmas,


(author unknown; from Hallmark Christmas card)


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

closing in on the countdown . . .

Blogs, journals, diaries . . . whichever one uses to express oneself (and in my case it may be all three), the end of the year usually finds entries full of retrospective comments, resolutions for the new year, and blah blah blah.

This one will be no different!

On the quilting front, I've had a marginally successful year. I started _and_ finished six projects, and started an additional seven projects that need to be finished! Plus I did a bit of regular sewing, too (like aprons, stockings, curtains, etc.) I also entered my first guild challenge, my first ever judged quilt show, and entered into my first swap (which actually won't be swapped until next month/year). I became more active in my local guild, took a bus trip to the AQS show in Knoxville, and joined a stitcher's group. Wow! Some of the projects I need to commit to finishing are the swap, first and foremost, because that has to be in the mail by January 18th (eeks!), and then my sister's Rooster (which is close), and then Joc's wedding quilt. I'll work on that non-stop at the Quilter's Retreat I'm going to in February, which my Stitcher's group (a quilt retreat -- another first)! Then there are grandbaby quilts!

I've also got things mostly figured out for quilting in the RV; once the Christmas stuff is down and put away, I'll be able to finish that up and get comfy in the space. I'm looking forward to it, though, and I have to remember that there are places like Patches & Stitches that have BIG tables and are gracious to share their space if I need to lay out a quilt top or baste a quilt sandwich! We also carried over my quilt books this week. I feel better. :)

Life held some MAJOR changes in 2009! I can't believe how fast it all flew by! I guess the whirlwind of activity causes that to happen. It's incredibly rewarding, as my own nest has emptied, to see my children begin to feather their own. Instead of feeling like I'm empty, or lost without the children around, I feel incredibly blessed to still be a part of their lives, and to see them grow and mature and live out the lives God's given them. I'm proud of them -- in a humble and praising God for it way! :)

Todd expressed it best in the card he gave me for Christmas . . . I'll have to repost it in its entirety. I read it and teared up; and then I wanted him to read it as if from me! Whoever wrote the sentiment it contained didn't get paid enough! :) Sharing life . . . I love sharing life with my husband. Our quiet moments, our accomplishments, our fun times, our memories, our future plans; I like living life with Todd. Thank You, Lord, for such a wonderful, wonderful man!

With the coming of 2010, I've now lived in four homes/cities/zip codes in Alabama. I've learned not to say (or even think) this is IT! because it rarely is!

Already 2010 is filling up . . . Michael Jr's wedding in January in Atlanta (and with it, another mini-Fowler family reunion -- YAY!); the quilter's retreat in February; a grandbaby -- Sawyer Graham Panter -- in March (along with lots of birthdays and anniversaries); Beth Moore live at Woodstock -- a mother/daughter trip -- in April; June is our 14th anniversary and somewhere along the line both Todd & I celebrate 30 years out of high school; and my parents silver wedding anniversary in September. So many wonderful things to look forward to! It would be easy to waste the year looking ahead to the next 'event'; but I am resolving to take each day and celebrate God's goodness in it!

So many thoughts; our ministry, our lives together, our family, our friends . . . .

May 2010 be a year filled with growth and a deepening relationship with God and my cherished ones. And praise Him for His goodness and overwhelming blessing in 2009!

Friday, December 25, 2009

. . . .

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

snow daze (and some unfinished business) !

First, as promised earlier, here's a shot of the kids over Thanksgiving. The clothes coordination was TOTALLY unplanned, but quite delightful! In fact, Joc & Kim were so tickled that their guys were matchie-matchie, that they bought themselves the same shirt so they could all be a matching foursome! I love 'em! They are quite the dramatic group. Never a dull moment!
post script: I should point out that darling
Sawyer Graham is figuring more and more prominently in pictures with Kim! It's all so exciting to this grandma-gonnabe!

Also as promised, here are full length shots of the Boy Scout Quilt! I'm so pleased with how the quilting turned out on this! I've trimmed the edges and have the binding mostly ready, so I hope to finish it up this week!

The back, being black flannel, really showcases the quilting beautifully!

I totally love the Boy Scout crest! It's awesome!

Saturday morning we woke up to a light blanket of snow. What made the scene all the more enchanting were the deer that came in! Todd and I were captivated by them all. We sat for over an hour just watching them eat and move through the camp. I was so excited by how well the pictures came out, considering I was taking them through the window of the RV! The snowy background really afforded us a clear picture of our usually camouflaged critters!

There was a group of about four does and four yearlings.

There were two sets of two bucks; they're supposed to be in rut, but I guess ours hadn't gotten the memo. The picture below is of the most handsome buck I've seen. He really was a majestic and regal looking creature! Stunning.

