Tuesday, August 29, 2017

it shouldn't be this hard . . .

I mean, right? I can't tell you the number of times I've pulled up this blog over the last four months (I'm not counting my 'Happy 4th' post!) and have just not been able to click "new post".  In fact, I just commented on another's blog that we go through seasons that just make it difficult.  So it's been.

I've been doing stuff . . . I've been quite busy, in fact.  But not really quilty/crafty stuff, though I've managed to keep some handwork going.  I finally finished (after only thirteen months) my strawberry candle mat:
And a wool flag:
And I think that's about it.  LOL! I said I'd worked on things, not that I'd finished things.  ;)

We've been out on the boat this summer, but not a lot; it's been such a rainy summer. But when we have gone out, it's been good!

We've enjoyed grandgirls . . .

And Friday I head out to California to love on my Panter crew! I'm so excited! 
Plus *my* baby turns 30.  I can't miss celebrating that!

So essentially I've jumped on here to wave hello and goodbye . . . I'll be back in two weeks and share some things on which I'm working (like orange hexies) . . .
And some updated pics of the Panter grands, along with all the stuff that's going on with guild and work and the camp, etc.

Farewell August . . . September is literally just around the corner!