When the deer had finally moved on out of the camp, Todd & I collected our wits enough to make it outside! Here's a picture of Home, Sweet Home, in the snow!

Below is the view out of our picture window, left.

And this is out the same window, straight on.

Below is coming out of the camping area, looking at the pavilion. Isn't this a beautiful campground?

Here's a shot of the bridge between the two ponds, covered in snow! Isn't it pretty? It's like living in my own personal winter wonderland!

And here's the winding road leading to the 'outside world'!

I hope this early December snowfall is a portend of things to come . . . !



Friday, December 04, 2009

It's here!!!!!!

Finally, the long-awaited BSQ has been quilted! This was my first experience sending a quilt "out" for quilting, but it was well worth it. My quilter was Becky McCarthy and she did a simply marvelous job! She designed the Boy Scout crest that she used; she said she had to do three separate templates -- the shield, the eagle, the outlining fleur-de-lisle -- and then put it together into one design. She used gold and olive green thread which really makes the quilting pop, especially on the back!

The back is a whole piece of black flannel. The quilting is really showcased on the back; I've got more pictures of the whole quilt; I had to wait until I'd trimmed all the excess off, and had a sweet, helpful person (i.e., my darling husband) to hold it for me while I took the photo! I'll post those later.

All that's left now is the binding! Hurrah!

Scout's Honor.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Capturing fleeting moments . . .

My sweet daughter-in-law, Kim (on the right), and her friend, Kim!
They are both due within a month of the other.
Aren't they precious? Expectant mothers are darling!
Especially when they are carrying your grandson!!!! :)

Thanksgiving Table 2009!
The last one (more than likely) on Hunter Road!
We have had some awesome Thanksgiving dinners around this table,
but I truly believe this year's was the BEST!

Close-up of the center.
I had just been wondering what I was going to do
floral-wise in the center of the table, when who should show
up at work with flowers, but my darling husband.
Oh my, how blessed and doubly blessed I am.

Old Tom, stuffed, seasoned and ready for the oven!
(It was early, EARLY in the morning, hence the coffee cup!)

Yay! Tom's goose is cooked! LOL! :)
James took all the family photos with his camera,
so I don't have any of all of us! Pooh.

Pretty little Christmas tree in its new space!
I need to cover the milk crate. One day I'll quilt an appropriate cover!

There's my Russian nesting Santa scene!
There's Santa, a snow angel, another Santa,
a snowman and a Christmas tree!
I purchased this in a flea market in Moscow.

A closer-up of the tree!
It took us about 5 minutes to decorate it! :)
We had sugar-free egg nog and sugar-free cookies
to help put us in the mood, then we watched Rudolph!
It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

How appropriate . . . my nesting doll Nativity scene under The Last Supper.
And if the picture on the TV is throwing you for a loop,
let me explain by saying it's the Bumble, from Rudolph.
The red (which looks like a big, glowing, floating eye)
is really his tongue in his open mouth!

Last night it was so windy, we had to pull in the awning and the antenna! Hopefully it will die down and we'll be able to string up our lights! YAY! I can't wait to have pretty colored lights on our RV -- it will be lots of fun to come home to!

Todd is busy winterizing the RV and getting his space all worked out. Every time I come home it's a little closer! There are still things at Hunter Road that need to come over, but not pertinent stuff -- more like the optional stuff. I thought I'd found all my Christmas stuff over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm still missing a bunch. Who knows where it is! Time for another trip to the 'cinderblock' basement!

This is a busy week; getting things settled before the cold weather settles, moving stuff in and around, church, and then a ladies' cookie swap on Friday! I'm going to see if the girls want to join my in cookie baking on Saturday; then the bustle of the season starts in earnest! Parties, church events, meetings . . . wow! I did find out today that we're closing the 24th-25th and again on the 31st-1st! That means two, five-day weekends in a row!! Whoo whoo!

Let the reindeer games begin!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Can you believe . . .

. . . that it's been two and a half weeks since I blogged last? :(

. . . that I haven't shared a single thing about our move since they physically moved the RV?

. . . that we've been living full-time in the RV for, well, two and a half weeks?

. . . that I am no longer a cat owner?

. . . that I see deer on a daily basis, from our picture window?

. . . that I have done no significant quilting in better than two weeks?

. . . that I do laundry in a single machine that is both a washer & dryer? (And it's pretty cool, too!)

. . . that Thanksgiving has come and gone?

. . . that I went out, for the first time EVER on Black Friday? (Even if it was just as a chauffeur.)

. . . that for (also) the first time ever, our tree is artificial?

. . . that I'm excited I have an artificial tree??!

. . . that it's DECEMBER?? Where did 2009 go?!?

. . . that Christmas is in 23 days?!?!?!

. . . that there are recipes for sugar-free, low-fat eggnog?

Me either. But it's all true!